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The Letters Page: Editor's Note 55

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A irregularly recorded but regularly released Editor's Note!

Show Notes:

Run Time: 1:34:34

We talk about many things, but first, the schedule!

Upcoming schedule:

  • Tuesday, June 7th: Episode #215: Writers' Room — Disparation: Inversiverse Galactra
  • Tuesday, June 14th: Episode #216: Writers' Room — Disparation: Vampire World
  • Tuesday, June 21st: Editor’s Note #56
  • Tuesday, June 28th: Episode #217: Writers' Room — Disparation: Reinventing a Classic Sentinel Comics Hero

Questions from all over and about all things! A lot related to Sentinel Comics: the Roleplaying Game, including a request to get a list of the official SCRPG Livestreams that we did here at GTG HQ, so here they are:

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3


This coming Friday, May 27th, we'll be recording TWO episodes! First, we'll record Episode #214: Writers' Room: Setback & Unity team-up, which will be released on May 31st, which is Adam's Birthday! We'll also record Episode #215: Writers' Room: Disparation —Inversiverse Galactra, which will be released on June 7th. Get your questions for both in now now now!

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  • In the SCRPG core rules, in the section on character advancement, the example involved an event where Time-Slinger [the character used throughout the examples of character generation] had his mechanical arm destroyed by Galactra and then Unity rebuilt it using some magical alien metal called Arcanasteel; does this gameplay example represent a canonical event from the pages of Sentinel Comics? Does this give us a hint as to what Galactra and Captain Cosmic have been up to since we last saw them out in space where Galactra was siphoning power from him? The fight between Galactra and Time-Slinger where his arm was damaged and rebuilt was a canonical event. As far as what it “hints” at, it lets us know that Galactra survives until that point.
  • Is Arcanasteel the same “magical alien metal” that Schema originated from? No. There’s plenty of space out there to leave room for more than one magical space metal.
  • Throughout the Starter Kit I noticed that up until the final encounter, none of the foes the Heroes had to fight were human (and do Baron Blade and the Blade Battalion count or are they cyborgs?); was that intentional and, if so, why? They weren’t intentionally not having human bad guys (and even if the Blade Battalion or Blade himself are cyborgs, they’re still human). This was just the story they wanted to tell and that so happened to not have human antagonists for most of it. They don’t mind that it turned out that way since it gives a nice variety to the product and lets players go wild with how violently they want to handle challenges without the ethical ramifications.
  • Mechanically speaking, unless your Archetype is Psychic, the only parts of your Power or Quality that matter are the die size and what category they come from, but some powers one can think of don’t necessarily have an obvious spot to put them, so where would the following ones go? They’re going to try to give you an “obvious” answer and a “you could do it that way if you wanted to” alternative.
    • Light Manipulation: Elemental/Energy, maybe Materials.
    • X-Ray Vision: Self Control and Hallmark seem decent places. Technological maybe if it’s based on a piece of equipment. Psychic is an option in the same way and, honestly, the easiest way is probably to just reflavor Remote Viewing.
    • Force Fields: Self Control if they’re for you, Elemental/Energy has a case to be made. Telekinesis isn’t bad if you’re not avoiding Psychic stuff. Absorption could also work.
    • Luck as a Quality: regular luck as a Quality is probably mental.
    • Super Luck as a Power: Hallmark, which probably seems like a cop-out. Self Control isn’t bad since it’s something that’s true about you.
    • The ability to change from your civilian clothing to your hero costume quickly under pressure: That’s an Overcome. That’s the “thing you’re doing” rather than how you do it.
    • Deception: That’s a Social Quality. You could use Persuasion as Deception.
    • Technopathy: Either under Psychic or Technological depending on how you want to flavor it.
    • xxtz’Hulissh’s horror power: Hallmark since it’s specific to him. Almost certainly only Psychic.
    • Fright Train’s momentum power: Athletic or Mobility (the latter actually having a Momentum option already listed).
    • [Addendum from chat later on in the episode] Animal Companion (like Lockheed or Squirrel Girl’s squirrels): There are Red Zone abilities that could do it as a “summoning a bunch of squirrels” thing. Hallmark is probably one easy way to do it as a specific animal companion that’s not really tied into anything else the character has going on (like Lockheed who just started hanging out with Kitty Pryde but is unrelated to her phasing powers) could be just as important to a character as a signature weapon or vehicle. The Minion Maker archetype could fit for something less personal like Squirrel Girl’s general squirrel minions. For Lockheed you could still take “fire” as a Power, but structure it so that your companion is the one who actually does the fire stuff in the fiction.
  • Can we get links to the various “GTG people play the RPG” things to make catching up on their “canon until decided otherwise” events? Sure, check the show notes.
  • Adaptive Villains get an ability called Powerful Imitation which reads “use an action ability of one of your allies” - if said Ability uses a Power/Quality that the Adaptive character does not possess, do they use the die sizes of their ally that they’re copying? You copy the die as well, but you’d build the rest of your die pool normally.
  • How does this interact with Minions and Lieutenants who might have special abilities, but only one die? If the Minion or Lieutenant has something like “whenever [this target] attacks, attack an additional target” that wouldn’t work because that’s not structured like an “action ability”. If they have special text for an ability like “Action: You may attack two targets” then that one could be copied. [Looking through the book, it looks like two of the Magmarian Foes have abilities that begin with “as an action”, but I’m not sure if that’s exactly what they’re talking about here.]
  • Could Schema infect Time-Slinger? We already know that CON has uploaded into him, so could more AI get in there? Yes, for sure. Maybe Schema already has. Maybe everything already has! How do you know that the computer you’re using right now isn’t infected by Schema?
  • If both of you were playing a canon Sentinel Comics villain in a Suicide Squad style game, who would you play? Adam says he’d play Ray Manta. Christopher would play Nega-Guise. [Chat points out that for a previous version of this question Christopher said Equity and Adam said the Yeti.]
  • It is known that La Comodora cannot (could not?) travel in time to beyond the OblivAeon Event. However, she must have traveled in time to a time beyond the OblivAeon Event to acquire her future-tech deck guns (as they are future-tech), if not more often than that. I cannot wrap my head around how this is possible. What am I missing? They’ve said this before, but they don’t mind repeating. For a long time… err… okay, for most of her subjective lifetime she could travel into the future. Then suddenly one day she couldn’t get to the future anymore. Something had changed, and that really got her attention. Adam also points out that timelines are staggered with one another, so it’s possible to get “future tech” from another reality by moving laterally across realities instead of forward or back in time so if she’s doing a thing that looks like she’s pulling something from the future, she might just be pulling it in from a universe that’s more “futuristic” than ours.
  • What characters/teams/books are on the table for episodes? I assume everyone in the two released books are good, but what about characters who appear in adventures (such as Dark Watch or Fracture) or the Sentinels of Freedom video game (such as that intelligent magman dude)? Are we allowed to ask questions about them, or submit episodes related to them? Likewise, what about characters that don’t have any info released yet (the fact that Argent Adept’s book is titled Virtuosos of the Void has me wondering about what’s going on there)? You’re allowed to ask questions/submit topics on anybody, they’ll just not answer the question/put things up for the actual vote if it’s something they’re not ready to talk about yet. Sometimes they get a question or whatever and think “Y’know what? Maybe it is time to start talking about that,” and they go ahead and tell us. Everything is on the table, just some is more likely than others to get talked about. Just know that RPG-era content is going to be much sparser than Multiverse-era content.
  • Are we allowed to submit Writers' Rooms for existing adventures (since there are a couple stories I’m curious to learn about how they play out/who’s involved in them, but I have no idea if that’s a grey area since it might unintentionally pressure people into getting the adventure to play out like it does in canon)? The more they think about it/talk it through the more they come down on “no” here - sure, there is a canonical way those stories went for their planning purposes, but they really want to let individual gaming groups to be able to tell things their own way without the “pressure” of conforming to canon - just publishing the adventures at all is “enough” canon to burden players with (e.g. there’s a canonical story where the Vandals steal some of Legacy’s powers).
  • Would a general Sentinels of Freedom breakdown & discussion episode be a possible option, talking about the story stuff within & what issues it represents (I’m curious about all the Chapter II parts & characters, such as what the heck Highbrow is up to, but I have no idea where I’d send questions for that)? They’d like to be able to share more of that story, so go ahead and submit that. They’re curious what kind of overlap there is between Letters Page listeners and SoF players.
  • Question about the Paradigms: Given that Tantrum is a RevoCorp project, does that mean she’s becoming a member of the Paradigms? No. She might be around for Paradigms stories, but she’s not a member. This is a brand-new RevoCorp after all. All of that shady stuff they were up to is definitely 100% gone. Everything’s on the up-and-up and is great. There is no reason to believe otherwise.
  • Tantrum’s situation seems to be a relatively stable means of de-aging, and therefore immortality; has the Chairman attempted to steal the technology? Is it similar to Zhu Long’s methods? The Chairman is aware of the technology, but it seems to be faulty/not very reliable (he wouldn’t want to be stuck as a child if similar problems befell him). It’s very different from Zhu Long’s methods.
  • If someone wanted to do magical gadgets similar to magic Freedom Five Wraith, what would be appropriate Power? A relabeled Gadget? Or something else? Probably Gadgets with a magical Power Source. However, always keep in mind that the “how you envision your character going about doing things” part is what you should consider and then work backwards if necessary to figure out the best mechanical means of getting there and just re-theme them to fit if necessary.
  • How likely is Absolute Zero to be a mentor for new heroes in the RPG era (not necessarily Freedom Academy students)? His plate is pretty full with mentoring people at the school as it is. He’d want to help, but he’s already being pulled in many directions with existing duties. He’s also kind of new to this whole “being socially connected to a lot of people” thing and he’s afraid of (and almost certainly will at some point) drop the ball when it comes to maintaining some of those connections. He’d be most likely to encourage outsiders to enroll at Freedom Academy - not necessarily with a promise that if they do that he personally would mentor them, but that’s the place he’d see as being the best place to get mentorship.
  • We know Wager Master loves Madame Mittermeier, but is harmed while living in her pocket dimension. Will one of the Wager Masters give up his Singular nature to tear open the sandwich bag, restore the Multiverse, and allow him to spend the rest of his days with Madame Mittermeier? Or is he not allowed to enjoy happiness and love and must suffer? No Wager Master is giving up his Singular nature. It seems very unlikely that one of them would be “allowed” to - they don’t tend to give a lot of villains “happily ever after” stories.
  • At some point you mentioned that there was a creature hunting down the Egyptian gods and that Ammit managed to avoid the creature by being stealthy can you elaborate on what this was? No… Well, they could, but they feel like this is an entire Writers’ Room episode.
  • Just to clarify from a previous question from a TLP episode: can Modular heroes use abilities even if they contain Boosts/Hinders/etc. that would be prevented in certain modes? For instance, can RPG Bunker use his Sat-Based Mode Shift to change modes normally (which contains a Boost effect) even if he’s in Turret Mode (which locks Bunker out of Boosting)? You can use such an Ability, but any action that’s a part of that Ability that is also forbidden by the current mode would not happen. To that specific example: Turret Mode doesn’t let a character Boost or move. He can still use Sat-Based Mode Shift (“Boost yourself using Power-Suit, then change modes”) - the Boost doesn’t happen, but the change out of Turret Mode does.
  • [Long preamble about how inspirational Postal’s story is, especially for a hero in the comedy book:] While somebody whose main motivation is to “deliver the mail” is pretty funny for a superhero and the nature of her powers (can see/travel through space and time, but only along her mail route) is pretty ridiculous, does she ever get much in the way of True Hero™ moments? Was her backstory retconned or was she actually a civilian character who was seen in the Voss or OblivAeon events? As to her powers, being able to travel through her mailbag makes a bit of sense given the connection to Mist-Gate things that were happening at the time, but if she can also look through it into other times, could she travel to that time/place? Can she teleport herself? How angry does she get when whatever nonsense Guise gets her involved with prevents her from delivering a package on time? She can see through time, but not move through time (well, she can, but only in the one direction at the normal rate). She has some pre- and post-cognition ability because of it and can then act based on that, but she isn’t breaking causality. She can jump through the bag herself, taking herself and the bag along with her to the new location. Her backstory wasn’t a retcon, she was just meant to be “one of the innumerable, anonymous lives impacted by [major comics event]” that was invented after the fact. As for her position in a comedy book, she’s often the straight man of the story. She’s also the only member of the Neighborhood Watch that has a job - the rest of the group are nonsense people (or are a cat) who can say things like “we’re heroes and we’re going to save the day” and her take is more “I’m going to deliver the mail - I’ll help if I can”. She’s the most “normal” of them and is also probably the one who does the most “good” every day. Regarding her life story and the inspiration for her:
    • When Christopher was writing up Postal’s backstory, he wasn’t setting out to use this, but it’s what wormed its way into her story. Christopher’s mom has always been an active person and she was, in particular, active/competitive in horse training/riding (participated in shows, has a bunch of regional trophies, etc.). She’s fully retired now, but that was a big part of her life. About 6 or 8 years ago, she was riding and something spooked the horse and she got bucked off, landing on her back on a concrete barrier which broke her spine. She spent over a year in recovery and, long story short, is totally fine now. Like, a shockingly good recovery. The specific moment he stole for Postal’s story was that after the initial recovery (as in, when she was stable and off of the pain meds enough to have meaningful conversation) the doctor came in and asked what her short/medium/long-term goals were in terms of her recovery. Her answer was that she wanted to, as soon as possible, get back out there training/riding again. The doctor replied that they meant more long-term goals like “able to stand/walk without a cane/walker/crutches”. Like, her response was basically “I’m going to be fine eventually” and the doctors’ were “you will never be fine again”. That moment of having that diagnosis and then responding that no, I am going to and doing it anyway was what he cribbed.
  • Where does Casa-Nova live? They’re kind of “couch surfing” across the universe, but they don’t really even need to stay at somebody’s house. They can just be wherever - the picture on page 72 of them just hanging out somewhere with aliens lounging about is kind of what they imagine is their normal place to relax. “Borderline cult” places.
  • Do the writers of Guise continue the tradition from Casa-Nova’s early appearances where they’d write song lyrics into the comic? Maybe one time there’s a gag where everything is song lyrics before somebody puts a stop to it. The original writers for Casa-Nova were super high, deadhead hippies. It was all very psychedelic and the juxtaposition of somebody from that era in modern stories is where the joke is.
  • What kind of retcons in general have been done around Casa-Nova? The story isn’t consistent or even really follow-able anyway. Contradicting Xander’s previous stories isn’t something anybody worries about.
  • Does Xander have any connections to Singular Entities? They don’t think so. They’ve likely met Singular Entities and likely rocked out with/at them (it would be fun for a story to involve Xander using his grooviational pull on one and eliciting a “Groovy” from the entity). Oh, here we go, Xander has a goal of eventually finding the Singular Entity of the Groove. Whether there even is one is an open question, but it’s a goal nonetheless.
  • What are Casa-Nova’s pronouns (even if the answer is “all of them” or “none of them”)? Do they change at the whims of the cosmos? Officially they’re they/them, but that’s a retcon given that the genderfluid/non-binary stuff wasn’t really a commonly-known/discussed thing back in the ’70s. This would have been part of the discussion in terms of “how do we ‘modernize’ this character from the ’70s?” The changes make sense for the character as they were presented back then, but they are still additions.
  • Where are the best/worst places to live in the Sentinels universe? Please rank the following (using yourselves as the baseline for whether you’d want to live there): They’re not going to rank them against one another, but will comment on each and then [moving the answers up for notes-structure reasons] say that Megalopolis is the best and Æternus the worst.
    • Megalopolis: not-bad to great.
    • Rook City: no, just awful.
    • The Ruins of Atlantis: in the RPG era it’s a World Heritage site and there’s a bunch of scientists there but nobody really “lives” there. It’s probably not great, but for very different reasons than Rook City. It’s just not a place to live.
    • Mordengrad: it would suck - like, being a normal person in Mordengrad is likely not as bad as being a normal person trying to live in Rook City. You don’t have a lot of freedoms, but you also have far fewer daily threats to your existence and which of those things you want to maximize probably determines how well you’d get along there.
    • Hoboken, NJ: [insert derogatory joke about NJ here, but they don’t really know much about it]
    • Insula Primalis: not great to live there
    • Nexus Primalis: still not great
    • Æternus: probably the worst of the set here by design - it’s supposed to be the worst.
    • Dok'Thorath: not great either for a lot of the same reasons as Mordengrad and Rook City. It’s a war zone under severe tyranny so you have both the lack of freedoms and the high chance of death.
  • Does Dinah Donzen’s emotion-based duplication power have a connection to the Host? They don’t think so - at least it wasn’t intentional. They like connections, but they also feel that you don’t need everything to be connected as that just makes the world seem smaller. They make strategic connections - you continue to grow the world and then pick specific things to shrink a bit.
  • Is the term “sandwich bag” to describe the locking in of the prime Sentinel Comics universe used in comics or in the metaverse fandom? No, “sandwich bag” is unique to the Letters Page fandom (they wouldn’t even use it in a game write-up describing the situation here in the real world).
  • Did Casa-Nova have a musical battle with the Crackjaw Crew for Wager Master? No, but that could happen.
  • [The reason i think an Urban Infestation or Stolen Legacy episode would be fun would be a way to let people share stories of how they went on the air like the Starter Kit episode.] Yeah, that would likely be a thing they could do if they were to do one of these, but there are so many more stories that they haven’t told us anything about yet that they feel are more interesting/valuable.
  • Are realms more drawn to Earth on the material plane or does life on other planets have to occasionally fight off Æternus? There’s the idea that Æternus isn’t just on Earth and other places have to fight off incursions as well, but we’re very Earth-centric in our stories and so we just don’t really come across those.
  • Can we get an informal status update on Organized RPG play (I want to pitch a Sentinels RPG Night to my FLGS and that’ll be way easier if I can point to an organized play kit they can use)? They really want to do that. They were in the process of spinning up towards this, and then a pandemic happened. That really killed the momentum on that and as they’ve funneled their efforts into other projects, now those have the momentum and there’s limited time to put towards the organized play stuff. Hopefully as they get more RPG things going they can make this happen too. It’s not next up, but is still a hope and dream of theirs.
  • So, in the last episode Schema talked in a voice that I can only sum up as “80s movie bully” - and I actually really liked it, it feels wrong in a way that an alien AI calls people “chumps”, and it just makes them feel creepier. But also, that might have just been Christopher not bothering with a character voice, so I’m curious - is that canon? They don’t think so. It was connected to Absolute Zero for quite a while and so it might have quite a few Ryan Frost-isms in there.
  • Which heroes have the worst potty mouths they need washed out with soap, and which heroes would never say a naughty word and are always going “Language!” at the former group? Legacy is the easy answer for the latter. Expatriette for the former. Everybody else is on the spectrum between them and your not likely to get any “surprises” in terms of this kind of thing. The only hero who swore more than Expat was Sk8-Blayde and he’s dead. Guise swears in symbols which really confuses the other characters. There’s probably also a case where one of the symbols is a dagger which he then proceeds to grab from his word balloon and then use to fight.
  • Any chance of a Adhesivist-Guise/Polly Hedron-Cueball double date Writers’ Room making it to voting? No.
  • Given the information we have, I believe I’ve figured out who the Paradigms are. [As a reminder here’s the brief for their book: “A new team of heroes, led by some familiar fan-favorite faces! The Paradigms are a team of tech-oriented heroes, all working for RevoCorp (now under a new CEO with bold ideas about the future). RevoCorp’s management of the hero team gives them a lot of advantages: slick costumes, corporate sponsorship, access to the latest tech - but it comes with a lot of red tape, too. [Blank, blank, blank, and blank] work together well but when they team up with a new [blank] hero things start to get complicated.”] We know three of the first blanks are Unity, Benchmark, and Parse - I would be shocked if the fourth wasn’t Omnitron as we’ve barely heard anything about him in the RPG-era and the Aldred Industries connection seems too fun to pass up (plus he’s already friends with Unity). This leaves the new hero, who I am convinced is first featured in the RPG-era-set Sentinels of Freedom video game - the Magmarian hero Obsidian. That being said, who are the Paradigms’ major nemeses (Slaughterhouse Six, Omni-Unity, etc.)? Does Benchmark’s suit give him any new powers? How much of the new Omnitron is left-over code from Omnitron-U/has it reverted back to more of its old programming? You’ve mentioned that Parse has more of a “dispatcher” role; does her ability to see flaws extend to things she views remotely through cameras? [before moving on, there’s a bit around Omnitron where they get flustered in how to answer and say something about something “Omnitron-ish” before backing off to say “time will tell”] They read through all of that in one go because they’re not going to talk about any of it. The Paradigms is way too far out in the content planning to talk about now. They can say that Parse can use her ability on things that she’s only seeing remotely and that Benchmark’s suit will get upgrades to do new stuff. Lots of cool stuff. They will also say that Obsidian is not a member, but nice theory.
  • So, you’ve said that for the two redacted Paradigms members one would take a lot of explanation and the other is entirely new and so nobody can guess, which got some wheels turning: is the former simply Universe 1’s native Paige Huntly (K.N.Y.F.E./Rival having been established to have been from another reality and only wound up here due to her work with F.I.L.T.E.R. in the Block)? No.
  • Assuming the above answer is “no” and we aren’t using my question as the segue into the introduction of that character, what is the Universe 1 Paige Huntly up to? That’s probably something to get fleshed out later. A lot of Paige Huntlys were killed on Mars during OblivAeon. Some wound up in Vertex, others wound up elsewhere. It’s just confusing. That is a thread that’s likely to get pulled on eventually, but today is not the day.
  • My husband is a big fan (of games and podcast), but I’m more of a reader - since the comics aren’t likely to ever be real, are you planning on releasing some kind of compendium of Sentinels lore (events, character histories, etc.)? They’re kind of doing that with RPG stuff. The History of Sentinel Comics isn’t really that, unfortunately. Part of the problem with making one is that they keep adding stuff to the middle of the timeline.
  • You said back around one of the Gen Con episodes that eventually there would be a magical pet thing or a dog man - were these ideas just wrapped up into the werewolf stuff? No - unrelated to werewolves. They did an alien pet thing for Rival and Anubis is kind of a dog man, right?
  • Will there be a story about Apophis and/or Ra’s sun chariot? Possible.
  • Baron Blade supporting cast? Is there more stuff you could pull in now that DE is out? Nope.
  • Now that DE expansions are in development, are you finally going to do the Orbo “living planet” Environment or Event? No, there will not be an Orbo Environment and there really isn’t an Orbo event, but he will be in the game.
  • Is there a reason you dropped the reveal about the Atlantean masters and have answered surprisingly few follow-up questions about it? It was time for listeners to know about the Atlantean masters, but if there have been few follow-up questions answered, that’s because it’s not time for those yet. “It’s not that big a deal.” [Not sure from the tone if that’s actually true.]
  • What does Schema want now? You mentioned he hates Ryan Frost, but is that all he cares about? Or does he have another goal? To survive and proliferate. At first Schema just wanted to take the place of Ryan Frost, but now it wants to do more. It wants to be, but the very being of Schema is dangerous to other things. One can imagine a case where Schema manages to find a place to exist and coexist, but it has trouble doing so in what we’ve seen so far. It does have that hatred of Ryan Frost and his allies, though.
  • [Your wonderfully terrible Groundhog Day story for AZ in the last episode reminded me to note my ongoing headcanon for Adam’s Gender Swaptober universe that the gender-swapped AZ isn’t really Ryan, it’s Christine. That is all.] Oh, noooooo. That’s a fun story. The gender-swap universe isn’t canon as that’s not a story, just an art exercise. There are some characters that seem on their face to just be gender swaps, but there’s always some other story stuff going on too. You do it selectively for the story rather than just swap the whole universe and go from there.
  • Something I’ve been wondering is how to craft an RPG villain who doesn’t so much have a plan as they do instinct and feral drive; for example, how would you create someone like Plague Rat in SCRPG? Could you? Yes. Several of the villain archetypes/approaches are fitting for big bruiser types that don’t imply that there’s more planning going on. You should have a plan for how to make them an interesting story, but that doesn’t mean the villain has a plan.
  • Are there any fictional materials or list of fictional materials in the Sentinels RPG era on Earth (even if they not FROM earth) that counters/cancels certain powers? Specifically, if you were designing a well-funded super-criminal train to transport them to prison, what would you include in the material to block villains from using abilities like telekinesis or teleportation to access the train controls? There are power-dampeners (we’ve seen those in use at the Block) and RevoCorp certainly has such tech. They don’t have a specific “nega-metal” they can build things from because powers don’t have a uniform source. The train in question uses the dampener tech that they got from somewhere.
  • Do effects that trigger when a card “would be destroyed” prevent effects that trigger on or require destruction (Akash'Mecha is the biggest place where this matters)? Things should be ordered very specifically. If the instructions say “whenever [x] would be destroyed [do y] instead” things that trigger on destruction are not triggered because you’re doing something instead of destroying the card. Things that say “when this card is destroyed” or “after [x] is destroyed” don’t affect the destruction happening. In the specific Akash’Mecha case, she does not get hurt by the destruction of Primordial Limbs.
  • Is the prime universe Paige Huntly more or less Scottish [than K.N.Y.F.E.]? [Jokes about her being more or less Scottish - that being said, there’s some fun discussion on being Scottish or not is a binary state, but one can present oneself as being more or less so. Christopher is Venezuelan but could definitely be more Venezuelan than he presents himself as.] Probably depends on the writer, much like how K.N.Y.F.E. is written. That being said, as time goes on K.N.Y.F.E. is more consistently written as very Scottish.
  • Where’s Paul Parsons get his beef for his cook-outs for the team? Adam was about to spin out something about going to a farm and whatnot, but honestly he probably just goes to the grocery store. Maybe there’s a butcher shop around the corner that he goes to. The Parsons are very much the “normal American family” to the extent that superhero/national politician allows.
  • Is the Paige Huntly/Casa-Nova ship called Bowie Knife? Well, now it is.
  • How does the Grey interact with the Host? The Host is made of spirits of specific emotions/actions/etc. The Grey is the absence of those things and so if a being from the Host wound up there it would likely dissipate or otherwise be destroyed in a very deep way. The Grey encroaching upon the Host in some way would be very bad.
  • Does the Singular Entity of Moderation actually exist? The grey monolith floating in space that tells people to chill. If so, what is its name? Would it ever create any scions, or is that too little moderation for it to consider? They could maybe see one existing for Balance more than Moderation.