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The Letters Page: Interlude 1
The Multiverse and More

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Show Notes:

Run Time: 21:46

Interlude episodes will be shorter episodes that we release on occasional Thursdays. We'll use these to answer general questions, additional questions about characters that we've covered in previous episodes, and other supplemental information.

Today, we're covering a bit of overarching info about the world of Sentinel Comics - how it works, what our vision for it involves, etc. Also, we discuss what you might find in The Letters Page podcast, going forward.

Only one Show Note for this episode: at the 19 minute mark, we mention that there have been a few episodes of The Letters Page at this point. Obviously, that's not true. We had recorded this Interlude with plans to release it after we had a few episodes in the bag, but upon listening to it, we realized it would be a great "Welcome to The Letters Page" episode, so here we are!

No other Show Notes on this episode - everything else is pretty well contained in this Interlude! So, listen in as we talk about the Multiverse, Sentinel Comics, and what to look forward to in upcoming episodes of The Letters Page!

Characters Mentioned


  • Discussion of the various "ages" of comics publishing (WWII Golden Age, 1960's Silver Age, etc.). The world of Sentinels Comics is generally a "Silver Age world with Modern Age sensibilities". Hero in-fighting doesn't really show up much despite it being a staple of "real" comics.
  • Heroes have costumes just because - there isn't really "logic" behind why the heroes wear a given outfit. Creators were just going for iconic looks. Costumes change over time, but it's not necessarily an indication of position in the time line (e.g. Ra goes through his shirtless beardface period, and has a story event around that, but then goes back to his normal look after that's resolved) but there can still be effects (e.g. Fanatic can still show up in the original outfit after Absolution is broken).
  • Whenever there's something that looks like time travel is happening it's because of OblivAeon mucking about with the multiverse and is really reality hopping and not really time travel except for Chrono-Ranger and La Capitan (maybe for the latter, the way they talked about it made it not clear to me whether she was really time travel as well or not - the discussion was about how CR's travel is tightly controlled by CON and LC's is kind of just going whenever due to the vagaries of sailing the timestream).