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The Letters Page: Editor's Note 16

Original Source


Our first ever live recorded Editor's Note! Here's the video!

Show Notes:

Run Time: 1:07:42

OK, first thing first: the video quality is AWFUL. But! We're working with Trevor to make it better in the future!

As we mention in the first few minutes, we didn't yet know the upcoming schedule when we recorded, but since then, the voting has concluded! Here is the final tabulation of all three polls combined:

  • Progeny: 96
  • Legacy supplemental: 23
  • Story Arc: Trial of Baron Blade: 33
  • Animated Series Season 1: 43
  • Disparation: The alternate Dark Watch shown on “Quando? Ahora!”: 72
  • Wraith supplemental: 8
  • NightMist’s little black book of monsters - extraplanar, extraterrestrial, and extra weird things she encounters: 45
  • Story Arc: Sunrise: 9
  • A Motley Crew: background on La Capitán's crew: 15
  • (Extrasode) Christopher and Adam Give Legal Advice: 23
  • (Extrasode) The Food Podcast: 7
  • (Extrasode) GTG Origin Story: 42

So! Given those votes, here is the upcoming schedule for April!

  • Tuesday, April 3rd: Disparation: Alternate Dark Watch from "Quando? Ahora!"
  • Thursday, April 5th: Extrasode: GTG Origin Story
  • Tuesday, April 10th: Progeny
  • Tuesday, April 17th: Animated Series - Season One
  • Tuesday, April 24th: NightMist's Little Black Book of Monsters
  • Thursday, April 26th: Editor's Note #17

Now, please submit questions for the Animated Series and NightMist's Monsters episodes, but we're recording the Disparation and Progeny episode today and tomorrow - as well as the GTG Origin Story Extrasode - as we're both traveling the first couple weeks in April.

Also! Extrasodes were going to be Patreon-exclusive content, but I polled the Patreon backers and they were pretty keen on them being for everyone, so that's happening! However, the videos of the Extrasodes and Editor's Notes will be made available to Patreon supporters as soon as they're created! And Contributors can even watch and interact live, just like they did for this very Editor's Note!

OK, back to the business of this Editor's Note.

Topics we cover today:

  • Haka
  • Miss Information
  • La Capitan
  • Dietary Restrictions
  • Various Payoffs

And more topics that came in live from our Contributors!

Looking forward to the new format starting with next episode! A hearty thank you to all of you fantastic listeners, and especially to our Patreon supporters!

Characters Mentioned


  • Are the Patreon-voted topics just to pick one episode, or do the top four each get an episode in April? The latter - the top four main topics each get an episode and the top one of the Extrasode options gets that slot.
  • Does Christopher stand up for every recording [he's standing in the Patreon video - this is the first of the live-recorded episodes for the Patrons]? Yes. He's got an adjustable standing-desk and he's standing most of the time anyway.
  • A detail given on Haka was that he enjoys watching cricket and playing rugby, but how does he play rugby as it seems implausible that he'd be able to find opponents that could actually pose a challenge (Legacy seems more the baseball and American football type)? It's comparable to playing a game with little kids - it's possible to hold back/be careful and still have fun, especially if the kids are having a blast. He's in it for the sheer fun of it, not the thrill of competition (barring the occasional instance where, say, he and Mainstay have an arm-wrestling contest or something) - he's able to offer compliments without being patronizing and can throw in the old "ok, let's do me vs. everybody for a while" thing.
  • Pre-OblivAeon, "our" Haka and Arataki are connected and are like two fixed points with all of the other Hakas in the multiverse fading out of existence, gaining an unbounded amount of life force and power as the constant branching off of realities results in more Hakas to be consolidated into the Two and neither can die unless the other dies simultaneously; do they each get half of that power or all of it? They "share the power" of all the Hakas [kind of the implication given here is also that there's no real difference - half of infinity is still infinity].
  • Post-OblivAeon, given that all realities are now closed off from one another, further branch points create Hakas that will no longer be erased and the Two no longer increase in power over time, right? While the connection between them is still present (and therefore they still can't die unless killed simultaneously), does this mean that they have a finite amount of life force to work with and will eventually die of old age? Would recovering from wounds and whatnot drain these "reserves" of life force, speeding that eventual death by old age? They could die of old age, but we're talking thousands of years - "long enough to not be relevant". If there's some far-future story 10,000 years later we could talk about what Haka now looks like, but barring that he's still functionally immortal. The idea that recovering from wounds would hasten this eventual end, however, is less on-point - they liken it to how a paper-cut isn't likely to shorten a regular person's lifespan and getting shot isn't likely to shorten the Hakas'. Haka's stories, however are such that there are far worse things the writers can do to him than killing him.
  • Would Xtreme Haka have been erased too? Yup, he'd be erased like the others.
  • Is Adam very fast over short distances [it occurs to me that trying to do this for the Discord questions might be hard given how much such things would key off of jokes that I may have glossed over in the process of summarizing]? No. He used to be in his youth, but stopped doing so many athletics in his mid-teens.
  • Would putting one of the two Hakas in a situation where they were constantly dying (say, launch them into the sun) mean that the next time the other one died they'd both stay dead? Yeah, that'd work.
  • What would happen if you dropped Haka in lava? Excruciating (it's happened before) - you gotta regrow all that tissue and it's just not a fun time.
  • Could Haka show up in Galactic Strike Force [stated some time ago to be in the far future]? Hypothetically, it is possible [but seems unlikely].
  • Any stories (Disparation or otherwise) where the heroes play sportsball? Definitely, we'll get to see it in the Champion Studios deck. The "Sentinels of the 9th" expansion to the Bottom of the 9th game is canon as well.
  • What colors are Dok'Thorath's suns and are they scored by John Williams? One is blue and the other is red. They're scored by Howard Shore.
  • Did the reveal that the Aminia Twain who became Miss Information was from another reality calm down the fan backlash at all? Not really. It went from a feeling of betrayal that Aminia would become evil in the first place to the fact that the "real" one is dead, which isn't a huge improvement (at least now it's not out of character, but that's cold comfort) as, while the fact that Miss Info was this alternate version was known to the writers from the beginning of that story, the readership didn't know that and claimed that it was a retcon against their reaction to try to walk it back.
  • How different were the two Aminias originally? If their positions were reversed, would the original Aminia have gone bad? In the case where "our" Aminia (who's just an awesome person, just the best) were in a situation where the Freedom Five made the decision to save some strangers rather than her and then she died and wound up in this body that's not quite her own, she would not have become a villain. Once she realized what happened it's likely that she'd find somebody to talk to - probably the Scholar as he seems to be the go-to person for that kind of conversation. She'd also feel bad about/be worried about the alternate that she replaced and who is now dead. What's happened that explains the difference is imagine they've taken an early iteration of the character, one where she's all business and had less of a personality as yet, and put her through these circumstances. Because our Aminia had become such a beloved, unassailable character over the years the only interesting story to be done with her is to get rid of her. Sorry.
  • We've heard two versions of what happened to Miss Info after her run-in with Parse in Pike Industrial, so which is it, the VotM bio that states that she was washed away in the flood of chemicals and her body never recovered, or the podcast episode that mentions that she was taken to an asylum? If a hero's bio says one thing and the podcast says another, it's likely that the podcast has the more accurate information. In this case, as they were preparing to walk through the story beat by beat, they decided that changes were necessary to make it better. A lot of times when they're laying out story beats for the game, things are still very loosely defined and wrinkles come up as they flesh them out later. If they've managed to put together a story across the card details and the bio and the only thing that winds up needing to be altered is that ending detail (disappearance vs. being committed), they're happy with the level of consistency they've managed.
  • The Miss Info episode mentioned that the issue in which she revealed herself was Freedom Five Annual #21 and that's cited on Parse's card "Gauge", that the incident with her (in costume) in the museum/former FFHQ was earlier and is shown on her card "What Doesn't Kill You..." also citing that issue, and that it was in FFA #22 that Parse finally defeated Miss Info (shown on "Data Mining" which also cites FFA #21) - the actual quotes don't allow for the option that it's simply that the quotes don't match the art, so have I caught you in an error? Yes, but they beat you to the punch as well. In the process of working out their big post-it note timeline project they discovered certain story things that they'd originally envisioned as being in one big issue (such as this one) really warranted/required being spread out more (Adam frequently has to pull Christopher back to reality during episode prep regarding how much story can realistically happen in one issue of a comic). As a result of the timeline project they've actually got a Retcon document for fixing quote attributions (and even some art) on cards to account for this stuff. One example is that in the Legacy deck, "Danger Sense" should show Paul VII, America's Greatest Legacy. They've got a plan for Adam to eventually redraw everything and that's a good chance to fix these art/quote things.
  • Do the heroes ever learn that Miss Information is an alternate reality's Aminia? Do they/can they do anything about that? Does Aminia know/care that she's from another reality? She does know that she's from another reality, but doesn't really care (in the sense of not blaming this Freedom Five for what the other one did). The heroes know eventually (they learn parallel to the readers learning about it), but there's nothing they can do (although they certainly look into it). Once she starts developing reality-manipulation powers things kind of become obvious as well and before that we have the part where she's looking at the computer files to learn about the heroes that, if she were the real Aminia, she'd already know.
  • In the La Capitan episode, the appearance of her face on Mt. Rushmore in FF #610 was chalked up to Miss Information's reality-altering powers; in the Miss Info episode it's clear that she doesn't get those powers until closer to the end of the Multiverse (with her original deck citing FF #657 relatively close to La Capitan's introduction in FF #650) - how was Miss Information involved in the Mt. Rushmore thing if she didn't have powers yet? If it wasn't her, what happened with Mt. Rushmore? This is another timeline issue, but unlike the example above where it was just a little off, this is a big one. The La Capitan episode is incorrect in stating that Miss Info was responsible for it. It was just La Capitan. The shattered timelines stuff was in full swing and so the writers just put some crazy pirate lady's face on Mt. Rushmore as part of all of that weirdness and somebody comes along later who runs with that concept, with the explanation now being that this time traveling pirate goes back and messes with things so that she gets carved into the mountain.
  • Did Miss Information ever show up in the animated show? Not in the '90s show (although Aminia Twain would have been), but in the later ones built around the Sentinel Comics Animated Universe.
  • How did Aminia's family/friends react to how the heroes went about things after Miss Information was unmasked? Did they try to get her help? The supporting cast for Aminia has always been scant (mostly because her "supporting cast" is largely the Freedom Five). Sure, there were hints of her having a private life off-panel, but it was never fleshed out and by the '90s she's kind of been established as a workaholic and it's more or less presented as her having "given up" that stuff to focus on her career.
  • Any chance of a return of a non-Evil Aminia? It's not completely off the table, but it wouldn't be "our" Aminia as she's dead. It's not something that they have a plan for, though.
  • How does Aminia work in the Iron Legacy timeline? She's in charge of the administrative aspect of his forces (similar to in the Legacy of Destruction timeline). [I can't tell from their answer here if she's also Miss Chief, and a traitor, in the IL timeline, though as they answer everything using the LoD timeline answers previously given and only then seem to realize that it was LoD rather than IL.]
  • How much do we see the lower-level staff/supporting cast for the Freedom Five (we know about the janitor [[[Larry Hillburn]]!] in Setback's episode, and their intern, obviously)? Not much. There are more background characters once they move into Freedom Tower as there's meant to be more people and more work being done. Even then, though, there's not a lot of interaction with them.
  • What's a Cryo Shade? <joke>A really big spaceship that's lightweight and has a large, umbrella-like thing it can use to block out light and heat from a planet - used, essentially, to blackmail the planet.</joke> In reference to the figure on the "'Old Lady' in the Street" card, it's an undead monster - a "frost ghost". It's a case where Miss Info is exploiting an existing threat (there's weird supernatural stuff all the time after all).
  • Did Aminia come up with the name "Miss Information" or did somebody else apply it to her? She did.
  • What are some interesting dietary restrictions of characters (does Dr. Medico even eat, does Fanatic subsist entirely on communion wafers and water, does Unity keep kosher, is Haka lactose intolerant)? Well, Catholic churches use wine too - Fantic is "just blitzed all the time". Somebody has a peanut allergy. Seriously though, nothing really comes up in comic. The only kind of thing that might is along the lines of an observant Jew keeping kosher, but they don't really get the impression that Unity does (and she's more observant than Wraith is) - she might note when there's an option but it's not like a lack of a kosher option will stop her from eating. [This then devolves into a discussion of hot dogs and bratwurst - Adam pointing out that the kosher, all-beef Hebrew National hot dogs are the best hot dogs anyway while Christopher isn't big on hot dogs to begin with and would prefer a good brat any day.] Dr. Medico doesn't need to eat (neither does Omnitron). Nobody's lactose intolerant. They decide right here that Captain Cosmic is the one with the peanut allergy. This kind of thing really only happens in the "day in the life" kinds of stories and there just aren't enough of those to really get into it often (the small number of these stories that are published are generally well-received, but still aren't the big sellers).
  • We're told that Tyler Vance's favorite sandwich is a meatball sub, but what snack does Citizen Dawn love? What's Guise's favorite pizza topping? Guise doesn't put bananas on his pizza, because that would be weird. He prefers papaya, that purple ketchup as the sauce, and Kraft singles as the cheese. Dawn's pretty utilitarian in most things and food is no different. Like, Expatriette eats a lot of MREs and that's indicative. Maybe she has Citizen Summer whip up some raptor jerky. Tachyon will eat anything (and has to). Legacy loves a good ol' American hamburger. Wraith probably has some specific fancy thing that she likes (as in she's probably not really into all of the fancy, rich-people stuff in general, but one thing really caught her [Christopher says something, but I'm not entirely sure - my best guess is Cacio e Pepe]). K.N.Y.F.E. just wants some kind of boiled meat (maybe haggis) and whisky.
  • In the Gen Con episode it was mentioned that everything in card art was meant to have a payoff at some point... Breaking in here to say that while that may have been what was actually said, "payoff" isn't necessarily always applicable - it might just be important in some way without a "payoff" down the line or anything. Everything is a piece of the larger universe.
  • what is the payoff for (or when can we expect it for):
    • "Decomissioned Hardware" from Bunker's deck? That card is it's own payoff, showing the history of Bunker suits, but also serves as set-up for Choke/Chokepoint.
    • "Final Dive" - who is that and why is Fanatic beating him up? That's Joseph King. That should have been covered at least somewhat in the Guise episode.
    • "Back-Fist Srike" who is that? Legacy punching some random thug. That might change when Adam redraws it.
    • "Mists of Time" in Nightmist's deck? There's one reality where Akash'Bhuta has taken over, but another reality shown has some giant cosmic entity holding Earth in its hand - this would later be associated with OblivAeon, but as this art would have predated him by 20-30 years it was just some menacing cosmic baddie without explanation at the time.
    • "Excavation" what has Dr. Washington dug up? Just some valuable artifact that he found. No greater significance other than that it "belongs in a museum!"
    • "Blackout" who is that guy next to Highbrow that Writhe is menacing? He's got guns and those orbiting globes that all shoot glue. They came up with him forever ago (also appearing in Visionary's Sentinel Tactics deck, but it was Dave Chalker (who they're working with on the RPG) who named him - The Adhesivist. You may see him again.
    • "Hippocratic Oath"? That's Dr. Medico, Chrono-Ranger, and Expatriette in the wrap-up to Cosmic Contest.
    • "Remorseless Provocation"? Apostate is just killing some guy (but the guy is based on Paul Watson, somebody who backed the Infernal Relics Kickstarter at a level that got to appear in the game).
    • "Combat Stance"? Just a thug - and that one's not likely to change, although there might wind up being more thugs.
    • "Trust Fund"? They talked about this one in an earlier episode, but it's Mark Benedetto, the CEO of RevoCorp.
    • "Cat Stuck in a Tree"? Mentioned in the Miss Info episode - just an alien cat creature she got from F.I.L.T.E.R.
    • "All the Best Toys" who are the other aliens? Just a bartender and the girl that Greazer happens to be hitting on in the bar (trying to impress her with his fancy gun) in the weird melting-pot of aliens that Greazer hangs out in.
  • Is Captain Cosmic in trouble walking around Madame Mittermeier's Fantastical Festival of Conundrums and Curiosities given his peanut allergies? It's not that severe of an allergy, but it should go without saying, allergies or no, that you shouldn't eat anything there. That's just common sense.
  • Is the Scholar's favorite drink a white Russian? Nope, he's a beer guy. He likes beers he hasn't tried before, but he's also not into brewing them himself.
  • What would Baron Blade do if one of his Blade Battalion members actually managed to kill Legacy? "Good job! Come with me and I'll give you a raise!" Guy goes with him and is never seen again. "I have killed Legacy!" He'd feel bad about it and it would eat at him forever, but the consolation is the only reason the minion was able to do it was with the tech and training that Blade provided, and that's how he rationalizes claiming the victory for himself. "That's a loss for everyone."
  • Was there ever a series in which Guise took out the entire multiverse? He's not one to really want to go out and fight a bunch of guys. He's not a fighter (he's not a lover either for that matter). He's just kind of there. And by "there" they mean "everywhere".
  • What's your favorite variant of Legacy to play with? Adam: Young Legacy - due to how consistently you can get a solid 5 damage output every turn. Christopher - likes them all (almost went with the Freedom Five one, but he figures that's probably just because it's the newest and he hasn't gotten it to the table as often yet).
  • Did Wager Master do anything during OblivAeon? Yeah, he shows up and does some game show stuff, he's in it for the fun more than fighting OblivAeon - we'll probably get into that in the OblivAeon episodes. While he'd be better off without the end of everything, he's also not the best at cost-benefit analysis.
  • What's a secret from Sentinel Comics that you'd like to share regardless of context? We name-dropped "Myriad" in the Prime Wardens episode and people had been discussing/guessing that that's Tempest's child. Myriad is not Tempest's child. Myriad is a "substantial" villain for Daybreak, possibly their main villain (he's certainly more important than The Vandals are). Myriad is related to things we've seen before, but is a new thing himself. We have seen the Vandals before.