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The Letters Page: Episode 46

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Captain Cosmic & Infinitor


We're back with an episode about brothers!

          • Show Notes:*****

Run Time: 2:14:22

It's been a month since we last recorded and we're thrilled to be back! We are also very excited about the release of the Starter Kit for Sentinel Comics: the Roleplaying Game! So many thrilling things.

Also! This episode goes live the morning of Tuesday, December 5th. The deadline for getting your Cosmic Contest entries to us is tomorrow, Wednesday, December 6th! Very exciting.

Let's get into the episode!

(Many apologies for terrible British accents this episode.)

We dig into the origin of Captain Cosmic, talking about the history of the brothers Lowsley and how Hugh got cosmic powers and Nigel just disappeared...

Then, we're off to space to fight space threats! We go over a few of them before getting into the big stuff with Infinitor! It takes us 28 minutes to get to the reveal that Captain Cosmic and Infinitor are brothers... which has been common knowledge in this world since the release of the characters, but was a much bigger reveal in the pages of Sentinel Comics.

Then we're back into space for more space stuff! Including spending a lot of time on Dok'Thorath.

After all that, about 43 minutes in, we actually start to get into the OblivAeon event itself. We're saving most of that for the OblivAeon episode, but Captain Cosmic and Infinitor both have too much going on in the OblivAeon event to not cover that stuff now.

And then, finally, just after the 52 minute mark, we get to your questions. Lots of questions!

Finally, due to a question, we actually get into Infinitor's origin story. This happens around an hour and 11 minutes in.

Then continuing with so many more solid questions.

Just after the hour and 41 minute mark, we get a question about just how OblivAeon shards work. Whoof. That's a big one. Some explanation here. Perhaps some reveals? Either way, it's big.

At an hour and 53 minutes in, we plug the official GTG online community. They're great! Go hang out with them!

At 2 hours and 9 minutes in, we go to the future.

Interesting things going on with Captain Cosmic's powers in both timelines!

Thanks for listening! Next week is Cosmic Contest!

Characters Mentioned


  • Nigel Lowsley is a few years older than his brother Hugh. Both had an interest growing up in the law, society, and related things and so it was no surprise when they became a constable and barrister, respectively. [They mention that a barrister is a "fancy British word for 'lawyer'" but traditionally there was a strict difference between barristers and solicitors in the UK - the former being the lawyers responsible for things like actual courtroom litigation while the latter were the ones who did things like draw up contracts and whatnot outside of a courtroom. Barristers are the ones who wear wigs and robes in the courtroom whereas solicitors had no such dress code. Somebody actually from the UK or who otherwise knows more about this can correct me if I got any of that wrong, though.]
  • They were also interested in stargazing and continued to get together when they could to do so. That is, until the time they were interrupted by a weird purple streak across the sky, which seemed to turn and crashes near them. They approach the resulting crater and find a glowing purple crystal about the size of an (American) football. As they approach it to investigate, some energy arcs from it and they pass out. When Hugh comes around an indeterminate amount of time later (now daytime) he feels weird, the crystal is gone, and so is Nigel. Hugh goes around, trying to find his brother, but weird energy stuff keeps happening around him and he eventually finds that he can solidify it into objects at will. This leads him into becoming Captain Cosmic. This was told in the early '70s in Conflux #1 as a quick montage - not a lot of time was spent explaining any of this as they were just doing quick setup for him to be this new hero.
  • He can fly and survive in space using his new powers (for handwavy comic book pseudoscience reasons) and starts having adventures out there. He quickly encounters a dark, negative version of himself who's presented as this cosmic threat who has similar powers but knows how to use it better so you better watch out. This is Infinitor and the plot is him trying to blow up a star [the spur-of-the-moment idea for which star that both C&A have independently is one of the ones in Orion's belt, so I guess that's canon now and indicates how far out there CC has gotten in the first two issues of his book].
  • Captain Cosmic goes on to show up in a lot of other books and takes part in many events. He's kind of built up as this new flagship character for Sentinel Comics. He's popular, generally well-written, and if not central to any given major event he tends to at least be present for it. He's different enough in setting and style from the other heroes to garner a following of people who like the outer space stuff. Personality-wise he's another straight-laced, "good guy" hero who does the right thing. His solo stories don't just have him protecting Earth as he's out there (way out there, part of the commentary from Christopher implies that he's even operating outside of our galaxy) helping wherever he can, even encounters with the Thorathian Military Fleet. Some of his rogues gallery (major villains for him that are minor when taken as part of the overall events) are:
  • Empyreon (one of his earliest foes) - an alien who can absorb energy and lusts for more power, literally, as in more power to absorb for himself.
  • Galactra - another early character without much backstory at first, in their first encounter she steals a moon and he has to stop her and return it. Much later on they flesh her out a bit: she has inherited her power from a Singular Aspect, like OblivAeon and Wager Master [apparently "Singular Entity" used in previous episodes was not the right term]. Characters empowered by OvlivAeon shards and Guise (having gotten power from part of Wager Master) are in similar situations. OblivAeon is a creature of Entropy, WM one of chaos and nonsense, the progenitor of Galactra's power is one of Passions. Galactra was a very passionate person to begin with and demanded this power from the cosmos and this entity noticed and liked what it saw and so empowered her.
  • Cosmic spend the majority of his time out in space (although often still near Earth). There are some stories dealing with him trying to balance this with his job as a barrister, but it's really handwavy on how he manages to keep a job on Earth. This is somewhat of a problem for the publishers as they have a very popular character in CC, but a lot of his fans only buy his books and don't get a lot crossover from them over into the other titles because their favorite character is so disconnected from the others. So, they have the idea to put him on a team as part of this big event between Argent Adept and Akash'Bhuta - he's the first person to join up with AA to form the Prime Wardens. We've heard about that first big PW story before, but now we'll hear about the second one which deals with Infinitor.
  • Infinitor has been around occasionally (not even just in CC's book) as just sort of this "Evil version of a hero" kind of character and isn't really even considered a major threat. There hadn't even been any story really provided for him or who he was. Nigel's disappearance was a matter of speculation, but it wasn't clear if he'd been absorbed by the stone or something weird like that, but remember this was all just in a few pages in the introductory issue and kind of got dropped after that. It wasn't until the writers were having to come up with this story now that they decided that Brother Mysteriously Disappears + Weird Inverted Version of Hero = Brother is the Villain. This was the most obvious answer in the world, but it's still a retcon as it wasn't actually intended this way back in Conflux #1.
  • Anyway, in the current Prime Wardens story all of the other heroes are busy with the Manifestations and it comes down to a one-on-one between Captain Cosmic and Infinitor (and there's some talking going on in that fight, but the audience perspective is far enough away to not hear what's going on). The fight goes on, the Manifestations are defeated, but Captain Cosmic makes sure that Infinitor is able to escape. When the others ask him why is when it's revealed (to heroes and readers) that Infinitor is his brother. Some readers are like "saw it coming" but nobody really did - it's been like 15 years of comics since Nigel, this backstory character from a few pages of a comic, disappeared.
  • So, now we have Captain Cosmic involved in the ongoing adventures of the Prime Wardens in addition to his solo adventures out in space. The Thorathians continue to be an ongoing threat that he's dealing with. There's another late-'80s Empyreon story. In the wake of Voss's ongoing military campaigns that have left a number of refugees behind there's a planet that's kind of known about as where you go if you're in this kind of situation. There's a planet's worth of population due to these refugees coming in, but that's still a terribly small number of people given the number of civilizations that Voss has subjugated. Empyreon shows up and begins siphoning power from the planet's core, which will eventually destroy it. This is really evil (like, go find a planet without all these people on it or something) and CC steps in to stop him with some more aggressive tactics - he drives a Construct into Empyreon's core and detonates it, creating a rift in him making him really unstable. This is treated as a defeat of Empyreon, but he comes back again later, only now he's also constantly leaking energy in addition to wanting to absorb it.
  • Since the Infinitor reveal, CC is now also out on the look for him again. He'd thought his brother was dead, but now he knows otherwise and is determined to do something about it. During this search, he encounters a bounty hunter out to capture him. Rahazar (another recurring villain in CC's solo stories) has hired Greazer Clutch to bring him in. Greazer, during his hunt for the hero, also encountered Galactra who joined up with him to help. Together they succeed in capturing CC. At this point, the story transitions to one involving the Prime Wardens who come out into space to save him, this brings them to Dok'Thorath and about a year's worth of comics story of stuff going on all at once.
  • First, the Prime Wardens save CC from Greazer and Galactra and are now present on this planet in the middle of a civil war (more in the Cosmic Settings episode, but in short the citizens are rising up against the Thorathian Military, leaderless since the disappearance of Grand Warlord Voss). The Prime Wardens sort of set up shop here on Dok'Thorath to help the populace.
  • Second, elsewhere on the planet, Infinitor is battling Naturalist. By now the readers have been conditioned to understand that if an Infinitor story involves Captain Cosmic, things tend to escalate, so given that we have months go by with stories happening with them on the same planet it's seen as build-up to something bigger.
  • Finally, the Prime Wardens encounter what are clearly Manifestations of Infinitor, which leads into another big PW/Infinitor fight. It's shaping up to be pretty straightforward, but takes a left turn really quick. CC manages to get through to his brother and remind him of their past and who he is. The Manifestations are persistent, but Infinitor himself joins the heroes in the fight against them. He can't not make them, it's like trying to control your mind wandering or having stray thoughts, if stray thoughts could become physical realities that then attack you. Although putting up a valiant effort against his own Manifestations, Infinitor is eventually overcome and absorbs all of them and then manifests one enormous one containing him. The heroes defeat the manifestation and recover Nigel. However, he tells them in a moment of clarity that he needs to get as far from everyone as he can - that last Manifestation was an image of the entity that is the source of the whispers driving him mad and he needs to go off to quiet them, then off he goes into space. This was the first view in the comics of anything having to do with OblivAeon.
  • After this, the Prime Wardens head back towards Earth, but are intercepted by Empyreon (this is a few appearances after the event where CC cracked him open, Vengeance has happened in the interim for example). While he's still recognizable as the same guy, he looks a lot different and is now much more powerful (he's now a Scion of OblivAeon, but nobody knows what that means at this point). He's been sent to attack Earth, but the encounter with the Prime Wardens interferes with that - he manages to absorb a lot of energy from CC before being defeated/driven off by the team. They then continue on to Earth and arrive there just at the OblivAeon events are beginning to spin up (and so, between Heroic Infinitor and this Empyreon encounter [and the first encounter with Progeny in Algeria], the Prime Wardens are encountering all of the signs of things to come).
  • Since OblivAeon (the biggest event in the history of the Multiverse) is of cosmic origin, it follows that Captain Cosmic's story is a major part of it as well, so we're getting more detail here for his part of it than we generally otherwise get prior to the OblivAeon episode:
  • Captain Cosmic winds up going toe-to-toe with OblivAeon for a time - creating layers and layers of shields to protect an area from OblivAeon's destruction. OblivAeon eventually has him dead to rights and is about to destroy him when Infinitor shows up abruptly and interposes himself between OblivAeon and CC plus the people he'd been defending the whole time; absorbing the energy blast directed at them. It's apparently a feature of OblivAeon and the Scions' attack pattern to just be somewhere else mid-attack as the rules of spacetime are breaking down, and this is another example. Once he initiates this blast, he kind of just isn't there anymore as he's moved on and so doesn't follow up on the results of what just happened (which is that Infinitor dies, but succeeds in saving the lives of his brother and the other bystanders). CC is left grieving with only his brother's mask and the other Prime Wardens have to come get him back into the fight. When he begins to snap out of it he wants the team to come with him to bring the fight to OblivAeon again and they have to talk him out of it (considering that's what he'd just been doing and it didn't work out well).
  • The next time we see him doing much of anything, it's back on Dok'Thorath. Sky-Scraper is there leading the resistance and the fight against the Scions (having had her own power upgrade). Specifically, Faultless is there and just wiping out chunks of the planet with nobody able to resist him. Then Captain Cosmic shows up full to the brim with power - carrying Infinitor's mask and seemingly wielding both his own power and Infinitor's manifestations. He's able to create many energy barriers that's able to hold Faultless back long enough for it to give up and disappear (off to fight Dark Watch, as it turns out).
  • Finally, we see him taking on Empyreon at the Maerynian Refuge where he'd been fighting Tempest and Visionary. Captain Cosmic has never really been "more powerful" than Empyreon, just managing to get the best of him in other ways; and now Empyreon is even more powerful than ever with OblivAeon behind him. Here, however, CC shows up with something like twice his normal power and manages to just grab Empyreon and drag him off into space. They fight as they go up, and eventually the damage CC does to him is enough to further destabilize Empyreon's internal power and he implodes on himself into a black hole. As a result of this fight, CC is left drained and drifting out in space. It's not implied that he's dead or anything, he's just out there where nobody knows where he is and doesn't take any further part in the OblivAeon events. There are a few post-OblivAeon wrap-up shots that shows Galactra siphoning power from him and others with Void Guard resolving to go back out into space with finding CC as one specific mission among the others.
  • Questions:
    • In his solo comics how far out into space does he go? How fast can he travel? He spends most of his time out in deep space, well beyond our solo stories. While a lot of Prime Wardens stories are set on Earth a lot of them are also space based ones (their stories tend to either be "magic" stories on Earth shaped by Argent Adept or space stories shaped by Captain Cosmic - and it's a fun team built for either type of story). He's got two modes of travel - he can fly "normally" in space at what would be super-sonic speeds, but he's got another interstellar travel thing that's kind of a handwavy space-folding thing that explains how they can get around quickly.
    • Does he make any appearances in court after he gets his power? Does he ever encounter Judge Mental? Does his background as a lawyer ever impact how he goes about his heroics? Early on we get some ridiculous stories about him keeping his secret identity and still being a barrister. There's also the "dumb space court story" where he goes to planet Coellium and fights a badguy who then sues him for assault or something as theirs is a very litigious society (like, even the people the bad guy was oppressing agreed that CC had to go to court - and whoever loses the case dies). He's offered legal council and says "No need. I'll be representing myself." Their laws just happen to be equivalent enough that given access to the relevant books and a translator he can get his head around everything and manages to get the other guy banished from the planet instead of executed (and establishing a precedent so that future cases have the non-lethal option too! Laws are better now! It's a really dumb story). His general outlook shaped by his background in law works out for him on other occasions too (encounters with The Celestial Tribunal for one). He doesn't deal with Judge Mental in court. His lawyer background does factor into his crimefighting.
    • How much time does CC spend on Earth? Kind of been stated already, but he's definitely the least-Earth-based hero. It's mostly accurate to say that this solo books are in space with the team book in a specific locale (say Earth or Dok'Thorath).
    • Why do so many of his constructs take the form of things like swords and armor (i.e. why such outdated technology as a basis)? Swords and shields, while outmoded, are things that everybody's familiar with. It's also worth pointing out that all of the things in the deck are specifically British as Adam looked up specific historical examples for things like the armor design (and the Cosmic Weapon is based on an artist's rendering of Excalibur).
    • How does he rationalize his acting as an superhero (generally vigilantes) with his status as a lawyer? Does the purview of the Wardens generally make that a moot point as they're typically dealing with more fantastical threats than simple crime-fighting? Yeah, along with the types of foes that the Wardens are facing, he's also typically operating outside of anybody's jurisdiction as he's frequently off-planet. Even when he's on Earth, it's not like the UK government has specific laws about who's allowed to fight alien threats.
    • How did CC overcome his greatest weakness: being called Nigel? If the question means "Nigel is a bad name to be saddled with" there's nothing wrong with the name, it's a strong name. If the question is about the problem of "he gets called by his brother's name by mistake", that's something that only moms do and isn't a big deal.
    • How British is he (wanting a cup of tea, arguing about the proper spelling of "colour", etc.)? It comes up from time to time. He's less British than Legacy is American. There might be little things from time to time, but it's not a case of constant Britishisms.
    • What were the brothers' eye colors before they got their powers? Hugh's were brown, Nigels were still green (just not glowing).
    • What kind of law did Hugh practice? Criminal law.
    • Is Nigel still the lowest-rank of officer in the police? How long has he been one? He's still a constable, yes. He was fairly new.
    • Is Conflux an irregularly-published book like the Freedom Five Annual books (citing that "Whispers of Oblivion" includes flavor text from issue 6 that indicates that Hugh knows that Infinitor is his brother, but this is a rather short publication history, if it's a monthly title, to get to that revelation)? It is irregularly published. The first two issues went together. Issue 3 was Galactra. Issues 4-6 are the story involving Infinitor and the Prime Wardens where CC discovers that he's his brother. The spacing of issues is just really inconsistent.
    • What's Captain Cosmic a captain of? He's a space captain... It's not a rank of any earthly appointment. It's a moniker, and as he has a secret identity it's not like anybody knows who he really is.
    • Does anybody note the resemblance of Nigel's last, giant Manifestation to OblivAeon when the latter shows up? Yeah, lots of readers notice that (Nigel's comment about what it was giving a clue to pay attention to it).
    • Why did the power drive Nigel mad, but left Hugh unaffected? This was revealed much later: Hugh had passed out and was getting this energy poured into him, Nigel (being the older brother and, therefore, superior in just about every way) did not pass out immediately and saw that the power was doing something bad to his brother and so grabbed the crystal, holding it close to him to shield Hugh. This resulted in the crystal shattering and him absorbing the bulk of the energy.
    • The crystal that gave them power was purple, so why do the brothers manifest powers that are gold and green? Just artistic choice. Adam wanted CC to have the heroic red and gold color scheme and Infinitor to have this sickly green shade.
    • What are the mechanics of the objects that CC and Infinitor create? They are OblivAeon power. They manifest as hard light and have a set durability once they exist (they don't have to be sustained). CC's Constructs are solid and well built, but Infinitor's are constantly falling apart/shifting/breaking as they're being generated. For all of his additional power, Infinitor is highly unstable (being more connected to OblivAeon's entropic nature).
    • What are the differences between their creations (CC's seem to be tools or objects while Infinitor's seem to be autonomous)? Infinitor is more likely to be making terrifying things as they represent the whispers of madness that he's dealing with. He has less conscious control over what he's making.
    • Where would the powers of Galactra be placed in comparison to them? She doesn't make constructs like they do. She can manipulate the energy that exists in objects; she can imbue things with energy or can draw energy from them. One way this is shown is that she has "cosmic powered punches" that explode on impact. She could also just touch a wall, draw all the energy from the atoms its made of, and make it fall apart.
    • When Infinitor is destroyed and CC takes up his power, does this affect Hugh's personality? On the variant card the green and gold energies are still shown separately; do they ever mix? If so, what does that look like? Infinitor's personality isn't tied into his power, but the madness is somewhat. As a result, CC starts hearing the whispers, but they're fainter. We also don't see much of him in that form before he's out in space fighting Empyreon and getting knocked out. We do see the combined power on his incap side where he's facing down OblivAeon with a big armor construct. We also see it when he's helping Idealist on a project and again where he makes a big sword (stuff in OblivAeon so we haven't seen it yet) and there was the time he was fighting on Dok'Thorath making layers of both energies, but I don't think we'll get to see art of that. The blending doesn't work terribly well - it kind of shimmers between green and yellow. The idealist project looks different, but that's got a lot of people helping out with it.
    • For the Requital variant, his outfit on the green side has a bunch of green cracks and he's holding the mask. In the video game, once he's incapacitated he puts on the mask and the outfit is no longer cracked; what's going on? When he's down he's less able to resist the whispers. General note about the video game art: the incap art on the cards is often from a cover or other in-comic art, but the incap art for the non-card depictions of the characters in the video game is often there to show story implications without necessarily depicting something that happened in the comics - a "what could go wrong here?" kind of thing based on the characters at that point. The implications of what could go wrong with Requital CC are meant to be chilling, and a bit sad. He's generally a very upbeat character despite the sad things that had happened to him.
    • Why does it seem like some OblivAeon shards are more likely than others to make those empowered hear the whispers of OblivAeon (Infinitor and Writhe vs. CC and Mainstay)? Nigel gets more whispers for the reasons listed above. Writhe is similar in that he's already kind of associated with darkness/shadow/void energy and his connection to Void Soul gives him that extra connection to OblivAeon. It's specific circumstances that give the whispers.
    • What event caused this shard to break off from OblivAeon (was it even one to begin with or was that a retcon)? It was just a crystal from space that got retconned. What caused the break is a spoiler, so stay tuned.
    • Is there any limit to what kind of things CC can make as a construct or how many he can make at once? Are things like Autonomous Blades sentient? None of them are sentient - he can kind of set them for a particular goal. There's certainly a limit to how many in that if he gets to that point they'd start falling apart. They take some amount of mental energy, but he's really practiced at this by now and can maintain a lot of them. There's also comic book power creep going on as later writers are constantly one-upping previous ones: at first he'd only ever make one thing but by the end he's got dozens going at a time.
    • Why the name Conflux? A conflux of events happening simultaneously is the meaning meant and it has to do with all of the stuff happening out in space coming together with stuff on Earth.
    • How does "Cosmic Crest" work? He doesn't innately have a protection from energy damage or the ability to repair his constructs. These are things that he's developed over time as he's gotten better with his powers and the card represents that growth.
    • Was Cosmic Crest a one-time thing during Conflux #6 or does he use it often? He uses all of his abilities pretty regularly, so no, that wasn't a one-off. That goes for the rest of the constructs we see in his cards too - comics readers would have seen those examples several times along with others that we don't get to see.
    • How similar are his powers to Dr. Medico's when it comes to healing? The OblivAeon energy he's using isn't the same kind of living life energy that Dr. Medico is made of. CC is more using his powers to do things like stitch up wounds and whatnot. His power is almost limitless in it's practical application, but is very difficult to use. Using it to heal is a very high-skill-requirement task and he couldn't always do it.
    • Incap art and video game low-HP art imply that he gets stronger when he's beat up, is that accurate? Is Infinitor the same way? When he's more damaged he becomes more desperate and pulls out all the stops. This results in him starting to glow more as he draws more on his power and loses focus. This definitely also applies to Infinitor.
    • How aware is Infinitor of the world around him? Are the voices he hears real? Are they OblivAeon and/or other entities? All of the voices are OblivAeon. They're not literal whispers meant for his ears specifically either, though, as they're more his perception of the power that he's connected to. His perceptions of the world are skewed - he sees and hears things that aren't there and fails to perceive things that are. He hears words that he understands in the whispers, but there's also a fair amount of feelings and compulsions mixed in there too. He's very much a victim of OblivAeon and is in the running for "most tragic villain" story (along with the Dreamer) in terms of how things wind up for him.
    • Was Infinitor intentionally designed to be fangirl-bait (British, troubled, villain but not really, and if the Heroic art is anything to go by a real pretty-boy)? Maybe you're projecting a bit... He's in good shape, but we never see his face so how is he a pretty boy? He wasn't designed that way any more than any other character. Adam draws most characters to be attractive unless there's a specific reason for them not to be. The one he has most intentionally drawn to be attractive was Chrono-Ranger, rugged and cool (Christopher would have guessed Stuntman, but that is simply the "pretty boy" look rather than interestingly attractive).
    • What was/are the source of his Manifestation from a design basis? Is the Lambent Reaper just the standard western idea of Death? The Hellion a dark story from childhood, are the Ocular Swarms always watching him? As mentioned they're based on subconscious fears. The reaper is a perversion of the Death persona, but they're all kind of nightmarish things, but for the Dreamer they're all based on specific real things she's experienced while Nigel's are nonsense, half-glimpsed in the darkness kind of figures. That unreality is also part of why they're so fragmented.
    • Could he create more kinds of Manifestations or are these just OblivAeon's interpretations of evils buried in his subconscious? That last part is a great way to think about them - they're these evil things in his subconscious seen through the lens of OblivAeon. That's where the giant OblivAeon manifestation comes from - he's got this force coming through his mind and this is what he's able to make of it. He doesn't know what OblivAeon looks like [usually - the guys indicate that OblivAeon can choose to look different if it chose to], the figure is just what his mind cobbles together to make sense of it.
    • Was OblivAeon trying to make Infinitor into a scion? Yes. There are a few (2 or 3) scions that show up at one point or another that don't make it to the actual OblivAeon events. Progeny is sort of one (the "or 3" above) - while a Progeny shows up, it's a much different Progeny. The other two are Infinitor and Omnitron. Because of the way that Infinitor's mind works he falls short before he gets there, but that's what the plan was.
    • How do OblivAeon shards work? We see different reactions to them (Void Guard vs. the Lowsley Brothers etc.), so what are the mechanics here, assuming that there's an understandable system here at all? OblivAeon shards are pieces of this powerful cosmic entity and work in one of two ways - you get power from them or it amplifies your existing power. Void Guard already had power as the Southwest Sentinels, but the shards augment them (and push their minds/personalities in a slightly dark direction). With CC and Infinitor (and Proletariat) they were normal people who were granted power by them - CC and Infinitor were very similar people and interacted with the same shard at the same time and wound up with similar powers. The gaining of power from a shard doesn't necessarily destroy it - Proletariat's is still in existence by the end of the Multiverse. Pretty much all of these changes come along with physical changes of some sort as well.
    • What would happen if Infinitor's manifestations encountered the Dreamer's projections? They might fight. If they interacted in a way such that the Dreamer herself became aware of the manifestations that would terrify her and the projections would become scarier, stronger, and more numerous. There wouldn't be anything new happen to Infinitor - he's already about as messed up as is possible.
    • Did the Prime Wardens (or CC in particular) hire a designer for their team costume? No designer hired to create the look specifically, it's just that they're in space and space stuff is inherently cooler.
    • Why didn't the Requital CC have an OblivAeon nemesis icon? The nemesis icons are tied to the hero (with the exception of the 7 OblivAeon-release heroes who became heroes specifically for the OblivAeon event in one way or another - at least for the purpose of the card game). Villain cards can change icon for story reasons, but the heroes don't.
    • Does the Realm of Discord touch other planets? Yup.
    • The video game nemesis dialog for XTREME Captain Cosmic and Heroic Infinitor indicates that Nigel recognizes him as his brother (and knows his preference for guns), why doesn't Nigel recognize the difference? XCC is still Captain Cosmic and Infinitor's perception of the world is so messed up that it's a miracle he recognizes his brother at all; the hair and guns wouldn't change that.
    • In "Unflagging Animation" why is Ermine among in the art there among his allies? Ermine is not in that card - that's Tachyon.
    • What's the deal with the Requital CC incap abilities (with the constructs still being active while he's out)? Can the constructs exist independently? Are they sentient? They are not sentient. As was mentioned for Infinitor - he wasn't actually intentionally controlling his manifestations, they just happened around him. This is the same kind of thing happening around CC instead (it would have been nice to have been able to magically change the keyword on all the cards to be Manifestations when this occurs, but there are limits to how a physical card game can operate).
    • Whose hand is holding CC on his original incap art? OblivAeon (that was the first piece of art we got in the card game that physically showed OblivAeon - it's also the cover of the issue where Infinitor sacrifices himself to save CC).
    • On Unflagging Animation he makes constructs that look like his allies - who's the one in front? How similar are they to the real people? Have they ever hung out with Unity's bots? Tachyon is the one in front. They look like them and, with effort, he could make them move like people but it's more effective to just throw them at his enemies - they have less agency than Unity's bots. No.
    • Galactra seems to have a lot of opinions of her own power in comparison to CC's - does she know about OblivAeon? Are her powers better or just posturing? She certainly feels that her power is better (given that she demanded power of the cosmos and was granted it, she feels this gives her more legitimacy), but a fair amount of this is posturing as well. She uses her power much more freely and she's commenting on how CC doesn't.
    • We've been told that Expatriette's only power is her purple hair - did she inherit this power from her mother or father? Is Galactra's hair an indication that she's related to Expat? Expat's weird hair is form her mom who also has weird hair. Galactra's hair color is natural and is very common on her planet.
    • Does the animosity between Galactra and CC hide a secret attraction? What does she think of Infinitor and is there some kind of love-triangle going on? Is that why Infinitor has it in for his brother? No. Galactra just straight-up hates CC and he just wants her to stop being bad, but doesn't have any attraction. Infinitor doesn't factor in at all.
    • How does CC get along with the other Prime Wardens? He's very stalwart, but also very friendly/gregarious. He's kind of the comic's British version of Legacy, but he's much more approachable and easy-going. He gets along well with them, but he's driven by the responsibilities he has.
    • Do CC and K.N.Y.F.E. have a friendly rivalry? There's not a lot of overlap between them - her space stuff didn't get going until fairly late. He probably would find her course and callous and she'd find him an uptight stick-in-the-mud. It is not in their intention to ship these two characters, but the RPG is your world to play in, so...
    • How did the brothers get along before the incident? Who does CC hang out with besides the Wardens? The brothers were very close into adulthood, despite the scheduling difficulties as they got older. None of the Prime Wardens really had "home lives" because their adventures were happening out in space or whatever. Most of CC's supporting cast were people he met out in his space adventures who might show up occasionally.
    • What are CC's hobbies? Favorite foods? Stargazing - he loved space well before he became a space hero. Foods from back home that kind of becomes a special treat as he can't get it often.
    • How is CC's romantic life? Again, because he's out in space it's difficult. Certainly there were stories where he'd meet some alien lady, but then he'd have to move on. Most of those were filler stories with a lot of soap opera stuff happening.
    • Does bad stuff happen to him in both future timelines (given Prime War cover and art in the video game) like the untimely ends of La Comodora and Scholar? Well, La Comodora's certainly outside time, so I guess that's untimely, but she still made the right choice that put her there. Scholar chose how his end occurs, sacrificing himself to save Guise. They're also both rather elderly people by then. Anyway, this is a good question to segue to...
  • Future:
    • In both timelines, we leave off with Hugh drifting out in space with Galactra messing with him.
    • Mist Storm Universe - he might even be better off here. He gets his own, his brother's, and Galactra's powers. He compartmentalizes them and generally switches between them for different uses - this is possibly the most powerful he's ever been, although with drawbacks.
    • Sentinel Comics Universe - we can be told very little here. Galactra siphons off most of his power and he's left very weak. He does find his way to the refugee planet that he'd saved from Empyreon (expending the last of his energy to get there) and that's where he remains. Maybe some new heroes will find him and help him out?