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The Letters Page: Annual 2020

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Welcome to a new year-- a new century!!

Show Notes:

Run Time: 6:24

Just a quick hello to usher in a new year. Thanks for making this show possible!


New Year!

  • Mostly they're just chatting a bit about the new year and general stuff like that. It does come with the observation that they let the previous episode get out of hand (another general "end of year" short episode that wound up being 20 minutes) and the realization that that's kind of a great description for their whole lives around Sentinel Comics and the company they've built - things just got really out of hand.
  • Adam and his wife are having another kid, which will probably be born later this month. They joke about doing a live episode from the delivery room, but then back off on that idea considering this is a good way to wind up murdered.
  • They are looking forward to doing more Writers Room and Creative Process episodes, but they have plans on episodes in other formats, but those will require some products to be released first and some work on the back-end.
  • It's going to be another big, fun year everybody. Let's do this!