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The Letters Page: Interlude 6
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Let's make some excuses!

Show Notes:

Run Time: 28:36

Since we got immediately down to business on Tuesday's Deadline/Lifeline episode, this interlude is a good deal more... fast and loose.

Things we cover in this interlude:

Also, as promised, here's an art!

How do we get through ALL OF THAT in under half an hour? Guess you'll just have to listen to the whole thing to find out!

Oh, also, the very exciting upcoming schedule!

Things are really heating up here on the Letters Page! And not just because it's a hot summer here in St. Louis. But also because of that!

Characters Mentioned


  • They use an eclectic organizational system, this results in them making mistakes in the presentation of that information occasionally and that's what this episode is about.
  • In the Wraith Episode it was mentioned that Ermine was revealed when Wraith determined that she was the dorm thief (contradicted by the Vengeful Five episode where Ermine was caught in the middle of a museum heist), which is it? Cassandra was a thief in the dorm days, but wasn't "Ermine" yet. She was outed as the thief in the dorm (slap on the wrist), but that's not the same as being caught out as Ermine.
  • In Chokepoint's bio her first appearance is stated to be Southwest Sentinels #30 (this is the beginning of the Termi-Nation stuff, following Progeny) and this is, presumably, her first appearance since she was "killed" by K.N.Y.F.E. during Vengeance. Two of her cards have pull quotes from Prime Wardens #24/25 (and quoted there as "Chokepoint" rather than "Choke") but we also know that Progeny didn't happen until PW #36, so what's going on here? Goof on the cards - PW #24/25 should refer to Choke. This isn't an uncommon error just between the guys on a regular basis.
  • What happens in Prime Wardens #25? The cover is shown in the Hero Achievements document and involves Tempest, Argent Adept, and Dark Visionary in a graveyard rather than anything involving Choke, so what's really happening? What does "Breaking Point" imply? Choke was just a minor side-story in those issues. The Dark Visionary origin was some time ago and the "exorcism" of Dark Visionary happens way later - this is a short stint in the PW book where Visionary is actually something of a villain(!) before realizing that she needs to play nice in order to not have the other heroes gang up on her. She's more or less "in hiding" while she's in the creepy "Dark" iteration.
  • If there's only one Block, how are there multiple K.N.Y.F.E.s? Given that she got her powers during a specific event that happened in the Block, how were there so many powered versions of her on Mars later on? They dropped the ball in explaining this in either the K.N.Y.F.E. or F.I.L.T.E.R. episodes - F.I.L.T.E.R. noticed what happened to Paige Huntly when the energy fluctuations hit her in that one event, and saw how useful she then was as K.N.Y.F.E. so they decided to go out and round up as many Paige Huntlys from different timelines as they could and intentionally do the same thing to give them all the powers that the "original" got by accident. Sometimes this worked, sometimes it made them crazy, etc., but that's how we wound up with so many on Mars later on. Show notes include some OblivAeon art as an apology for this oversight.
  • If the destruction of Rook City is the point of divergence between the Tactics and RPG timelines, how does that factor into whether or not K.N.Y.F.E. manages to escape from Mars? Butterfly effect - the divergence starts there, but there are differences that crop up in places far removed from Rook City that aren't directly attributable to that event (Lifeline deciding whether or not to go back to the Enclave is totally unrelated to Rook City, but it's still a difference). More on this likely in the Chrono-Ranger episode next week.
  • [Jokey question about agent Stargent Seal] He's from an alternate reality in which there are animal versions of all the different heroes and villains.