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The Letters Page: Interlude 2
The Trevorlude

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Show Notes:

Run time: 11:48

Right off the bat, we talk about a game of Sentinels of the Multiverse that we played. Christopher says that none of the heroes had hands. This doesn't mean that they had their hands chopped off - the players controlling those heroes had no cards in their hands. Just to be clear.

Now, on to the important stuff - upcoming episodes!


  • Christopher and Adam don't actually get to play the game very much anymore. They did recently wind up playing a game with Paul that they initially set up for some promotional photos and got trounced (but had fun).
  • Chokepoint Challenge Mode is apparently coming out soon.
  • Process for making an episode: Friday mornings they get to the office and discuss what they're going to talk about in the episode. Actual recording doesn't wind up being more than 10-15 minutes longer than the final cut. Trevor (their audio engineer) will edit out things like awkwardly long pauses, or things like Christopher interjecting "But!" too loudly quite a lot in the Wraith episode, puts in the music, sometimes editing in good quotes from previous recordings that work better. Trevor is always watching them (he's in town for this recording and they joke around with him for a minute).
  • New Kickstarter coming up.
  • New main episodes should be up by 10AM Central Time on Tuesdays.
  • On 2nd and last Tuesdays of a month, the episodes should be about Villains. Others about Heroes, Teams, Events.
  • There will be a Live From Gen Con episode.