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The Letters Page: Annual 2019

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We did tell you that there was no episode on January 1st.

But, to be fair, you know that what we do on this podcast is tell lies.

That said, this is not so much an episode. Just a quick hello and thank you. Looking forward to 2019. Thanks to all of you for being a part of it.


  • Happy 2019! It's officially Blade Runner! Everybody break out your cyberpunk dystopia cosplay!
  • The SCRPG Kickstarter is happening soon. [Or now as of when I finally got to this one: here it is!]
  • The Sentinels of Freedom video game might actually come out this year, so that would be exciting. [Note from the future: It came out in early 2020; close enough.]
  • It's set to be a big year for Sentinel Comics and Greater Than Games in general. Thanks for being a part of it!