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The Letters Page: Editor's Note 21

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It's time for another Editor's Note that is turns out to be mostly about more shipping!

Show Notes:

Run Time: 1:25:24

The September Schedule!

  • Tuesday, September 4th: Multiverse Recap
  • Thursday, September 6th: Extrasode #6 - Christopher and Adam make up doomsday plots
  • Tuesday, September 11th: Scions
  • Tuesday, September 18th: OblivAeon, part 1
  • Tuesday, September 25th: OblivAeon, part 2
  • Thursday, September 27th: Editor's Note #22

And here's the photo of the calendar on our wall!

You'll note that we're recording the first couple episodes for October well before the end of September. Adam's going to be out of town at the end of September/beginning of October, so we've got to get ahead on the recording schedule. For our Patreon supporters, the topic submission process will go up soon, and then we'll do voting early enough to make sure that people get a chance to submit questions for those episodes.

Topics we talk about in this Editor's Note:

  • Shipping
  • Maerynian Biology/Sex Ed
  • Fan-ships
  • Citizen Dawn and the Citizens of the Sun
  • Canon ships
  • Human/alien hybrids
  • Non-canon ships
  • GTG office crushes
  • Weird ships
  • Daybreak
  • FriendSHIPS
  • Inclusion/Representation
  • Actual shipping
  • Couriers
  • Negative relationSHIPS
  • Young people dating
  • Dream ships
  • Fleek
  • Legacies getting their powers
  • Thiago Diaz
  • Us forgetting our own jokes
  • Questions?
  • And more!

Thanks for listening!

Characters Mentioned


Shipping Questions

  • K.N.Y.F.E. and Tempest? How? Not all sexual activity involves penetrative intercourse. Side note on Maerynians - while sexual pleasure is not tied to their reproductive process, they do still have a vestigial version of it and can still experience it (and they might have a pool of such partners that as a matter of course wind up also being in the pool of reproductive contributors).
  • Was Tears always “feral” [in response to the statement that Blood and Sweat were in a relationship with Tears being present as their “weird feral animal friend” in episode 77]? Do Blood and Sweat seek to “cure” her? Given that the three of them are off on their own now, does Citizen Dawn plan on bringing them back into the fold as Citizens or is she out to kill them for leaving? “Feral” might be giving too strong of a connotation. She talks, but she also growls a lot and is “savage in demeanor”. Her friends aren’t really out to cure her of this, they accept her for how she is. She’s also handy to have around in this state - they also manipulate her into working with them, but she’s happy to be so manipulated. To the extent to which them working together effectively is the goal, this is the best state for the three of them to be in (it’s hard to say that it’s “in their best interests” to have the working dynamic they do because the stuff they do together isn’t really something that can be classified as being in anybody’s best interest). We do not yet know what Dawn’s been up to in the Future where they are operating as the Vandals, so it’s an open question for the audience.
  • Princess Cool’s favorite ships: Absolute Zero/anyone (just want him to be happy), Chrono-Ranger/La Capitan, Captain Cosmic/K.N.Y.F.E., Setback/Expatriette, Fanatic/Ra, Naturalist/Akash’Bhuta (they point out that Akash’Thriya would be less antagonistic), NightMist/Lydia the Gorgon, Omnitron-X/Unity, Parse/Benchmark, Mainstay/Stuntman (with the comment that it’s surprising that Ansel’s into women - to which they reply that Ansel G. Moreau is into Ansel G. Moreau), Idealist/Muse, Ermine/Fright Train.
  • MindWanderer’s favorite ships: Young Legacy/Unity, Young Legacy/Heroic Luminary, Young Legacy/Setback, Action Hero Stuntman/Expat, Stuntman/Michelle Hausmann [the reporter, seen on Paparazzi on the Scene from Megalopolis], Chrono-Ranger/La Comodora, Miss Information/Baron Blade, Captain Cosmic/S’sdari The Bloody [the human Bloodsworn Gladiator, formerly Stylin’ Shirley/Fashion], Anvil/Summer, Hammer/Spring, Choke/Char, Hippocalypse/Kaargra, Heartbreaker/Kismet, Blood Countess/Exemplar, Matriarch/Apostate, Harpy/Marty Adams [this elicits an “aww, that’s sweet” from Christopher].
  • Was there ever a Disparation story that went into the relationship side of things (like a soap opera/teen romance equivalent to the Extremeverse)? There had to be an issue in there somewhere in the style of things like the old Stylin’ Shirley book.
  • Jeysie’s favorite ships: Argent Adept/Captain Cosmic (due to the trope of musical duets being romantic and that Dynamic Siphon is a rare pre-OblivAeon depiction of AA where he actually looks happy) but it seems in reality that it’s really AA/music with CC as the wing man. While CC is handsome, if you wanted to ship the prettiest boys, it’d be AA/Stuntman [with agreement from Adam that they’re the ones designed to be pretty boys]. NightMist/Harpy, the magical miniskirt brigade.
  • Why are there so many pretty boys in Sentinels? [Side note from Adam that his wife’s favorites are Baron Blade and Matriarch/Harpy - “They just keep getting more attractive”]. Adam: “Something in there for everyone?” He thinks there’s a pretty good variety - Hippo’s rather thuggish, Legacy’s sort of that classic chiseled jaw thing. The main reason is pretty much that Adam just likes it this way.
  • There were jokes in the Shipping episode about Legacy/Captain Cosmic and the latter being “space dad” - given that CC is also said to be the “sleeps with aliens” type, just how much of a space dad is Hugh? How many alien/human hybrid children does he have and do they know about him/what do they think of him? Canonically, Hugh doesn’t know of any children he has out there. There is no indication that there are any, but absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.
  • Is it crazy to have shipped Legacy/Tachyon prior to finding out that they were both married already? Were there any (possibly poorly-received) Disparation stories pairing them up? You’re probably not the first (in fact, there have been couples who have cosplayed as the two of them at conventions - that’s not quite the same as shipping them, but close). There may not have been a Disparation issue with this pairing - it’s more likely for there to have been an issue that messes with the established character ages that pairs up Legacy with Wraith (and this would have been the more prevalent ship in the publishing meta-verse).
  • We’re told that Setback tries to make it home for the holidays; have his mom and sister met Expat? How does that go? Do they know about her history? In the Multiverse era, no. There’s not really a narrative space for that kind of family moment (i.e. the initial Setback/Expat stories were about the process of them getting together and then they’re just in Dark Watch which isn’t that sort of book either). In the Vertex title Lucky Shot [see episode 80], there is a meet-the-family thing that’s juxtaposed with a Citizen Dawn story. It goes pretty well, but by this point in the timeline Setback’s family is well aware of what he’s doing and all of the superhero/cosmic entity stuff because of OblivAeon. The family recognizes that Expat’s got a harsh exterior, but she keeps Pete on-task, which is good for him.
  • Donner’s favorite ship: Young Legacy/Setback (in this hypothetical, Expat is with Stuntman).
  • So, if Benchmark isn’t Parse’s type, what is her type? Benchmark is this very bombastic over-the-top hero type (considering he’s an actor playing the part of hero). Her type is more reserved/bookish. She’d like somebody who she can do stuff together with and also not do stuff together with and it be fine. Not talking for a few days is not a big deal.
  • The Director’s ship: either K.N.Y.F.E./Stuntman or Stuntman/his own reflection in the mirror.
  • K.N.Y.F.E./Chrono-Ranger could work, but what was the opportunity as Jim’s not the type to stick around after a job [letter uses the word “bamf” - this is the onomatopoeia associated with the Marvel character Nightcrawler’s teleportation]? Jim’s job’s aren’t always as simple as arriving at the time and place he’s needed, sometimes he needs to spend considerable amounts of time doing reconnaissance. One such instance gave him the opportunity to hook up with Paige (for whom his not-sticking-around-afterwards would fit right in with her general approach to these things).
  • K.N.Y.F.E./Greazer Clutch I can see, but Haka doesn’t really strike me as the type for one-night-stands, so what’s the story there? Haka’s had several relationships over his long life but he takes them as seriously as the person he’s with - if that means a 50-year committed relationship, so be it. If it’s a few days, also fine. His age makes him have a different outlook on time than most people - he doesn’t see a huge difference in those two examples (“any relationship that doesn’t end in death is a plus for him”). He lives in the moment, but not in a flippant way.
  • K.N.Y.F.E./Stuntman is also fine, but Tempest? See the answer up top.
  • [Letter from Ansel G. Moreau - he refers to his… “adventure” with K.N.Y.F.E. as another time he “did his own stunts”] How was this treated? Were they playing each other, sharing a mutual attraction, or a meta-level opportunity for some comedy with characters getting a taste of their own “kicked out of bed in the morning” medicine? There was a fight between Ambuscade and several heroes, this is what culminates in the unmasking shown on the incapacitated side of his VotM character card. K.N.Y.F.E. was one of the heroes involved. Ambuscade’s identity was revealed, but he was not captured. There was a coda to this story, during the brawl with K.N.Y.F.E., she slipped something in his pocket and he finds it’s her phone number and they meet up. This is an instance of people being people removed from the context of their jobs.
  • Thorathian/human hybrids possible? They’re about as similar to humans as, say, Orcs would be. Potentially compatible, but we haven’t seen such a hybrid.
  • Sky-Scraper has been assimilating into Earth culture, how does this apply to romance? Any odd dating practices for Thorathians that would be off-putting to a human? [Joke here about Thorathians showing interest in one another by stabbing each other with their bone spikes.] Less of Sky-Scraper’s problem would be with Thorathian dating practices, but more tied to the fact that she’s lived a life where close connections like that weren’t possible - you keep people at a distance because they can be taken from your life so quickly. She’s got a kind of naivete due to that more than anything related to her being specifically Thorathian. She also might be oblivious to any flirting that happens now because the close connections she did have were the comrades-in-arms kind both as a resistance fighter and as a gladiator. If a fellow hero showed interest in her, she’d likely chalk it up to that kind of affection more than the romantic kind.
  • Nepy: Man-Grove/Akash’Flora is the best ship, obviously.
  • Adam/Chrono-Ranger? Adam just drew Jim to be sexy according to Adam’s standards - he thinks the rugged thing is best.
  • From Christopher’s reaction to that revelation in a prior episode, this seems like a known fact; what are some other GTG office crushes? Christopher has trouble with this as he views them more as his children, so it’d be weird to consider it, but here he suggests Kaargra for himself. [At around 39:10 we start to get an anecdote about a time when the two of them and the graphic design team were in a meeting re: RPG art stuff and Adam apparently went on an on about another artist’s picture of Chrono-Ranger from behind and how his butt had been drawn wrong/how it’s supposed to look and that he thinks about Jim’s butt a lot. They tease him about this.] Craig: Setback. Rae: Ra. Matt: Wraith. Twuana: Legacy. Alex: Legacy (from the RPG, so Felicia). Jodie: “Probably Unity. Maybe Sky-Scraper. [pause while she thinks] Yeeeaaah.” Jen: Arataki!Haka. Trevor: Probably Unity? Maggie: not present in the office to ask, but everybody besides C&A apparently know she has a thing for Haka (Eternal Haka in particular).
  • Bobby Pesto, Pizza Punster: Idealist/Wager Master in kind of a one-sided unrequited affection thing. Wager Master sees in Idealist himself as a young Singular Entity and is drawn to her, with these feelings developing and changing as she grows up and it becoming this unhealthy thing [the full explanation of this idea runs from 42:15 through 43:30]. They don’t even have any response to this.
  • Unity dated “an alien”, who was it and how did her date with Sky-Scraper go? Nice try there. We don’t really know anything about the alien. It was almost a background gag in a Freedom Five story - she says she’s going on a date and we see an alien who she leaves with.
  • In the Daybreak episode, we hear that Aeon Girl is BFFs with everyone, but given the personalities of the team, isn’t her real BFF Rockstar (Rockstar wanting to take her out to do ill-advised teenager stuff, Aeon Girl not having the sense to say no, shenanigans ensue)? Yes, that sort of thing happens, but that doesn’t really mean that Aeon Girl is more friends with Rockstar than with others. She’s such a blank state and is so impressionable that she can connect with everybody on their level. Talking about serious stuff with Muse. Lamenting how things have gone bad with Muerto. Planning things with Headlong. And certainly, Rockstar taking her partying, trying to get Aeon Girl drunk (while alcohol doesn’t have an effect on her, she’s expected to be affected by it, so she still acts funny).
  • [Joke about sending in a screenplay of a Hammer/Anvil fanfic for them to perform - they play along with this starting at 46:44]
  • While applauding the diversity/inclusion present in the characters presented (Tachyon and Dr. Medico are gay, Argent Adept is asexual, Parse is on the autism spectrum, various other things), too bad there weren’t any trans/non-binary people, was this a simple oversight or was there just some story I didn’t catch? Well, Tempest would be a non-binary person, Omnitron is agendered as a machine, and Aeon Girl is “sentient energy” (while she presents as female as a choice). You’re right, though, there aren’t really any main characters that would truly qualify. There are a few things to note: just because there weren’t main characters doesn’t mean that there weren’t supporting cast characters (or that we won’t eventually get some main characters in these categories) and you have to remember that they’re largely modeling comics from pre-2000 when this stuff was waaay out of the mainstream discourse and we’ve only recently moved into an era where it is. They were trying to model a realistic comics universe, and that means telling stories that reflect the history of the industry. While Tachyon was intended by them to be a lesbian within a week or so of creating her, but internal to the universe of Sentinel Comics publication that aspect only emerged much later in her story relative to how long she’s been around.
  • Are Sky-Scraper and K.N.Y.F.E. an item in the RPG timeline? There’s kind of an unrequited will-they-won’t-they thing from Sky-Scraper’s perspective. K.N.Y.F.E. agreed to do the buddy adventure thing with her partly due to seeing Portja as somebody “safe” to hang out with without worrying about a relationship getting in the way. As such, sometimes K.N.Y.F.E. will bring somebody back to the ship and we’ll see Sky-Scraper having to listen while those activities are going on. We’ll see what else happens there as things go.
  • How is OblivAeon fulfillment going? What sorts of things does Momentum Courier Services deliver? Could they wind up transporting something as important as an OblivAeon shard or the like? This is an episode about package delivery, right? OblivAeon shipping is going well. You say “they”, but Momentum is just Headlong. Like 90% of what he does is document delivery (like most courier services).
  • In the Iron Legacy timeline, Fright Train turns over a new leaf and becomes the new Bunker - if he had a similar change of heart in the main timeline, would Ermine be supportive? Would they stay together? She would not be supportive. Adam thinks they’d no longer be together. Christopher thinks they would stay together, but she would be a bad influence. Not so much that she wants him to be a Villain, but she’s selfish and thinks that being a Hero and caring about that stuff gets in the way of living life. She’s probably a reason for him to have not had such a reformation in the main timeline as it is.
  • Did Void Guard/Sentinels ever deal with Idealist dating? Do Writhe or Mainstay have love interests? Sentinels have something about her as a young person going on her first date ever. There’s not really much else. Her whole “family” is pretty intimidating and there’s not much time for anything to happen (only 36 issues of Southwest Sentinels and something like 25 of Void Guard). Writhe doesn’t have a love interest. Neither does Mainstay, or rather he has a variety of ladies that he’s shown hanging out with here and there over time.
  • If you could go on one date with a character, who would it be and what would you do? Brian (who asked the question) says Aeon Girl, but not likely a romantic one. Christopher: sparring with Kaargra Warfang. Adam: go to a movie, have dinner, chat with (Christopher, jumping in: Chrono-Ranger? Adam: I don’t want to date Chrono-Ranger. Christopher: [laughter]) Wraith - one of the least-unstable people who likes to be low-key in her downtime (like, he thinks that NightMist is a very attractive character, but she’s a mess and he wouldn’t want to date her). Scholar would be a good person to chill with, but maybe not a “date”.
  • K/M/F Baron Blade, Citizen Dawn, Chairman? K - Chairman (too unstable, no thanks), M - Baron Blade (if you’re going to be in a relationship with one of these people, he’s likely to be the best if he’s going into it for the right reasons he’ll be supportive/protective of it), F - Citizen Dawn (although, we see how that works out for Citizen Pain…).

Other Questions

  • We heard about the issue when Paul Parsons VIII gained his powers after being kidnapped, but the equivalent moment for Pauline wasn’t mentioned in her episode, so what’s her story? Was it during a dangerous supervillain plot or was it a comedic sitcom-esque moment like accidentally having her laser eyes ruin an elegant dinner (c.f. “Next Evolution”)? Maybe a montage where she learned to use her powers one by one? So, there is always something that happens between the ages of say 5 and 20 where there’s some kind of traumatic event that triggers the newest Parsons’ powers to manifest. For Paul VIII, that was the kidnapping story. The new powers are carried forward from the prior generation of “these powers are great, but man would it have been useful if I could [x]” with that new power manifesting in the next generation - this would be happening at a subconscious level as something that would have been useful for their survival (like, the WWI-era Legacy could have really used a faster travel method, the WWII-era Legacy could fly but sure would like to have had some better protection from all of the bullets flying around, the superhero Legacy had bullet-proof skin but is still limited to engaging with things he can physically reach and he would have benefited from a ranged attack). Felicia’s powers manifesting somewhere that her dad sees for the first time is that moment captured on “Next Evolution”. It happened when she was well into her teens given her (relatively) sheltered upbringing (it’s not like her dad is gonna throw her off the roof to try to instigate her powers). She’d been training with her dad who also was instilling in her the ideals he holds as a hero (all of which would still be useful/good to have regardless of having powers), but there was an aspect to her wondering when it was actually going to happen or if she was letting the family down/not going to get powers at all because she was a girl (which was played up in the comics). As it turns out, there’s an event with a gas main under the school rupturing and she rushes to help without even thinking about powers or whether she has them and she helps save the day (securing exits, getting people out, running back in go help more people, etc.) without her powers manifesting, but exemplifying what kind of person/leader/hero she is/will be even without them. Eventually she gets to a point where she’s helping people out, but the gas leak is right there and she finally manifests her eye beams, which she uses to seal the leak. So, she still got powers but after she’d already shown her quality as a hero. It’s not just tied to the danger or trauma, but in the rising to meet the challenge.
  • In the Daybreak episode, what was different in the two Futures to make Thiago have such disparate fates (machine-possessing ghost in the Sentinel Comics Universe, the new incarnation of Ra in the Mist Storm Universe)? This is discussed later [in Editor’s Note 20 not in the Daybreak episode], the simple difference explaining his fate is that due to OblivAeon shenanigans, in one reality he died and in the other he wasn’t in a position to die.
  • What happened to the disk that Headlong took from the broken box? Does he carry it with him? If so, will he lose his powers if he loses it? He does have the seal and he has to have it in contact with his skin to use its power. He keeps it on a cord around his neck and his costume holds it in place against his skin (the cord is long enough that it’s held down against his chest rather than up by his neck).
  • How does Muse’s empathy powers work with Aeon Girl or Muerto as they don’t have living human minds? Ah, but they do have minds, and that’s enough. It’s certainly easier to work with normal human minds, but Muerto is still a human mind, just dissociated from a human body and Aeon Girl is intentionally patterning herself after people.
  • Does Muerto depend on those original pieces of wreckage from Freedom Tower? What would happen if those were to be destroyed or scattered far and wide? The original wreckage is the form in which he’s most “comfortable” - individual pieces could be destroyed (and eventually repaired or replaced), but it’s the overall “doll” that it forms that is simply the easiest shape for him to take. [They go all Ship of Theseus here.] If the whole thing were destroyed in one go, that would be a lot harder for him to recover from (and may even be a way in which he could be destroyed altogether).
  • [A comment about how Adam should put on a watch to make OblivAeon shipping happen faster devolves into a discussion of whom in the office Adam could take in a fight. This is a reference to a previous comment made about Adam not knowing the time somehow affecting OblivAeon shipping - they’d forgotten this and it’s pointed out to them a few minutes later.]
  • Can Thiago become “more human” with help? Could Unity make a more human bot and then relinquish control of it for Thiago to take over (similar to what Biomancer did for Freedom Six Unity)? No, making a new body like this wouldn’t work. He needs a body that he’s attuned to (which he already is for the wreckage body he’s got). If his current form were destroyed, he might be able to find something to latch onto, but he would need magical assistance and while Unity’s power is magical in nature, she doesn’t know that or anything about magic. Scholar would be a good person to have in the mix on such a process.
  • How should questions be tagged in the online form for the Scions, two OblivAeon, and any remaining character/environments that need to be covered but aren’t part of the OblivAeon story? Scion or Scions rather than their individual names for that one, just OblivAeon for either of those episodes as they’ll decide which is more appropriate for the question, any other hero/environment questions just tag with the names of those heroes/environments as per usual.
  • Is Stuntman a terrible lover since he’s so selfish? That is an accurate assumption. Anything you’re doing with Stuntman, romantic or otherwise, is about him.
  • What universe is Cleverest Legacy from? He’s not from a different universe, it’s a temporary change to our normal Legacy (due to Wager Master/OblivAeon shenanigans).
  • Any topics to avoid for spoilers? Not really. I mean, after the OblivAeon episodes that’s pretty much it for spoilers.
  • Any shipping for Starblight (Adam’s RPG character from the livestreams)? Hasn’t been around long enough to know. Time will tell.
  • Do Muse/Visionary’s powers work on Omnitron (any version) or would they have on Freedom 6 Unity? Visionary’s are mostly telekinetic in execution (although she has some telepathy). Telepathy wouldn’t work on either Omnitron or Golem Unity.
  • Will the Multiverse Recap episode have an abbreviated timeline of major events in chronological order? Yes.