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The Letters Page: Episode 74

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An entirely new team of heroes!

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Run Time: 1:25:33

We start right in on the backstories of the heroes who will become the team Daybreak! Starting with:

  • Rockstar
  • Muse
  • Headlong
  • Aeon Girl
  • Muerto

Around 42 minutes in, we get to your questions!

Lots of good questions about the characters. At an hour and 14 minutes in, we get a question that leads to talking about the Principles of each of the members of Daybreak.

Another Sentinel Comics LIVE show today! Come watch us on our Twitch channel at 1:00, Central time!

Characters Mentioned




  • Megan Lee is a few years into high school, and while she's smart and generally talented, her family is concerned about her lack of focus/direction/motivation in anything other than music. She really likes listening to, talking about, and playing music and she wants nothing more than to be a rock star.
  • Her dad, Rick, wants her to not bank everything on the music thing and have plans for a "real job" - he winds up taking her out of school for a week to bring her along on a road trip for his work as a geologist. She goes along, but doesn't really engage with the "looking at rocks" part. As her dad is down in a quarry doing that, she's up top wandering around, listening to her music, and not paying attention to her surroundings. She slips on some loose gravel and falls over 100 feet down to the "floor" of the quarry and a shallow pool of water that's accumulated there [they mention it twice, I'm calling it now that it's got Isoflux Alpha in it]. When people rush over to her (expecting her to be dead as that fall shouldn't have been survivable), they find her unconscious, but alive. She wakes up after a few moments, slightly scuffed up, but otherwise none the worse for wear.
  • She's shaken by this event and, as they continue the trip, she becomes more engaged with it. She's still into her music [they make a joke about those darn Millennials always with their headphones on and staring at their phones - it's tongue-in-cheek but it's funny to me as C&A are Millennials and anybody who's a teenager here in the futuristic year of 2018 pretty much can't be one, by definition].
  • They return home and settle back into routine. One day she's walking home from school and is passing the fence that forms the boundary of the baseball field as a ball comes over the fence [it's unclear if it's a foul ball or a home run] and hits her in the head - again, this should be enough to injure her in some way, but she's fine. As it hit her there was a flash of energy - preventing actual contact with her and stopping the ball. She is, understandably, confused and picks up the ball which shows signs of having hit something hard and jagged that's scarred the surface. She chucks the ball back over the fence and leaves before anybody could see her.
  • This kind of thing continues to happen to her, eventually leading her to realize that she has "rock powers" - upon an impact with her body, crystalline plates will manifest to protect her from injury. With practice she can focus to generate them around her fists to punch with.
  • Around this time is when OblivAeon happens. Afterwards, the Sentinels of Freedom form, Freedom Plaza is built, and the call goes out - anybody with powers is welcome to come and learn to use them and become part of the next generation of the world's defenders. This inspires her to tell her parents and younger sister about her powers and that she's going to go join up (and also use the superhero thing to launch her rock music career). Megan takes on "The Hammer" as her stage persona and "Rockstar" as her hero title.


  • For more on her story go listen to the Visionary episode again. This reality's Vanessa Long was taken by Project Cocoon just after her birth, Visionary shows up from her reality, busts up the PC facility, frees Vanessa and returns her to her parents (who had been told she'd died at birth). She grew up in Ravenwood on the outskirts of Rook City with a relatively normal childhood until around her 6th birthday, at which point her powers manifested and she fell into a coma and the Dreamer event takes place with the heroes eventually prevailing and Visionary once again returning Vanessa to her family.
  • In the immediate aftermath, her parents are now afraid of her (as well as for her) and this causes them to have trouble being good parents. Meanwhile, this is the era when Dark Visionary is in charge, but is still masquerading as a good guy. Despite the Dark personality, she still cares about Vanessa as a version of herself and wants to prevent her being placed in another testing facility of some sort. To prevent this, she puts mental blocks on the parents, making them forget all about the Dreamer events and the fear that goes with that - so while the whole town is aware of all the weird stuff that happened, nobody knows what the source was.
  • Vanessa grows up fairly normally from here. She's aware of her powers, but is afraid to use them (and remains unaware of what Dark Visionary did to her parents and so figures her parents not mentioning her powers is just them being nice/discreet about it).
  • In middle school she starts trying to explore her powers a bit - reading surface thoughts of others, introspection of her own mind, etc. The trick that she finds that she's best at is "listening" to others' thoughts and emotions and adjusting the intensity of them. Her sub-archetype within "psychic" tends to be swing more towards empathy than Visionary.
  • Anyway, while she's not using this power to poke around in people's heads for their secrets, she can let it run in the background while just listening to people talk. Eventually she's around her parents as they discuss that weird nightmare demon thing from years ago and she realizes that they don't know about her and she can feel the "wall" in their minds that is preventing them from knowing. She figures that this mental block can't be a good thing and so she reaches into their minds and removes it, at which point her parents become very afraid of her, realizing that something had been done to them and that they can't even trust their own thoughts anymore.
  • She decides to leave her parents in order to give them some peace. Her parents move as well, the house itself being a reminder of the Dreamer events, so when they move Vanessa simply goes somewhere else rather than coming with them - we're post-OblivAeon now and she chooses to go to Megalopolis and Freedom Plaza where her situation is essentially one of a "super boarding school".


  • Brandon Bradley loves his family (dad, older brother by a few years Max, and younger sister by close to a decade Delia - his mom had been sick for some time and died during Delia's birth). Lacking medical insurance, the mom's illness and the birth of Delia had caused the family to incur a significant amount of debt and everyone's trying their best to keep the family going (dad had been an electrician, but the debt eventually caused him to let his union dues lapse at which point he had trouble getting work - just a bad spiraling situation all around).
  • The electrical work dad could still get was from shady people (they're in one of the numerous suburbs of Rook City, which are still not terribly great places), but work was work. Max, in his early teens, would help out as best he could on the jobs. One such job was to help some people set up a drug production/distribution thing in their basement (setting up lights and whatnot - basically turning a blind-eye to whatever it was actually going to be used for as a job's a job). During this process, one of the clients offers Max $50 to run this bag over to this guy down the street, which he does. This becomes an ongoing job for him and as he gets older realizes what he's really doing, but figures they need the money and it's relatively low-risk.
  • He does eventually get busted, though. The local cop is an old college friend of his dad, though - he tells Max to go home, cut it out, and he won't write him up/take him in this time. He will come by the house as part of his daily beat, though, to make sure he's staying out of trouble. This is a blow to the family, though, as without Max's extra income they're not able to make headway on their debts as they had been.
  • Brandon had looked up to his brother, but was also aware of the trouble he'd gotten into. He looked into how he could help and found a job doing courier work (legitimate rather than illicit as Max had). One job, just after OblivAeon, was transporting a package that we know contains the extra-dimensional insect demon thing mentioned in the NightMist's Little Black Book of Monsters episode. He's oblivious to this, however, as he's just the delivery guy. Unfortunately, during this delivery he's hit by an exterminator truck (which drives off in a hit and run).
  • Brandon does survive, though. When he comes around he sees that the box he'd been carrying has been smashed to pieces. He shuffles through the debris, hoping that if the job was just to deliver whatever was in the box, maybe it's still around and he could just take that instead, despite the box being broken. What he finds is an oval seal. As he picks it up he slips and falls and just can not get back to his feet. It's like he's standing on ice (insert a hilarious 2-page montage of him trying to move around and eventually realizing the frictionless-surface thing that the seal causes [the interior of the box being made so by NightMist as part of the trap for the insect demon]). He finds he can control the friction power - adjusting how he interacts with things, making a surface frictionless instead of himself, etc.
  • He loses the courier gig (after the box fiasco), but he makes a big decision. He'll move to Megalopolis and start a business, Momentum Courier Services, sending money home to the family. He also figures that the whole "training people with powers" thing could be useful as well, even if he's not into the whole hero thing.

Aeon Girl

  • From the Deadline/Lifeline episode, we know that he was able to absorb the energy that OblivAeon used to create the Aeon Men and that he eventually pulled this trick on the Scion Aeon Master himself. After taking in that much energy, he had to find some outlet for it - he used it to generate a new being, which became Aeon Girl.
  • That's basically it. She's a thinking, speaking, acting being and was left in the care of the heroes at Freedom Plaza. She's naive and child-like, but brimming with cosmic knowledge. She takes the last name Farrum (Tarogath's last name) and the first name Windy because she liked it.


  • The strangest member of the team, and the one we've potentially known about for the longest. In the Rook City set, in Spite's deck, we met a helpful young Potential Sidekick named Thiago Diaz [!!!], a good kid growing up in Rook City.
  • He's in middle school and his grades are slipping as he's constantly daydreaming about heroes and how Megalopolis has a lot of them as opposed to his city, which only has a few. His parents are not blind to this - they make a deal with him just prior to his freshman year in high school, if he gets straight As all year, they'll take a family trip to Megalopolis where they can do stuff like take the tour in Freedom Tower. This gets his attention and he applies himself. It turns out the family doesn't have enough money to all go, however, so he gets to take a bus trip there and back on his own (although they've got everything on an itinerary for him and people on the other end to meet him).
  • He shows up at Freedom Tower as soon as it opens in the morning, excited to see all of this stuff that he's already familiar with (an Omnitron eye, lots of various relics and alien artifacts from other encounters, etc.). Then this giant cosmic entity shows up and destroys Freedom Tower along with everyone and everything in it. That's the end of Thiago Diaz' story as he dies, like not a "and then he died" thing, really dead.
  • Days to weeks later, there's a lot of wreckage around the city and the consciousness of Thiago Diaz "wakes up" in a pile of electronics. He freaks out a bit, which is understandable as being in a collection of broken machinery isn't normal for a teen. After Freedom Plaza gets built, a bunch of wreckage is brought in to study to try to learn more about OblivAeon (parts of Bunker suits, Tachyon's tech, Wraith's gadgets, etc.). Thiago is part of all of this. He kind of haunts Freedom Plaza, showing up a few times as kind of a ghostly outline (with a sugar skull motif already present) or a creepy voice coming over an intercom speaker. While he finds that he can transfer himself into other electronics, he always reverts back into the equipment he "woke up" in.
  • As he comes to know this, he also makes a mental transition from "I can inhabit this stuff" to "I am this stuff" at which point the skull motif manifests on the equipment and it assembles itself into a recognizably humanoid/skeletal form (not "it is now a metal skeleton" but "a bunch of junk that's in a vaguely skeletal shape") that kind of just hovers around. If he transfers himself into other devices, the "body" will just fall into a pile of junk again until he returns to it.
  • People are freaked out by him at first, but some study is done and it's determined that it was a combination of the OblivAeon energy and all of the relics and whatnot in the room with him that made this happen. He's gone back to his home, but doesn't interact with his family - he looked through the window and saw that they have a shrine set up for him and remember him on the Day of the Dead. He is dead now. "Soy Muerto."

Getting the Team Together

  • So, Brandon Bradley is doing his Momentum Courier Services thing in Megalopolis and has managed to get things well established (sending money home, etc.). One day he decides that he needs to step up his game and finally goes to Freedom Plaza to see what they can teach him. While he's on the way there, he gets attacks by this giant bug man (like, 6-7 feet tall and made of bugs rather than being one giant bug). It's noticed that Brandon is "made of the stuff" that kept it prisoner for so long.
    • Brief aside here where they describe how Brandon moves. Imagine something like a speed skater motion, but when he's up to speed he can also go up sides of buildings and whatnot. He's a "speedster" archetype, but they wanted to do a very different version of that.
  • As the fight goes on against the bug creature, other heroes (young heroes) start showing up to help (a girl with crystal/rock fists, some robot-looking guy, a girl who seems to give him more confidence with a touch, and some weird girl who's blasting the thing with blue energy, but doesn't really look like she knows what she's doing). These heroes weren't working together, they just came together in this situation - they're not doing particularly well against the bug monster, Myriad [mentioned in a few places in previous episodes], but they're doing their best to work together and come up with tactics to use against it. Eventually some energy beams hit Myriad from the sky, at which point the bugs all fly off and disperse.
  • This is Legacy (Felicia at this point, remember), who flies down and says that they were doing well for some kids who were getting their butts kicked. See you in class on Monday. The new arrivals seem to know what's up, but Brandon is confused as to what just happened. Legacy flies off but the others stick around - the conversation revolving around them thinking that he was already a student and he explains that he was on his way, figuring that he'd get in. "Looks like you just did." Usually Freedom Plaza will assign the newbies to a team to work together. These four had not yet been so assigned, they just happened to come across the fight. Legacy saw them working together well and had wanted to have a group to train, and so Daybreak is formed.


  • Who tends to take the leadership role and why? The easy answer is "not Aeon Girl or Muerto". Headlong tends to be the most decisive. Rockstar wants to be the frontman and tends to lead with her face. Muse isn't really a leader, but she's the "soul" or "backbone" of the team.
  • How do each member's parents/creators feel about their becoming heroes? Most are either supporting or unaware. Headlong's dad isn't really in a position to know anything about what Brandon's up to. Rockstar's parents know about her powers and that she's doing something other than trying to be a rock star, okay great! Muse's are afraid of her and don't really have anything to do with her. Aeon Girl doesn't really have parents (Lifeline doesn't really care - she's more of just a "byproduct" of the fight as far as he's concerned) - she has some connection to him, but it's a very one-directional thing. Muerto doesn't really have a family anymore - he's dead and his family knows he's dead. He does visit them in spectral form occasionally.
  • How old is everybody? Rockstar and Headlong are seniors in high school. Muse is a freshman. Muerto finished one year of high school and then died. Aeon Girl is a number of months old, but presents as a teenager.
  • How does Daybreak operate as a team? Some of that comes in for the "who leads" question above, but in general they don't have a style yet - the just got together. They get along as people and so they work together well even if they haven't really gotten super good at fighting together well.
  • Why does Muerto look so haphazardly put together? He's a pile of wreckage and wasn't so much "constructed" as "cobbled together into the best approximation possible".
  • How does Muse view the Dreamer event? How do the other heroes feel about having her around given memories of the event? She's aware of it, remembers it, and it's a source of trauma due to her parents' reaction. The other heroes aren't worried about her now (well, a few might think that it is a little weird that she's around after everything, but nobody thinks she needs to be locked up or anything). The awareness of everything Visionary has gone through gives people perspective.
  • How do Visionary and Muse feel about one another? It's not that weird for them because nearly all of their life experiences have been different - they're different people from very different worlds. "Testing performed on them as babies" and "psychic powers" is pretty much the common experience for them. They also don't really interact all that much or have much in common besides the psychic thing. Visionary very much wants all the best for Muse, but knows that being around isn't the best thing for her.
  • Do Muse and Rockstar fight crime in heels? Isn't that uncomfortable/dangerous? Muse doesn't do a lot of the running/jumping style of heroics, and Rockstar wears the sorts of shoes she would wear on stage (and has the whole rock protection thing going on in the first place). Adam takes issue with the idea that heels are always going to interfere with movement - look at dancers who can move just fine in heels.
  • In an earlier episode, it was mentioned that Aeon Girl can change her form easily, so why maintain the Aeon Man motif? That's how she looks - "species" is the wrong word to describe it, but it's a useful metaphor to say that that's what her species looks like. She's not so much a "shapeshifter" archetype so much as doing things like height/weight/density control or body augmentation, but it's not what she's doing in combat. She can pick what she looks like, but it's mostly just cosmetic.
  • Lifeline used a bunch of OblivAeon energy to create Aeon Girl, but now that she's her own entity, does she have some finite amount of energy? She doesn't have an "infinite" amount of energy, but her power source is nebulously defined - she can exhaust herself, but she can recharge by just existing and drawing in energy from the cosmos.
  • What prompted Muse to join a hero team (is she making up for things, was she involved in the OblivAeon fight and got a taste for it, etc.)? Does she deal with a lot of distrust or were the details of the Dreamer event not well known? There were some heroes that knew what really was going on, but the world at large has no idea what was behind the nightmarish events in Ravenwood. She became a hero because she always wanted to do something good with her powers (with Visionary as a role-model), but she didn't have a home any more and the Sentinels of Freedom welcomed her in.
  • How does Aeon Girl keep up such a shining smile? Are there other Aeon People still around? Any other "reformed" ones? There are no more Aeon People out there. She was created out of the same kind of energy as they were, but she's her own thing. She is "overly pleasant", outgoing, very curious. Judgement is not a prominent trait for her?
  • Is the Sentinel Comics Universe secretly a dark timeline? Generally there's something approaching parity in the number of heroes and villains, but there seem to be a lot more heroes after OblivAeon, so is there going to be a meteoric rise in the number of villains? It's not as bad as the Mist Storm Universe, but it's slightly scarier than the SotM era because we've now seen OblivAeon and everyone knows now what's out there and how bad stuff can happen. They draw a comparison to life before and after the September 11th attacks. Everybody's just a little more afraid. The creation of the Sentinels of Freedom and Freedom Plaza are there specifically to fight back against that fear - the heroes (and Legacy/Heritage in particular) are recognizing that it's not enough to simply fight the villains, but to show the world that there's hope.
  • Any "torches and pitchforks" mob reaction to Aeon Girl considering how much she looks like those guys who were trying to destroy reality a little while back? Why did she become a superhero? After her creation she was basically just left with the Freedom Five (who then formed the Sentinels of Freedom). She's not really out in public much and she has disguises for when she needs to be (plus if she puts on clothes she just has the hair and skin tone to set her off, neither of which is too far out there (and in any event, the Aeon Men didn't have visible faces like she has so the hair/skin thing isn't enough to draw the comparison in the first place). What she inherited from the Aeon Men thing is the orange outfit with blue energy lines, which isn't an uncommon color combo in general.
  • Seems like a strong mentor figure like Scholar or NightMist would be useful to help Aeon Girl navigate the process of becoming sentient, but since they're both unavailable, who does she turn to? The Freedom Five, mostly. Time Slinger. They teach her some, but she learns a lot of "how to be a person" from Daybreak. She's not lacking a basic sense of morality - she started with that and so avoids a lot of the dangers in common "created being" stories.
  • How does Aeon Girl interact with the rest of Daybreak? Other heroes? Is she respected in general or do people hold her origin as OblivAeon energy against her? Unlike Muse, a lot of heroes are concerned about her origin. People out in the world aren't aware of what she is, but the heroes keep an eye on her. They also know, however, that they need to be cautious about it as they don't want to do anything that might turn her evil (say, being discriminated against just for existing). She gets along well with Daybreak - the rest of the team kind of adopt her as a project; it's their job to make sure she turns out as a good, fun person. Like, she just went to class and did her training, they took her out to get pizza and see a movie.
  • Given the comics industry's reticence to permanently kill off bad guys, is there any semblance of OblivAeon lurking in her psyche? She's made entirely out of OblivAeon energy - that is not the same thing as OblivAeon's consciousness [that sounds more like Progeny's deal]. The analogy made a while back is that she's made out of OblivAeon's blood, which isn't the part of you that makes decisions. It's probably fine.
  • What's Muerto's deal [enters a bunch of options in quick succession]? "Ghost possessing a robot" is pretty close. Also, when he possesses other devices the skull motif lines goes with him.
  • Is Rockstar an actual rock star? Is that a star tattoo? Is she seeing anyone? She wants to be a rock star. It's glitter makeup (and she changes both that and her hair tips all the time). She's not seeing anyone currently.
  • Is Headlong a cyborg or just in a super suit of some sort (or are the blue lines just an aesthetic thing)? The suit doesn't do anything for him. The blue lines are made to glow when he's using his powers as an aesthetic element. The power is all him (because he got accidentally cursed by something he picked up).
  • Muse looks a lot different than expected; is she eternally grumpy or was the picture we were given just of her on a bad day? She's not grumpy, but she is very serious and tends to concentrate on things (plus has a resting face that just looks kind of grumpy, that's not her fault, though). She's not mean.
  • How much control does Muse have on her powers? An okay amount of control, but also an extremely high fear of losing control and so she tends to be vigilant about them. Sometimes her powers key off of fear, though (her own or others) and so sometimes that can backfire.
  • What brought the team together? Who fills the various stereotypical "team" roles (idealistic leader, sarcastic second, overlooked muscle, asocial brains, and "the fifth one")? Who are the BFFs on the team? The story that brought them together was told above. The "idealistic leader" is probably Headlong as he's the most gung-ho. The "sarcastic second in command" is probably Rockstar (the sarcasm comes from a place of arrogance). The "muscle" is probably Muse - she's a powerhouse. "Smart but asocial" is Muerto as he knows a lot about heroes and being a hero, but he doesn't speak up because he doesn't like the sound of his own voice and is kind of a downer. Which leaves Aeon Girl as "the fifth one" as a kind of wildcard. BFFs? They're still getting to know one another (although Aeon Girl is BFFs with everyone). Headlong and Rockstar kind of take Aeon Girl under their wing in the "how to be a teenager" project. They could go into more story stuff they have planned, but they want to save it for the RPG content (plus a lot of how this works out will be up to the GM and players and how they interact with the team).
  • Any romantic relationships between members? Any love triangles? Not currently. The pairing that seems most likely, Headlong and Rockstar, is complicated by the fact that they get on each others nerves more than they're attracted to one another. There's a bit of "leadership rivalry" as well as the fact that Headlong is taking this whole hero team thing seriously as he's had to work for so much of life and Rockstar kind of just ignored school and wants to be a rock star and has a things work out, hey let's tweet this to my 200 followers, etc. kind of attitude. They do have Aeon Girl around, though, who's going to be constantly elevating everybody's emotional states ("Headlong is so pretty. And Muerto is so pretty..." just all the time).
  • Is Aeon Girl aware of her origin from Aeon Girl? She knows the facts, but not really what that means (which will probably come up eventually).
  • Does she hear voices from OblivAeon? No.
  • Does she ever reach out to Lifeline? Yes, but with zero success so far.
  • What can she do with her cosmic powers? How does this compare with OblivAeon shard-empowered people? She can fly, shoot beams of blue energy from her hands, alter her density, absorb energy (an aside at this point to say that she's not only cosmic energy, but something close to infernal due to the connection to Lifeline). She's probably more powerful than most people who have picked up OblivAeon shards in terms of raw power ("one of the most powerful characters"), but she has no conception of what her limits are or how to make use of it.
  • Does Rockstar manifest her powers through music or is she just a rocker who got powers? The latter (although note that she's a wannabe rocker - and to address a common question, music has nothing to do with her powers). She wants to be a guitarist for a rock band, but is also not really putting any real work in towards that end goal (say, by practicing guitar or writing songs).
  • Did she write and anthem for the team? Not yet (definitely thinking about talking about working on it, though).
  • Does a villain like Baron Blade or Citizen Dawn consider them a threat to their plans? Nope, Daybreak wouldn't even be on their radar. Daybreak is at the stage where they'd be starting to form their own nemeses, getting in the way of a lot of small-time villains' plans.
  • How is Aeon Girl taking to her new life on the town? Making friends? She's good at making friends mostly through seeming harmless and being nice (unrelentingly and/or exhaustingly optimistic). She's doing her best.
  • What kind of music does Rockstar like? What kind of rocks does her power make? She makes crystalline things typically (she can make cruder types of rock if she wants, but she typically wants to make shiny/flashy rocks that people will talk about later). Musically, she likes stuff on the glam/pop continuum of rock (not heavy metal or classic rock). Her music player will have a lot of modern pop, pop punk, etc.
  • How does a cyborg relate to the teenager situation? Because he's a teenager's ghost haunting a robot. He does the brooding, sit in the corner and mope teenager thing, only with much better reasons for doing so. He really is one of the most heroic members of the team, though, as he's the one who's there for all of the right reasons. The cruel irony is that he's the one that had such a crushing loss to get him there.
  • Why is Muse's outfit so creepy? She likes to prey on people's fears (although she boosts her friends' morale). It's also brightly colored, so it's not really meant to be scary.
  • Day breaks, how do you use your Principles to Overcome in order to fix it? Can you give us an example Principle from each of these characters? Each RPG hero will have two Principles. Each of those will have a "During Roleplaying" section as well as example Minor and Major twists associated with it and one Green zone ability based on it.
    • Aeon Girl's are Principles of Levity and of Cosmic Energy. For Levity:
      • During Roleplaying - You keep your positive outlook even when all hope is lost. Your spirit is nearly impossible to break.
      • Minor Twist - Who did you offend by making light at the wrong time?
      • Major Twist - What has occurred to finally break your good spirit?
      • Ability - Overcome a dire situation where your jokes prevent demoralization. Use your Max die. You and each of your allies gain a Hero Point.
    • Muse has Mastery and Inner Demons. For the latter:
      • During Roleplaying - You have a darkness in you that you strive to keep suppressed. You can connect with your dark side for connection with similar forces. *** *** Minor Twist - What sinister act comes from tapping into your dark side?
      • Major Twist - What havoc does your dark side inflict as you allow it to take control?
      • Ability - To tap into your dark psyche and Overcome using your Max die. You and each of your allies gain a Hero Point.
    • Headlong has Speed and The Mask. For the latter:
      • During Roleplaying - It is vitally important that you hide your true identity. You have a career that allows you to slip between identities when necessary (the implications here are that Headlong's identity is secret and must remain so; he doesn't want anything getting back to his family or interfering with his career).
      • Minor Twist - What clue did you leave behind towards your real identity?
      • Major Twist - Who from your civilian life is in imminent danger?
      • Ability - Overcome using knowledge from your civilian life. Use your Max die. You and each of your allies gain a Hero Point.
    • Rockstar has Ambition and Strength. The former:
      • During Roleplaying - There's something that you want and you will strive towards achieving your goal, no matter the cost. You see paths to victory that no one else will.
      • Minor Twist - How is the pursuit of your goals getting in the way of being a hero in this situation?
      • Major Twist - What did you just pass up or miss that could have helped you achieve your biggest goal at last?
      • Ability - Overcome a situation where someone else has given you a Bonus from a Boost. Use your Max die. You and each of your allies gain a Hero Point (she's rewarded when she takes the spotlight from somebody).
    • Muerto has The Mask (he doesn't want others to know that he's Thiago Diaz) and The Gearhead. As we've already seen one, we'll look at the other:
      • During Roleplaying - You always know the general state of repair or function of an item of technology, whether it's a simple toaster or an orbital defense system.
      • Minor Twist - What mechanical device just shorted out?
      • Major Twist - What machine just went terribly off the rails?
      • Ability - Overcome a technological challenge. Use your Max die. You and each of your allies gain a Hero Point (his build is intentionally the most complicated of these heroes using kind of a combination of form changer and also somebody who possesses things, there's a lot going on with him).
  • Given that we're already talking about one part of the normal Future section, what of the Mist Storm Universe versions of these characters? We know that Felicia becomes Beacon rather than Legacy, but what of the members of Daybreak? Thiago is Ra in the Mist Storm Universe, so he's actually doing better there. Brandon Bradley and Megan Lee don't appear in the Mist Storm Universe. Aeon Girl doesn't exist there. Vanessa Long interacted with Man-Grove in that timeline who then goes on to become a hero there, but she maintains a connection to Man-Grove.


  • Not about the characters, but about the RPG. Daybreak will feature in the Preview adventure that will be made available around Gen Con. It will be a free download. It takes place in the time period after the Starter Kit adventures, but before the Core Rulebook's initial state.