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The Letters Page: Editor's Note 52

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More shipping? You betcha!

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Happy Valentines, Galentines, and Palentines Day, everyone!

First thing first — the upcoming schedule:

  • Tuesday, March 1st: Episode 204: Sentinels of the Multiverse: Definitive Edition!
  • Tuesday, March 8th: Episode 205: Creative Process: NightMist Supporting Cast
  • Tuesday, March 15th: Episode 206: Writers' Room: Akash’Mecha
  • Tuesday, March 22nd: Editor’s Note #53
  • Tuesday, March 29th: Episode 207: Creative Process: Sky-Scraper Foes

And then! We get into all sorts of topics, including:

  • Shipping letters
  • More shipping letters
  • Letters about shipping
  • Questions in the Discord about shipping
  • And more (shipping questions)!

Join us next time, in which we record the last of the shipping related letters for this month: a concerning episode about Wager Master and... Madame Mittermeier?! Goodness. What's that going to be about? Tune in to find out!

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  • Related to the Schedule, the Definitive Edition episode released on March 1 (recorded on February 25, so questions in by then!) is also being released concurrent with the Launch of the Rook City Renegades Definitive Edition expansion Kickstarter! Keep in mind that the March 1 episode is about the core game - it is not a place to expect answers regarding content of the expansion.


  • Which canonical relationships got reader backlash? Were Felicia/Unity shippers upset when Unity and Benchmark started dating? Were Ra/Fanatic shippers devastated when OblivAeon put a stop to what would surely have been a long and healthy relationship? Fanatic/Ra shippers got everything they wanted with the following exceptions: a stable relationship and a child. Unity is a character who gets shipped with a lot of people. Having her wind up dating the new, pushed-on-the-audience character that had trouble actually getting fandom traction did get some blowback. There are probably a bunch of holdouts regarding Wraith/Bunker as well considering that Wraith has had a sizable number of relationships over the years (and Bunker’s had a few as well). There’s likely also a some people out there that shipped Tachyon with some dude. Then she came out as gay. Then she got married to Dana. Those people weren’t happy. Probably the only relationship that doesn’t make somebody unhappy is Paul/Emily.
  • Given how strict the cultural expectations regarding family is for Thorathians (heterosexual couples producing either 2 or 4 children being the ideal), was Voss married? Did he have any children? How did the culture view their leader if he didn’t conform to this ideal? They don’t think that he’s ever been canonically married, but there’s probably some story from way back titled “The Bride of Voss!” or similar. Something where he’s searching for a wife or decrees that so-and-so will be his bride. Being a genocidal galaxy-conquering tyrant takes up too much time - there’s not a lot of work/life balance in such a position. He doesn’t have any children that we see. They don’t mean that as a “gotcha” answer either. Regarding the social expectations, they think it’s more of a cultural/family pressure more than a rigid “everybody must do this” requirement.
  • To what extent is romance a subplot in the early issues of Daybreak (given the teen heroes the plots almost write themselves: Headlong working up the courage to ask out his crush, Rockstar getting involved with a cute older guy only to discover he’s a villain, Muerto finding the girl of his dreams if it weren’t for the fact that he’s dead (man, Absolute Zero would be a great mentor figure here, right?), Aeon Girl having absolutely no conception of what any of this romance stuff is, and Muse quietly offering great advice to each of them)? Yeah, that’s pretty spot on. For “Aeon Girl starting to date” stories there’s probably a lot of her watching TV and movies to try to get ideas and learning in practice that those are terrible models to base your behavior on. The team being there is good for her (and others - Rockstar is into anybody who can advance her career and makes bad decisions on her own). Headlong is a very confident, put your best foot forward guy who has a successful business. Then he sees somebody he’s into and has no idea how to talk to them. Muse seems pretty uninterested but secretly, deep down is the hopeless romantic of the group. However, she also knows that what she’s built up in her head isn’t realistic. Muse wants to have already been married to somebody for 20 years. The dangerous part of this is that with her powers she could just, kinda, make that happen (for certain definitions of “happen”).
  • How about Harpy/Apostate as an underappreciated ship (to paraphrase something said on the air previously: “she doesn’t want to date him”)? The funny thing here is that she can kind of view him as just this big emo bird of a man. He’s straight off the cover of some gothic romance novel.
  • Regarding the idea of Baron Blade/Citizen Dawn: what does Baron Blade think of Citizen Dawn and vice versa? Generalizing a bit, what do all of the villains think of one another? Is there any one villain that’s held in general esteem/infamy? Blade thinks Dawn is too extreme and has no focus - she has so much promise and is just going about it the wrong way. She largely feels the same of him. Each of their approaches to get what they want is vastly different from the other’s to the point that they can’t really get their heads around it. They’d be a very destructive couple in how super-alpha they are. There are certain villains (like Blade and Dawn) that the mid-tier villains regard in sort of a “you don’t want to work for them” way. If you’re going to be a jobber for somebody, you go to the Chairman or RevoCorp. Dawn’s minions are basically cultists and “not the fun kind”. You either are or are not qualified to work for her anyway and she will let you know. Having said that, most villains also try to steer clear of that Cult of Gloom nonsense but occasionally it can be worthwhile to work with them. The various mid-tier villains probably all kind of have a “coworker” vibe. Like, you might work with somebody on a job from time to time and get along. The one villain that nobody wants anything to do with is Biomancer. Well, like, nobody is working with Spite but that’s because he’s just doing his own thing and there’s not really room for “working with” him. Biomancer on the other hand you kind of always wonder if maybe you’re working for him without knowing about it.
  • Has Baron Blade ever had a romantic interest in the comics? Has Dawn (and no, the situation with Expatriette’s dad doesn’t count)? Dawn has not - she’s too much of a narcissist and a user of other people. Blade has some of that going on as well, but they can imagine him saying “You love me? I also love me!” or “I love the way you love me,” where it’s harder to see that kind of response from Dawn. Blade has had a few relationships over the years, but we don’t really see them in the same way you’d see the heroes’ because we don’t see the day-to-day for the villains. They also don’t really see Blade as “dating” so much as courting a potential Queen [Baroness?] of Mordengrad.
  • If Blade and Dawn were to have a child with their father’s genius and mother’s powers, how much trouble is the world in? It depends on where the kid grows up. Like, that kid wouldn’t necessarily have access to all of the resources of Mordengrad and the backing of the Citizens. There’d likely have to be a choice made. There’s obviously not a story where that happens, but the idea is interesting.
  • Did Doctor Toxica and Professor Pollution ever team up? If so, who did they fight/what was their end goal? Any romantic tension there? A team-up would likely be against Akash'Thriya and the Naturalist. The end goal would probably just be general pollution/destruction - they’re both pretty nihilistic from an outside perspective. They see it as the world evolving. Sure, it’s not evolving in a direction that you like, but that sounds like a you problem. They do not canonically date one another.
  • Unity was introduced in 1990 as a Freedom Five intern; Setback was introduced in 1991 and was quickly associated with the Freedom Five as a hero in training - were/are they friends? What’s their dynamic like and how does it change over time? Yeah, for sure they’re “youthful, inexperienced heroes” in the Freedom Five’s orbit. Early on there were probably a lot of shippers for them. That’s actually probably part of why they were written in different directions so quickly - they’re kind of too similar so Setback is sent over to Expatriette-town in short order (and then the Ra crossover). Afterwards, because they’re both these optimistic people the story you do there is rather than them one-upping each other you have one of them express doubts that the other helps them through. They’re the kinds of friends that you only see a few times a year or something but whenever you do you can pick up right where you last left off.
  • Was there ever a Wraith/Black Fist fling back in the day? They can maybe see a story where they interact and they’re flirty at each other, but it doesn’t go anywhere. It also depends on which book, though. In Wraith’s book nothing comes of it. If it’s in Black Fist’s they probably kiss at the end, but nothing ever comes of that having happened ever again.
  • How do Pete and Amanda (and Cassandra and Steven) celebrate Valentines Day? Who gets the biggest stuffed animal? Ermine steals the biggest stuffed animal and gives it to Fright Train and he loves it. Pete buys a card, a box of chocolates, and a dozen roses for Amanda. She appreciates them, but doesn’t notice the date. Setback doesn’t mind. What do you have going on? Let’s go take care of that.
  • Did the Dark Watch team exist during the 4 years between their book’s volumes? Yes - they may not have a book but they’re assumed to still operate as a team in that period. Occasionally you’ll get individuals or duos making appearances in other books, but every once in a while you get the whole team to show up somewhere. It’s not a Prime Wardens situation where the team “breaks up”.
  • Can the Singular Entities have children? Do any of them have anything that could be described as a “romantic relationship” (and no, the event that created OblivAeon doesn’t count)? They don’t have children, but they also don’t really see a reason why they couldn’t if they wanted (so you could have somebody show up who’s the child of the Fervor or something). There are some of them that have what you could maybe call “romantic relationships” with lots of things. Each of those is a Writer’s Room in its own right (not saying that they’d be worthwhile Writers’ Rooms). You have to think more 6th-dimensionally about them.
  • Were there any writers who wanted to run with a romance between two characters that the editors then shot down? What would the reasons for doing so? Yeah, probably lots of times. The reasons would vary depending on the exact situation you’re talking about (ranging from just “eh, I don’t like the sound of that” to “we have plans already”). There’s a lot of iconoclasts over the years that want to break up Paul and Emily and that’s easy to nix just because it goes against the “brand” of Legacy. There’s also the issue that by the ’80s or so the people writing the comics grew up as comics readers themselves - they may have always had an idea for two characters getting together, but they had that idea 20 years ago and the characters have moved on since then and it no longer makes whatever sense it may have.
  • Do we see much of Katie Vance in modern comics (after Tyler and Maia start dating)? What does she think of Maia/how do they get along? Katie Vance is a rarely-appearing character. She’s got her own life and so isn’t always just around. She and Maia get along very well. She’s one of those people who when the two of them starts dating is 0% surprised and is just relieved that they’re finally together. They get along to the point where Katie gives the “if you ever hurt [x] I will kill you” speech to her brother rather than the other way around.
  • How much Setback/Ra shipping was there in the ’90s? How much drama was there between the “Backdraft” shippers and the Ra/Fanatic ones? Lots, for all of that.
  • Is there a more true romance anywhere in the Multiverse than that between Bathory and Blood? They’re not calling that a romance because they’re not going to make it any grosser than it needs to be. Do you have a romantic relationship with food?
  • Were there any relationships that started as headcanon for fans that eventually made it into the comics? Oh yeah, for sure. Like was mentioned earlier, the fact that comic fans eventually start writing the comics themselves means that of course this sort of thing happens in at least some cases.
  • Celestial Tribunal/Omnitron (after all, one is an artificial intelligence that goes around judging civilizations and then destroying them and the other is an artificial intelligence that downloaded the Internet and quickly judged that humanity needed to go)? If that one doesn’t work out, how about Schema/Omnitron (they’re both into self-improvement, right)? Or since they’re both “from space” how about Schema/Celestial Tribunal? How about we just go all thruple on this thing and put them all together? This is peak shipping and they love it. Any one of the pairs is a two-become-one situation, in a non-metaphorical sense. Celestial Tribunal/Omnitron works better than Schema with anybody. Schema is only a little bit of a thing rather than being “fully formed” like the other two are. It just latches onto Absolute Zero and goes from there. It’s also more feral than the others, who are more calculating. Omnitron is plodding - steady assimilation. Celestial Tribunal has a long Judgement progress bar that has to fill up, then Destruction! happens. Schema just sees a thing and throws itself at it.
  • Highbrow/Adhesivist? How much more attracted to her is he when she’s a creepy brain-floaty cyborg? Woof. Well, Adam thinks she’s more attractive as the cyborg due to the lack of the bulgy, veiny head. He’s not going to kink-shame, but it’s not for him. Anyway, Christopher doesn’t think that he’s into her and she is annoyed by his antics, puns, and his stupid perfect lips. He’s such a pain in the butt and bothering her, like when he comes to mind while she’s in the shower. He’s just the worst and she doesn’t like him at all. This might change later on (say after the brain removal thing), but at least in the early stories he’s just an oblivious dummy. There’s a little will they/won’t they there.
    • Christopher breaks into a little bit of an aside here where he brings up the time David Bowie talked about being try-sexual (he’ll try anything once!) and while they don’t necessarily think Adhesivist goes that far, they think that maybe he just doesn’t like thinking about the labels. He just goes with the flow. The thing that Christopher has in his head, but isn’t sure if it’s “real” or not, is that Adhesivist might be into Guise. Adam’s opinion on Adhesivist is that he might not “be into” anyone, but when a proposition comes up he might just give a shrug and “could be fun…” Maybe they could establish that attitude early on, but then the Guise thing comes up later. They still don’t know about this, but it’s an idea to consider.
  • Do you have any advice for wooing Ermine? What kind of architecture does she find sexiest (feel free to answer this question as it pertains to any character as well)? They’re not exactly sure what “attractive architecture” even means in this context (although they do give some props to the upright towers of Pisa, just quietly doing their job as opposed to that C- over there that’s hogging all the attention; also all of the small sphinxes in Egypt that still have noses). As for wooing Ermine, bring her diamonds. You want to go with both quantity and quality here. Funny how Fright Train doesn’t do that. Thinking on that, their relationship is not a good one. Fright Train is genuinely into Ermine, but she thinks he’s just some guy who she can wrap around her finger and use for her own devices.
  • So, several things we’ve been told got me thinking: the Atlanteans were around a very long time ago (predating human civilization), they’re related to humans but aren’t quite human (the distinction being similar to that between humans and Neanderthals), therefore they were a subspecies - if neanderthals are Homo sapiens neanderthalensis that would make Atlanteans Homo sapiens atlantensis or something [you could argue that Neanderthals are a distinct species within Homo rather than a subspecies of Homo sapiens, but it’s not terribly important here]. We’re also told that some humans carry Atlantean DNA much like how many human populations have Neanderthal DNA, which implies that the highly-advanced Atlanteans were interbreeding with the basically-cave-men humans around at the time, right? Adam’s explanation: in the Metaverse somebody wrote that the Atlanteans were around that long ago. Then much later, somebody else wrote that some people still had Atlantean DNA. The two thoughts were far enough apart in time that nobody noticed the implications. Christopher says with authority that there were no Atlantean/Human relations that happened before the destruction of Atlantis.
  • Headlong has a day-job as a shipper - have any other heroes had such a job? I guess you could define “courier” as a type of shipping. If you’re going to get cute about it, La Capitan/La Comodora and the Scholar both have boats. K.N.Y.F.E. and Sky-Scraper are “shipping” Voss back to Dok’Thorath.
  • What kind of relationship did Omnitron-X/U have with Haka and Scholar (as a hero working on Humanity, those two seem like they’d be useful people to talk to)? Haka probably didn’t have much in the way of meaningful interactions with Omni-X in this capacity (they did meet, but this just wasn’t the context of their interactions). Scholar likely did. Scholar is great as the mentor, talk-you-through this kind of thing figure. Haka is more of an example. Rather than talking to you about this stuff you treat him as a role model for how to act.
  • [Regarding a small aside during a previous letter where letter-writer mentioned that Absolute Zero was good looking and the guys shipping AZ with the letter writer due to his statement] Did you just imply that you don’t think Ryan is good looking? It’s not that they don’t think he’s good looking, but more that he’s not going to be the best in a relationship. Most people don’t even ever see what he looks like as any time he’s out in public he’s in the suit.
  • Your Morden Solis comment got me thinking; what other cross-franchise ships do you imagine? Well, while we’re on Mass Effect, Wrex and Arataki (although he might not be “smiley” enough for her - “Lighten up! And that’s coming from me!”). This is a tough one. WagerMasterAndGarfield moving on.
  • Which Freedom Academy teacher or teachers does every student have a crush on? Time-Slinger obviously but really it’s “all of them” because all heroes are unreasonably attractive. Time-Slinger is the full package, though (drawling accent, laid back attitude, lots of interesting experiences to relate, sweet robot arm and horse, constant 5:00 shadow, tips his hat to people politely).
  • Who’s the villain that most other heroes/villains have a crush on and has this most-crushable one ever dated any of said heroes/villains? [After joking Wager Master or Tantrum…] Ermine is kind of designed that way. So is Galactra, but she’s so exclusively a Captain Cosmic person that not enough people know about her for our purposes. [From here things devolve into a bit about Hippo being the answer. “Hippo the Hunk,” “Thicc Hippo,” etc.]
  • When they catch up to where chat was during the Adhesivist bit earlier: so you’re saying that “Adhesivist likes to try things out and see what sticks?” Yeah, that’s a good one.
  • Is Xander Groovitation the try-sexual? Yeah, which is fitting given the explicit David Bowie inspiration for the character
  • What are the ships that you two have disagreed about the most? Do they get entered into the canon or shot down? The problem is that when one of them has an idea the other will either agree or disagree. If agreement, the thing just gets in. If disagreement, there’s further discussion. Sometimes that discussion leads to the thing being put in canon, others not, other times it gets changed in the process of the discussion and that is what makes it in. In any event, they have to make a case for inclusion and if it gets in it’s because that was successful in convincing the other person that it should be, thus resolving the disagreement.
  • So, how did K.N.Y.F.E./Orbo… happen? That’s an off-screen thing that she mentions (in that kind of one-upsmanship conversation) and is explicitly left to the readers’ imaginations.
  • Chat takes exception to the idea of Xander getting that jokey “try-sexual” label given that they’ve got to be at least as pan- as K.N.Y.F.E. is, right? Yes, that’s accurate, but remember that Xander was a comics character back in the ’70s and that kind of thing wasn’t as openly discussed so that kind of label wouldn’t have been applied. Now, the version of Xander who appears in the Guise RPG book is “constantly in a relationship with every entity and object they encounter.” This does make them regret that their tagline isn’t “The Celestial Body”. A missed opportunity there.
  • Did K.N.Y.F.E./Casa-Nova happen? They never really had a chance to cross over, so that hasn’t happened. Beyond that, Xander just isn’t K.N.Y.F.E.’s type. They’re not assertive enough for her taste. Not that she’d necessarily turn down a fling, but they’re just unlikely to cross her radar as she’s more likely to notice you if you just go for it rather than their brand of hippy nonsense.
  • How much of a “battle couple” are Unity and Benchmark? Christopher had to dip into the TV Tropes swamp to make sure he understood the question. Yeah, Unity and Benchmark are very much a Battle Couple as opposed to, say, Frodo and Samwise who are War Buddies who a certain segment of the fandom simply want to be a Battle Couple (Adam then says that Legolas and Gimli were the Battle Couple: “Did you read those books? I think it’s pretty obvious”). They are dating, but fighting crime together is very much a part of their dynamic.
  • Was she messing with his suit when they fought together before they got together? How involved is Unity in upgrading and modifying his suit now in the RPG timeline? How does Benchmark feel about being a life-size dress-up doll action figure for his girlfriend? They have a feeling that Unity’s tinkering with his suit is much more of a on-the-fly thing she does in the moment when modifications are necessary rather than planning things in the lab during downtime. That’s not her style. Like, they’re both working through the Paradigms division of RevoCorp and can plan for what kinds of things his suit needs all the time, but then she just starts using her powers on his suit in the field to adjust to the tactical needs at the time. That being said, they probably make sure to include components in the suit explicitly for the purpose of her having adequate materials for her to make augmentations when they eventually need them. The “dress up” aspect is something he likes - he likes having “new toys” and he trusts her. This is the way they operate and it works.
  • Is there a Hammer/Anvil ship and, given the self-insert nature of the characters, how weird is it for you? Yeah, there are definitely Hammer/Anvil shippers out there. For them, it’s gone completely around the bend. It started out as weird and eventually they just get to a point of "Eh, fine! It’s not weird. It’s normal." It’s weirder to think about Setback ships at this point. Or shipping either Hammer or Anvil with other* characters like Hammer/Dawn or Anvil/Fanatic. Part of the Hammer/Anvil acceptance is also grounded in their comfort with their own friendship. There are people that know the real life Christopher and Adam who have shipped the two of them for years. It’s whatever. So you feel that way, whatevs.
  • What would Citizens of the Sun do for a date on Insula Primalis? There’s not a lot of “dating” within the Citizens. There are certainly relationships, but it’s not like we really get to see that aspect of those characters’ lives due to them being primarily antagonists.
    • This prompts the broader: What would anyone do for a date on Insula Primalis? A nice jog as you run from dinosaurs. There’s probably some hot springs somewhere. Maybe take a hike up around the caldera of the volcano. Pick a carnivorous flower for your love.
  • Now that Stylin’ Shirley is back on Earth as Fashion, does her comic still include her dating/relationships as a regular feature? Has her time in space changed her approach to dating? Here’s the deal. While Fashion was out in space she met and interacted with a number of different people and then wound up back on Earth. Once she’s back, she goes about doing stuff and getting her life back in order and is kind of intentionally not dating. Then an opportunity arises when somebody shows up, but that winds up making her think about some things that happened while she was in space and she shuts down hard. She’s definitely got to work through some of the trauma she has from her space days (whether from things that happened to her or to others that she witnessed). Eventually the readers get their “fun and flirty Shirley” back, but it takes a while.
  • [No question, but observations after the last Shipping episode: one of the greatest in-universe shippers is probably Wager Master (he’s just not around that often). He doesn’t really care about anybody’s well-being and likes the chaos that relationships often create. Plus the occasional long-shot romances that defy the odds, but are likely to crash and burn (either way he “wins”).] Yeah, he’s likely to sabotage relationships as a chaos thing, but they can really see him playing with people in the “Now kiss!” meme way. He’s a creepy fanfic writer where the “characters” are real people.
  • [Continuing: It would have been easy to think that K.N.Y.F.E. was too obviously the “winner” of weirdest fling and it would have been fun for Captain Cosmic to be able to bring up just one thing that would put him over the top. It’s hard to top Orbo, though.] chuckles Yeah.
  • [Continuing: The joke for the Handsomeness Contest thing could have been Baron Blade just winning legitimately.]
  • Someone not being K.N.Y.F.E.’s type makes me wonder: what are the times that she struck out? Oh, that’s a good one. Like, she has had a good day of fighting and whatnot. She’s at a bar and sees somebody promising. “You and me, let’s go!” and they just turn her down which is deeply confusing to her. However, she’s the type to play the numbers game and then just moves on to the next likely candidate. Like, they can also imagine a scenario where she’s in a space bar with space pirates and have just finished a big bar brawl. Then she points to 4 of them, asking if any don’t consent. “Oh, you’re out? Okay, the three of you; let’s go.” The interesting scenario is if she’s the last one at the bar at closing. She propositions the bartender who’s been watching her strike out all night and tries to avoid entanglements with patrons. He’s not into it, but hey, if you just need a couch to crash on you can come with me. This guy just becomes a supporting cast member who shows up occasionally.
  • How much of a shipper is Guise? Heroes, villains, random people he sees on the street, etc.? The problem with that is that Guise is so self-centered. It’s much more of a Wager Master thing. Now, Neighborhood Watch-era Guise might be a shipper of heroes. Maybe “forgetting” to send the team meeting invite to everybody but Hedgelord and Postal so they’re the only ones who shows up.
  • Was there ever a major relationship (or maybe even a string of potentials) for Alpha? Surely the writers would try to capitalize on the popularity of Twilight-era werewolf romance stuff, right? There are certainly the occasional relationships, but she hasn’t had an OTP by the end of the Multiverse-era.
  • Who’s the biggest hot mess when it comes to their dating life? Well, from an outsider’s perspective probably K.N.Y.F.E. but she’s getting exactly what she wants out of things and is very open and communicative about it. There might be some messiness that she leaves in her wake, but she is very up-front about what she is looking for and if you turn out to have not been okay with that afterwards that sounds like a you problem. Unity is a bit of a hot mess for a while (lots of different dates like that alien, she’s got that stalker for a while, etc.). That being said, it’s comics; most characters have had a period in their life when they’re been at least something of a hot mess because it’s easy drama.
  • Seriously, who is Lillian dating and why is their name Will C.? Ha! “We’ll see.” Good one. Now she is a good candidate for the hot mess thing. She’s not really dating until after we get past the first volume of Dark Watch and even up through the end of the Multiverse she’s still pretty immature. Maybe a Harpy Supporting Cast episode.
  • Which character is the most insufferable when they start a new relationship? Chokepoint when she meets a new metal. Guise is insufferable all the time, but even more so about a relationship.
  • After the last episode, how’s this for another Biomancer crack ship for the pile [interjection from both: “why did it have to be a pile?”]: Gene-Doctor Kronz? Ugh!
  • Are there any different ships in the Metaverse regarding non-comics iterations? Any Sentinel Comics shows and movies all pretty closely follow the comics. The ’60s live-action Wraith show had her as a less-dark character and so probably had more relationship stuff going on that at least some people thought should have made it into the comics. The radio play stuff still happening in the early Silver Age probably induced some Legacy/Wraith shipping, but that’s not really a thing by the time we get to the more modern eras.
  • Thinking of the animated universe, what’s the shipping situation for the Neo-fighters? That’s the kid heroes show, so you probably have innocent crush kinds of stuff going on rather than anything more serious.
  • Shipping Unity with somebody in the show probably makes the Benchmark thing in the comics grind their gears even more, right? Yeah, that’s a good point. A contingent of the anti-Unity/Benchmark people mentioned earlier are probably in this category (like Kid Cosmic/Unity instead). Thinking about it, Unity/Benchmark is probably the least-liked canon ship. You might get some people against Fanatic/Ra just because nobody should have to deal with that much drama.
  • [Omnitron-PI as the last non-chat letter today, pretty entertaining and comes down to a simple question: What is love?] Christopher tries to answer with “Love is accepting yourself enough to open up to someone else.” Adam, on the other hand, just wants you to understand that he doesn’t care what you say, he doesn’t care what you’ve heard; the word love, love is a verb.
  • We know that Ansel G. Moreau is only interested in himself, but has he had any relationships? Yes, so many. He might be a candidate for the hot mess situation, but in that particular celebrity version of it.
  • How often does he show up in tabloids and gossip sites regarding celebrity flings and dating rumors? That is a thing that would have happened earlier, but by the time we get closer to the modern era he covers his face when in public because he’s ashamed of his horrible disfiguring scar. Nobody could ever love a face like his. Tons of crazy celebrity stuff before that point, though. He loves attention.
  • Does Hippo crush on Arataki (“It’s that guy I always looked up to and envied and wanted to wrestle but instead she’s hot!”)? Yes. That dynamic changes a whole lot.
  • Who has the bigger “I swear it’s not a crush I just really hate them” kinda view of their nemesis - Blade in regards to Legacy, or Glamour in regards to Tachyon? Between those two sets, probably Blade. He’s more fixated on Legacy than Glamour is on Tachyon. Friction is a closer analogue in a “I want to be her and wear her skin” kind of thing.