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The Letters Page: Editor's Note 45

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That's right! We actually did it! Welcome to the long-awaited and oft-delayed Editor's Note #45!!

Show Notes:

Run Time: 1:38:35

How do we even do this type of episode? We're not sure, so we just kinda wing it. That said, we get to all the stuff. I think. Pretty sure.

Next month is the month of May, which — as everyone knows — is Adam's birth month! Celebrations will be occurring everywhere, and both participation and enjoyment are mandatory! In the episode, Adam attempts to explain the joy of birthdays to Christopher for several minutes. Does it land? You decide, listeners!

Anyway, here's the upcoming schedule:

  • Tuesday, May 4th: Episode #175 - Creative Process: Werewolf Stories
  • Tuesday, May 11th: Episode #176 - Writers’ Room: Hero/Villain Team-Up
  • Tuesday, May 18th: Editor’s Note #46 (TWO IN A ROW?!?!)
  • Tuesday, May 25th: Episode #177 - Creative Process: Young Legacy Foes

A thing we didn't say on the air: right after recording this Editor's Note, we immediately recorded this upcoming Friday's episode all about xxtz'Hulissh! So, any late-coming questions about xxtz'Hulissh will have to wait for follow-up episodes. Probably for the best, as we know the episode we recorded will generate (spawn?) many more questions.

That means, this Friday, we're recording the Creative Process all about Werewolf stories, so get your questions in on that topic ASAP! Ideally by midnight, Thursday the 22nd, as I compile questions early Friday morning before we record. Ask us your wolf questions!

We cover a variety of topics, including but not limited to:

  • OblivAeon
  • Definitive Edition (still on Kickstarter!)
  • Things Christopher and Paul said
  • Playtesting
  • Eyelids
  • Where to wear a flower if you're one specific Endling
  • Some fuchsia menace
  • Names
  • and more!

Don't forget: get your werewolf questions in now! And share word far and wide about this last week of the Sentinels of the Multiverse: Definitive Edition Kickstarter Campaign!

Characters Mentioned



  • What would happen, say the Chairman, made a battle suit out of OblivAeon shards that was the same size as the first phase of OblivAeon himself with the purpose of reopening all realities and absorbing the power of Singular Entities/Prime Aspects, etc.? Could that reconstitute OblivAeon? Well, that’s a lot of OblivAeon shards, but if you’re building a suit then you only need enough for the surface with the internal structure made of other stuff so that might be possible. If the goal is to absorb the other Singular Entities out there you’re probably going to wind up creating something different and worse than OblivAeon was. Like, OblivAeon was when the power of 2 Singular Entities got combined - getting all of them is going to be much more powerful and weird. Heck, one thing that thing could then go on to do would be to just bring OblivAeon back as its own scion. Once you do this you can basically do whatever you want.
  • If OblivAeon is in a universe when it splits, which universe does he wind up in (say, when the Universe 1/Vertex split occurs)? Does he choose? Metaphysical coin flip? Is one universe in such an event seen (for some reason) as the “default” one and so that’s where he winds up? OblivAeon chooses in such cases. You can consider one to be the “default” universe as well - they don’t see it as an even split, but more that a derivative universe “branches” off of the main one.
  • While it makes sense for OblivAeon to have stayed in the “main” universe for Metaverse reasons, it seems odd that OblivAeon would choose to remain in the reality where there was less destruction, so what’s the in-setting reason for him to have stayed? We’re chicken and egging this problem a bit. OblivAeon would choose to remain in Universe 1 because that’s the one where the battle is happening. He’s doing this multi-reality plan, and this one is the important one.
  • What happens to scions in a reality when it splits? How about specifically ones that are/were Singular Entities? They split normally. No scions are Singular at this point - Faultless was, but isn’t any longer.
  • Progeny was in Universe 1 when the Rook City split happened, so why wouldn’t OblivAeon grab the second copy to bring over to this reality to aid the fight? It once again comes down to the fact that this one reality is the one that’s important and is where OblivAeon’s focus is centered. New realities that coalesce during the fight are just ancillary distractions - he’s not paying attention to them.
  • We know that the Universe 1 Voss is captured and taken home for trial, but we’ve also seen the Vertex Voss in some art that you’ve shared, so what gives? Branching realities, as discussed.
  • If OblivAeon were to put in the effort to completely obliterate Aata without killing Arataki, could he recover? If so, does that mean that La Comodora can trump OblivAeon’s power? Aata would somehow re-form somewhere. He’s died before and come back; this would be the same. You cannot permanently kill one Haka without killing them both at the same time. They even question that he could be completely obliterated - like, the attack would happen and there would be lots of destruction around him, but he’s still be there (in rough shape, mind you - it would be painful). As for anything “trumping” OblivAeon’s power, it’s not so much a quantifiable power-level situation and more just a clever application of abilities in a situation where the plan worked. Christopher’s “fight level” is higher than Adam’s, but if Christopher’s asleep and Adam has a sword, Adam will win.
  • If OblivAeon were to direct such a blast at Legacy, would they survive due to the “single attack negation” power they have? Yeah. That could make for a funny bit where OblivAeon happens to blast Haka and then Legacy and both survive, which makes him reconsider his attack on this universe because it seems like everybody here is more durable than expected.
  • You’ve mentioned that should GloomWeaver ever manage to pierce the veil and fully enter normal reality (and not cheating by using a meat suit) that he’d be a nigh-omnipotent being - how would OblivAeon fare against him? OblivAeon would win against a full-power GloomWeaver. It would be bad for everybody, though.
  • You’ve mentioned that the Completionist Guise variant art is supposed to be from a poster in the Metaverse that had a checklist of all of the OblivAeon issues on the reverse side - can you tell us what all of those issues were? They could, but it’s not particularly good radio to just list off everything. [Of course, I’m just typing stuff so while they just list the ongoing comics titles, I’ll put down what I have for the issue numbers that would have been out in 2016.]
    • Justice Comics #728-739
    • Cosmic Tales vol. 2 #551-562
    • Arcane Tales vol. 2 #613-624
    • Mystery Comics vol. 2 #509-520
    • Freedom Five #789-800
    • Tome of the Bizarre vol. 4 #74-85
    • “A bunch of one shots”: Time Trust and OblivAeon are the ones I have on my list, although there were several more in 2015 during the ramp up (Cosmic Redemption, Cosmic Contest, Road Warriors)
    • Conflux gets an issue - #12 would be my guess as #11 was the “last issue” from 1980.
    • “A few Annuals”: Freedom Five Annual #30 is in here, don’t know any others that were active.
    • America’s Newest Legacy #529-540
    • Virtuoso of the Void vol. 2 #62-73
    • Fanatic vol. 2 #171-182
    • Prime Wardens vol. 2 #55-66
    • Disparation vol. 2 #161-172
    • The Savage Haka #334-345
    • Dark Watch vol. 2 #13-24, although I note that one of the few details we were given in the multiverse recap episode for 2016 events was that issues #17 and 18 were wrapping up the Skinwalker GloomWeaver event, so other things related to that might overlap some of the issues elsewhere on this list.
    • Cosmic Concurrence #45-50
    • Time & Time Again #51-62
    • The Guise Book #49-60
    • RevoCorp Presents #49-60
    • Void Guard #9-20
    • Deepest Space and Reality Defaced are limited series are during the run-up to OblivAeon, but 2016 itself has Burying the Blade, Scion Strike, and the OblivAeon limited series.
    • There’s also at least 1 mystery title that Christopher almost said on the air before stopping himself. This is at least the second time he’s done this in this context. The above list does hit every title that I had listed as active at the time. The official list of issues will be in the History of Sentinel Comics book, so treat the above list of issues as just the best guess of a dedicated fan rather than definitive.
  • Rather than building a suit out of OblivAeon shards, could they serve as power sources for other things (like smaller battle suits)? Yes, you could harness their power for such things. Christopher considers an idea where somebody takes a larger one and fashions it into the body of a motorcycle that then produces its own energy wheels [and a bit later, chat suggests Argent Adept continuing his series of poor decisions regarding instruments and making a guitar body out of one, which gets a laugh].
  • Does being a Singular Entity require having a certain amount of power? Does becoming one bestow a certain amount of power? Is it unrelated to power in the first place? It is not technically connected to power at all. The true definition is just that you exist singularly across all realities in the multiverse. This question prompts Christopher to consider one who’s just a guy. He wakes up every day in a different reality, but he’s also got some small amount of amnesia and so doesn’t actually notice the differences. They would like to do a Writers Room or Creative Process episode (likely the latter that then may lead to the former) about Singular Entities generally.
  • Could you make a sword out of an OblivAeon shard? Would you have to have it built into the handle or could you make the blade out of one? In the Vertex timeline Apostate actually uses a big shard as a sword. Well, to be technical, he himself “haunts” the sword and then manifests a body separate from it, but in any case - a big nasty looking OblivAeon shard sword is canonical.
  • Could you make a bridge out of OblivAeon shards so big that OblivAeon himself could not cross it? Yes, because if you had enough shards to make a large bridge out of them, that means OblivAeon doesn’t really have a body to use to cross anything. Aeon Girl could cross the bridge because she still exists.
  • Could you find a shard that was all Archaeon and no Oblivion? No - they’re not separate substances that are just mixed together to make OblivAeon, they combined to make a new thing entirely.
  • How bad of an idea would it be to mix an OblivAeon shard with magic from another reality (say, the magic of friendship from the Our Tiny Horsies reality)? It’s a bad idea. Using OblivAeon shards at all is a bad idea. Combining magics of any sort is a bad idea. Combining OblivAeon shards with magic of any sort continues to be a bad idea.
  • Are new Singular Entities created over time or do they all come from some cosmic origin point in the far past? The vast vast majority of them predate our understanding of the multiverse. There’s at least one that we’ve been told about for whom this is not the case, but they’re not going to get into that now.
  • How has card distribution changed for Definitive Edition? We know that the hero, villain, and environment decks have the same number of cards as the current edition, so have some decks had the frequencies of some cards lowered to make room for the new cards we’ve seen or what? What you should do when thinking about deck composition in DE is to just put the current decks out of your mind completely. In many cases there may be significant similarities in terms of how many of what kinds of things are in there (some are largely unchanged, some have familiar names with new effects, some have similar effects but new names, etc.) but they really are just re-built from the ground up to create greater unity between the heroes’ stories and their game mechanics. In that process some changed more than others.
  • What’s an example of a card that has been removed entirely (i.e. the new deck lacks something with the old card’s name, effect, or even a variation on its theme like Ammo Drop being changed to LIDAR Intel)? Tempest no longer has the equipment cards from the old deck - the Gene-Bound Shackles and Elemental Subwave Inducer have both been chopped. The item card that was added is his Atlantean Stormblade. Baron Blade’s Elemental Redistributor is also gone. It’s less “there’s no space for these” and more “these aren’t actually fitting for the story of the deck”. Sure, the Gene-Bound Shackles are important for Tempest’s story generally, but that doesn’t mean they need to be represented in his deck.
  • I know this touches on Future Stuff, but when redesigning Bunker were you worried about his mechanics being too close to Expatriette or Void Guard Idealist? They are not concerned - everybody’s going to get reworked in some way and they’re not worried that Idealist will just wind up feeling like “Magical Girl Bunker”. Sure, they both put cards under other cards, but for different reasons and in different play loops as things stand and they’re sure that they’ll find ways to make sure they continue to feel different when they eventually get to designing her. Expatriette has already gotten some work done on their end and while she still has guns and ammo, she works significantly differently from how Bunker does.
  • How do you differentiate between mechanics that are “clunky” or unintuitive and ones that just require a high-level of gameplay knowledge to get the most out of them (e.g. Absolute Zero’s “Sub-Zero Atmosphere” that is really helpful in some circumstances, but does nothing or can actively hurt your team if played at the wrong time)? Well, that specific card is another that got cut. The goal is for cards to still be useful/good even if there’s more that advanced players can get out of them. Heroes should feel less situational - while some might still be better against certain villains, they should all feel useful in any situation.
  • What card do you just need to shout the name of whenever it hits the table (personal option: “By Flame Reforged!”)? Christopher doesn’t imagine he’ll do so with any of them. Adam says he will for all of them. So we get a nice balance there.
  • Who is the villain shown on the new Flash Forge? That would be Schema, featured in the AZ Villains episode.
  • [Brief discussion tangent about how each villain will be coming with 6 ways to play them: standard, Advanced, Event, Event with the standard Advanced rules, Critical Event, and Critical Event with its own Advanced rules. Leaving 36 permutations of villains in the core set.]
  • For Reactions, if a hero takes two instances of damage in a turn (say from the villain and then a minion), can the player choose to not React to the first and then still activate the Reactions for the second? Yes.
  • If I have multiple Reactions available, can I choose to split them up between those two damage instances? Yes. They’re each “may” effects, so they’re all optional. Not activating them the first time you would be allowed to use them does not prevent you from activating them later. However, since nothing is truly simultaneous, if the first Reaction you activate does a thing that would wind up preventing damage from happening to you, that would stop you from being able to activate subsequent Reactions from that damage instance.
  • Reaction-like triggers that happen on Villain/Environment cards have frustrating inconsistencies in the current edition (does something trigger on the first damage per turn or on the first damage per target per turn?); are these resolved in DE? Reaction-like things like that will be prescribed entirely on the cards in question. They’ll try to make each one as straightforward as possible, but there isn’t a boilerplate “standard” way for such things to happen. [For example, we’ve seen the new Backlash Generator for Baron Blade and it activates after any instance where a hero target damages a villain target other than itself. It’s no longer tied to a turn restriction or just Baron Blade being struck.]
  • Reactions are triggered before the damage actually lands, right? So if a minion is attacking you, but your Reaction manages to destroy it, the damage is prevented? Yes. More importantly, if the minion is dealing damage to multiple targets, carefully selecting the first hero to be hit to do this would prevent the damage from hitting anybody.
  • If Wraith has Stun-Bolted an enemy and they later attempt to deal 1 damage to a hero with a ready Reaction, does that reduced-to-zero damage instance allow for a Reaction to activate? No. There must be the potential for a positive amount of damage to land if nothing is done about it. The same goes for Heroes that Legacy has made immune to damage through Heroic Interception - no damage would land, so nobody else could activate a Reaction while it’s active.
  • Let’s say that there’s some effect in play such that somebody deals damage when a card is played, would cards that are Summoned or Discovered trigger such a damage effect? Are there “play” vs. “put into play” distinctions to avoid such things anymore? Do things that prevent cards from being played now prevent Summon or Discover effects? Part of the definition of those terms includes an instruction to “Play those cards”, so things that are keyed on cards being played still happen and anything that would prevent cards from being played would prevent Summon/Discover from playing cards as well [note that the general rule about being asked to play when you can’t is covered in the FAQ section of the rule book - “When a card would be played that cannot be played for some reason, it goes to your hand instead” The prompting Question in the FAQ is narrower than the answer provided - you’d still do everything else for Summon/Discover, the card(s) just wind up in hand instead]. There is no longer a distinction between “play” and “put into play” so there’s no loophole to exploit there.
  • The rule about how effects are only active if the card providing them is in play, does that also apply to effects due to a power? Does the -1 damage effect from Wraith’s Stun Bolt go away if the item is destroyed or does it persist until her turn as it normally would? They end immediately. The game text on Stun Bolt is the set of instructions providing the debuff, so if that game text goes away (e.g. when the card is destroyed) so does the effect. They’re really trying to remove all of the tracking annoyances that go along with the need to remember why something is happening. It will feel annoying at first for those of us who are comfortable with how things are now, but there’s just so mush less tracking this way.
  • I like how the Phases are defined more concretely now, but how do effects like Fanatic’s Divine Focus or Captain Cosmic’s Augmented Allies that activate on other heroes’ turns treated? That sort of thing doesn’t happen as much anymore in the first place. On the rare occasions they do, it will be called out specifically what to do and on whose [whatever] phase. It’ll be used very sparingly and they’ll attempt to make it as clear as possible.
  • Which Villain’s Critical Event will make the fandom lose their mind the most? Probably the Voss one. Maybe Akash'Bhuta. The former is something we’ve talked about at least, while the Akash’Bhuta one is something entirely new to fans.
  • Did Adam learn anything new doing his research for the era-appropriate art? Yes. A lot. It was a journey and the choice to draw all of it in chronological order was one of the best choices he could have made. Well, he started with the character cards and then went back to the ’40s and worked his way forward. Just learning what kinds of techniques were available and what kinds of options became available as he went (“oh, this was an era where you could get away with doing a painted cover…”) was just eye-opening. He learned a ton. He’s looking forward to taking that journey again.
  • What came first, the Virtuosos or the Void? In the world of Sentinel Comics, the Void has been around forever. In the Metaverse, they won’t say that the Void wasn’t a concept before Argent Adept, but it wasn’t really explored/defined - it was just this emptiness that could be a source of magic or a place for somebody to fall into, etc. After Argent Adept and the concept of the Virtuosos was invented things started to solidify about it and you’d get details here and there over the next few decades. They imagine a lot of really solid “Void-crafting” was done in the ’00s, though.
  • Which year of comics does Adam like/dislike doing art for? He really likes late ’70s into the ’80s. By then he’s got the full color palette to work from and can play around with a bunch of different styles. He doesn’t really love ’40s art due to the constraints on it. The mid-’90s is also rough just due to the crazy amount of detail that’s required. Drawing hair in that era is it’s whole own thing. It’s fun to look at, less fun to draw.
  • In a recent episode you got a question about how Paul Parsons gets his hair cut and you hemmed and hawed a bit trying to think of an answer, but you were forgetting your established detail (in the Stolen Legacy one-shot) that he gets his hair cut at Big Al’s Barbershop - implying that he can get his hair cut by a run-of-the-mill barber? They’ll have you know that Big Al is a saint and a pillar of the community. Run-of-the-mill? Pshaw. They definitely didn’t forget he existed.
  • In that adventure it was stated that he gets his hair cut every Saturday morning - what did Big Al think about Legacy growing his hair out for the very-’90s style he’s sporting on “Lead from the Front”? They figure that the tone was that Legacy was this traditional, straight-laced character through around the ’80s when they decided to make him a bit extreme/edgy (because everyone was) and part of that was to grow his hair out. Later, mid-’00s at the most, they recognize that this is a dumb position to take with Legacy and rein things back in and go more traditional again. It’s at this point when there’s an actual push back to having him be more traditional/wholesome that they introduce more “neighborhood/hometown” elements and that’s likely when Big Al is introduced.
  • Who is Maia Montgomery talking to on Trust Fund? In one episode you said it was just some Organization guy she was trying to get information from and in a later one you said it was Mark Benedetto, so which is it? The trick is, when the art was originally drawn way back in the day, Mark Benedetto didn’t exist as a character yet. Frankly, neither did the Organization. The answer is Mark Benedetto and the equivalent card in Definitive Edition (Leverage) calls him out specifically in the flavor text.
  • Why only the “classic” Bunker Suit in Definitive Edition when we saw more variety in the current version? Is it a retcon that he’s mostly just in the one suit to avoid confusion? We’ll see at least two of them - the underwater suit and the green “energy projecting” suit. All of the alternate suits have very clearly defined purposes now. He’s true that he’s usually in the standard-issue “classic” Bunker suit, but the others will get used in the case that their particular specialization is required. We’ll see more suits in the future.
  • The new “Blinding Speed” shows Tachyon rescuing Dana and they share a sweet look and flirty dialog - but this art is from well before they would have been out as a couple, so what’s going on with their relationship? Was their relationship there in the subtext? Was that intentional on the part of the writers? Were there a suspicious number of panels of them complimenting each others clothes and whatnot? One - certain writers just don’t know how to write women and that’s how they envision women talking with one another. Then, in retrospect, people look at all of this and run with it. Like, all of these old panels like Blinding Speed existed (and to be clear, Blinding Speed’s comic was in a very heavy-handed women’s lib era and that kind of “we don’t need no man” attitude was likely what was intended at the time), new writers who grew up reading those started working for the company and just accepted as a given that this subtext was true and wrote their versions of the characters accordingly even if the official stance of the company didn’t match. It was a thing that “everybody knew was true” for so long, so consistently, that it actually became true. The current canon presents them as having been a couple from well before it was actually made “public” in the comics.
    • An aside going back to the earlier art research question - something that Adam had to do was to look at “civilian fashion” and then back-date things. Like, Dana’s dress on this card would actually be slightly out-of-date by the time that comic came out because comics artists would have been behind the curve on this sort of thing.
  • We’ve seen that the Critical Event for the Matriarch [visible in the rule book, also shown off in a recent interview Christopher did] is called the Mocktriarch and has 117 HP; why that number? There’s a theory that it’s because there are 117 species of corvids, is that it (not all sources agree on that)? Enough sources cite the 117 number of corvids that he went with it. Think of it as an inscrutable Biomancer science reason for it being there.
  • Will Harpy have her own unique nemesis symbol to reflect the fact that she was around as part of Dark Watch for longer than you anticipated in the original OblivAeon expansion? Yeah.
  • [General commentary on wanting a “Retrospective” episode where you look back on the stories you’ve told since originally publishing and talk about how you’d tell them in the game - then you basically did this with Definitive Edition. Alas, now I can’t ask about how you’d design a Megolopolis Museum environment as you might actually have plans for that.] They don’t plan on doing a Megalopolis Museum environment, but Megalopolis itself is a lot cooler now (and they’re doing something that’s “museum-esque”, but moving on…).
  • Would you be willing to share how intriguing a deck idea is without actually talking about implementation? They’re not super interested in stuff that’s basically just a list where they respond whether they like each idea or not. They’ve done a few list-based episodes, but the only one they really liked was the Shipping Episode because that was just goofing around and fun. Heck, they could see doing another follow-up to that one because they’ve just got more characters and they’re all fleshed out more than they had been.
  • Would Biomancer have more interest in people from alternate realities that have unique qualities (say, the Animalverse)? He would have interest in dimensional refugees with interesting DNA. Maybe not so much the Animalverse (“I make flesh-children, not flesh-pets”).
  • In the DE art, is there a correlation between Fanatic’s skin tone and the year the panel is from? Yes. It’s mainly due to the limitations on color palette early on and you have to do what you can to get her to read as Latina. It gets easier as you go.
  • Probably too soon to say, but any chance of a full solo-villain deck for Biomancer? Too soon to say.
  • Bonus game show for Adam: Publisher Note Quotes! Who said it, Christopher or Paul?
    • “Let’s be safe and say that there are dozens of board game companies.” He guesses Christopher, but it was Paul.
    • “The Polish version has different Adversaries, because nationalism.” Correctly guesses Paul.
    • “It’s so inside baseball it’s cricket.” Correctly guesses Christopher.
    • “Oh no, there’s a big bad guy who’s even bigger coming.” Guesses Christopher, but it was Paul.
    • “Let’s just move everyone to Melbourne, Australia.” Correctly guesses Christopher.
    • “For the purpose of this question, assume I will not eat the bread.” Guesses Paul, it was Christopher.
    • “He’s right about the beef stew. Now I’m thinking about beef stew.” Guesses Paul, it was Christopher.
    • “No, we will catch you.” Correctly guesses Christopher.
    • “You’re here with the Star Trek quotes, except for that one Babylon 5 you just said.” Correctly guesses Paul, although not without getting himself into a Princess Bride mental loop first.
    • “I’m disappointed that it’s impossible to turn me into a mutant.” Guesses Christopher, but it was Paul.
  • This was much harder than “Christopher or Adam?” or “Paul or Adam?” would be since Adam has very different speech patterns to the other two, who are more similar to one another.
  • What advice can you give some budding game designers whose subscription to Photoshop has lapsed and for play testing a game during the pandemic? Adam says that there are some free Photoshop alternatives. GIMP is one, although its documentation isn’t great. There’s a browser-based one as well that he can’t remember the name offhand. Searching for “free Photoshop alternatives” should give you some options. Christopher does use Photoshop for this sort of thing, but he notes that he does so basically just because he already knows it. InDesign would actually be the proper product to use for his end of things if you’re starting from scratch, he just doesn’t like it. If he didn’t already know Photoshop, he’d likely just build things in spreadsheets and Google Docs. Also, Tabletop Simulator is actually really good for playtesting remotely. Getting the images into Tabletop Simulator is often just a matter of using the built-in Windows Snipping Tool to create a quick image file from whatever program you’re already using to create the images.
  • In a previous letter about Writhe’s eyelids, you didn’t seem to remember the cards in question: “Horrifying Dichotomy and”Restorative Burst", so does he have them? It’s less a matter of eyelids and more just changing the shape of his face.
  • [Letter from Gruum] WHERE WOULD GRUUM WEAR A FLOWER FOR A FORMAL EVENT? Adam supposes that the “lapel” for GRUUM would be on his shoulder. Christopher posits that he’d hold it between his teeth.
  • [Letter addressing Guise] It’s been a while since you’ve been on the podcast; are you planning to return again (maybe once your RPG book is ready to be released - possibly on a Bullpen episode since those don’t already have a big enough cast as it is)? Hmm… no, they don’t think so. Here’s the deal, doing those episodes is such a pain as they have to let him into the studio (or he breaks in). They would just as soon not deal with him on the show ever again. Noooo! Get out of here! Stop it! Shoo! Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful. That’s not why we hate you.
  • In the AZ Day in the Life episode you incorrectly attributed the long list of AZ questions to Jay Z. instead of Liz C. - can you set the record straight on that given the poor timing considering the “Women in Refrigerators” trope discussion in that episode? Here’s the thing, the Liz C. who writes in letters uses the online handle Jeysie in the Discord and elsewhere and he just mixed up which name to use. He was still attributing the question to the right person. Sorry for accidentally doxxing you. [Her response in the Discord as this was being recorded: “I actually don’t care, I just now feel bad about Chilly sticking up for me when they didn’t need to.”] They do appreciate the intent behind it - crediting the right person is important, it’s just that in this case it was the same person being referred to in both places.
  • [Brian in the chat mentioned that this episode would be going live on his birthday - he knows the guys aren’t doing birthday songs anymore, but asks for a Guise joke or a song or something.] There was already a little bit of a song earlier, and a Guise bit, but as an extra: the Guise book will have a Villain sheet for the Green Grosser. On that sheet, he has an ability called “Fronds, Neighbors, Plum-Tree-men! Lend me your ears (of corn)!”