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The Letters Page: Interlude 3
The Betterlude!

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This interlude is called the Betterlude, because we recorded it once already, but now it's back and better than ever!

Show Notes:

Run Time: 23:31

Things we talk about!

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Characters Mentioned


Parsons family power mechanics

  • Various generations of the Parsons family have many children, but only the firstborn gets the powers. Pauline is an only child, as is Paul VIII (America's Finest Legacy/"Vanilla" Legacy). This is the way things work just because that's the way it works. Some of the siblings are jealous about not having powers, most probably relieved that they're not the one with the responsibility.

Baron Blade

  • Seeming contradiction - Baron Blade episode mentioned that he broke out of prison after hearing about the successful test subject (Setback), Setback episode had Pete running into Ivan at the facility and after he'd gotten out/is rescued by the Freedom Five. Explanation - robots and we're getting the story from the perspective of the person the episode is about. The robot decoy in the prison isn't the only Bladebot out there, and Pete runs into one of these when he joined the testing program and it's still a Bladebot during the fight with the FF later (the exploding death-ray also explodes the robot). They check up with Blade in prison later and it's still him at that point (but that's how he learns that there was a successful test subject at the facility in the first place). This prompts him to implement Operation GARIMPAMBOTITWIOROITWAMHITP (get a robot in my place and me be out there in the world instead of robots out in the world and me here in this place).

Sentinel Tactics Timeline doesn't have a Kismet?

  • Kismet not being present in the Tactics timeline is a result of the weirdness involving how she left the Block and the guys simply left some stuff out as an oversight in her episode. Prior to OblivAeon, the Block existed as its own pocket dimension that could connect to basically any other. In Tactics, it's more of a weird polyp-dimension grafted onto that reality (and can connect to anywhere for that reality), but since post-OblivAeon inter-reality travel is blocked it can't connect to others. Kismet happened to walk out of the Block during the latter half of the OblivAeon events and into what becomes the RPG timeline. The way she "locked" the door behind her as she left started the process of closing things off as the Block was then disconnected from the reality she went into. None of this was an intentional act on her part.


  • Omnitron-X "I have no memory of this event" quote on the partial Omni-Drone card when Omni-X shouldn't really have had any memories of events since Omnitron II due to its own interference in the timeline.
    • It's not so much that Omni-X had memories of everything else - that wasn't the intention - it's that the iteration of Omnitron that it's looking at is so far removed from any of the iterations from its own timeline (which had a fair amount of variety itself) that it was surprised, almost equivalent to a person "feeling" that something was "just wrong".
  • How is the heroic Omnitron defeated in the Tactics timeline?
    • Omnitron V defeats and "harvests" the hero version and the leftover programming and whatnot involved there is what becomes the Omni-Reaper component of Omnitron VI. As the development cycle further diverges from the Omnitron X home timeline, the heroic Omnitron becomes less effective at countering it. There will be similar repercussions in how things develop in the RPG timeline, so stay tuned.

Citizen Dusk

  • Expatriette was shown an alternate version of herself (Citizen Dusk) by Wager Master. What powers did she have?
    • Dawn had light-based powers, Dusk has darkness/shadow powers. Dawn can use her powers to heal/buff people, Dusk could drain others' energy. She's the antithesis of her mother.

Metafictional Weirdness

  • Where are the comics that you guys are always talking about?
    • Adam and Christopher have told all of these comic book stories to each other, and have notebooks full of stuff, but there aren't any comics to be found other than the one FFA book on the website, the stuff that came with Tactics, the upcoming one coming with the OblivAeon content. That's kind of the point of the podcast; to let all of us in on the actual story content that they know that's behind the scenes of the games. Another option would be to do a webcomic where they post snippets of these things (and they don't want to rule that out as a possible feature of the website later on as they'd like to be able to do that too), but it'd take a lot more effort/time.