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The Letters Page: Editor's Note 75

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The first Editor's Note of 2024!

Show Notes:

Run Time: 1:47:14

This one ended up being longer than usual — it has both a real life letter (spoilers) and a cover section (more spoilers)! But first, the upcoming schedule:

  • Tuesday, February 6th: Episode #275 - Writers' Room: Choke in Megalopolis
  • Tuesday, February 13th: Episode #276 - Writers' Room: A Villain romantically involved with a support character
  • Tuesday, February 20th: Editor’s Note #76
  • Tuesday, February 27th: Episode #277 - Writers' Room: A Vengeance tie-in story

Other than that, what all do we talk about? Listen to learn more!

Characters Mentioned



  • In the Time Travel Settings episode dated January 23, 2018 you decided not to record the episode and that you’d wait for a future version of yourself to not be tired and do it then, you then came back and said that 6 years had passed before you recorded, given that it’s now January 2024 - how does it feel to be spry old men who are no longer tired? [laughs] Not like they didn’t just have a conversation about being tired or anything. Adam notes that he’s not as tired as he could be. Man, in 2018 did we even think we’d still be doing the podcast in 6 years? No, Adam figured they’d be done after the “standard” episodes and that OblivAeon would have been the end of it. As it turns out, the OblivAeon episodes basically mark the real beginning of the podcast in a lot of ways.
  • Thoughts for topics for episode 300: The Trial of Baron Blade, Definitive Edition Characters during Cosmic Contest, or Definitive Edition Characters during OblivAeon. Alternately, if you’re feeling silly, A Story Set in Ancient Sparta. Thoughts? They could see doing the Trial of Baron Blade - there’s some time to try to get that done… They don’t know about “characters new in the Definitive Edition” during Cosmic Contest/OblivAeon necessarily work as a single episode. The stories are in various different places. Christopher’s going to start a list of Episode 300 Options on his whiteboard, though.
  • How do you decide between “that’s what needs to happen for the story” and actually figuring out some rationale? Like, you often say that trying to quantify hero strength levels is a fool’s errand, but then in the Phobias episode you mention that Parsons Family Danger Sense is sufficient to note that The British Are Coming™ but that Miss Information’s plotting wouldn’t trigger it - would it be fair to say that the people writing the Miss Information arc were downplaying the Danger Sense? Are depictions of that power variable in the same way that Legacy “can always lift a car” but sometimes it’s a struggle while other times it’s trivial for him? How about the specifics on how Guise’s 4th-wall-breaking works? Do all of these just fall into “powers work however the writers need them to work within the constraints of what the editors will allow”? Do you have any internal “rules” that extend beyond editorial mandate? With the case of Danger Sense they tend to use it with a particular “something is about to harm me directly” trigger, but the canonical American Revolution thing is a necessary counter-example. As such, they could totally see a story in which case somebody plotting against Legacy could cause it to warn him, but the Miss Information story was specifically written as a “she knows enough about him to know how to work around it” - crucially, she didn’t know enough about Parse to be able to work around her abilities. Coming back around to the general case - all powers work how the current writer needs it to work. That’s always the case. It’s also frequently the case that we also get a “and the writer has done the work showing us on the page why things work this way in the current situation”. There are also definitely cases where things are portrayed out-of-character that then get some work done to justify them later on. They, as in Christopher and Adam, try to lean heavily on “this is how it works” rather than punting to the “because it needs to for the story”. They give a lot of justifications and tend to be very continuity-minded. It’s just very handy for their purposes to have the metafiction layer so that they can posit that a specific writer was less continuity-minded than they themselves tend to be. As far as they have an “editorial mandate” rule it’s “follow continuity” and don’t have characters do things that make observers say “why would they do that?”. But then they occasionally break that rule when it’s called for (“of course, somebody would write that story”).
  • What are your thoughts on a minor character being showcased as a variant for an established hero’s deck (like, Soothsayer Carmichael, or Sk8-blayd, or Freedom Knight)? The obvious first thing to respond with is “which deck would a Soothsayer Carmichael variant be associated with?” One would presume NightMist, but there is no way that that character could do the things that her deck does (or Argent Adept’s deck, or Scholar’s). The character knows what there is to know about magic, but can’t do magic. There’s nobody for whom he could be a variant. You could maybe get away with a Sk8-blayd variant for Stuntman if we’re really stretching for it. Freedom Knight partly covers Fanatic or Captain Cosmic, but there are big chunks of both of those decks that don’t map to him. K.N.Y.F.E. has a closer match in terms of what he does mapping to a character, but a lot of her deck is still wrong for him in terms of personality/tempo. The only time they really consider doing separate characters in place of the normal ones is when the replacement character does the same things (like Wind-Walker for Chrono-Ranger, or Freedom 6 Bunker). It’s not off the table that they do that with more characters, but it has to be something where the deck could work and the mentioned characters don’t really fit anywhere.
  • What would a minor character have to do to justify getting a variant made for them? Could we try to request that kind of story? You could suggest that sort of topic, but it’s unlikely to work. For Freedom Knight to get a variant, he’d have to be shown to at least approximate all of the things that the deck shows the normal hero doing. The main story thing is “the character takes the normal hero’s place for an issue/story and act as them entirely”. The Disparation expansion will be pushing this concept more than any of the game products before it, but in the cases where it’s obviously a different person it’s still clear how this person does everything the normal one does. Or at least “close enough” - Freedom 6 Bunker might not do everything that Tyler Vance normally does in his suit, but it’s a close enough approximation.
  • Why is the DE copy of Toll of Destiny #1 in so much worse condition than Arcane Tales #83? What factors determine how “roughed up” the comics covers used in the First Appearance variants appear? The answer is “whatever Adam decides to do when making the covers.” In theory, you would want to use the best copy of an issue that you could find, but some of these back issues might just be hard to track down a pristine copy. It is not completely codified, but it’s not random either. Adam will take a look at comics from the appropriate era and will try to ball park “what’s the general state of issues that old?” This also factors into relative circulation rates of the various titles (so a better-selling title likely has more copies in existence and so there’s a better chance of good-quality ones still existing). That’s not to say he doesn’t also just throw some wear-and-tear onto some of them for the sake of variety regardless of whether it’s likely that Sentinel Comics could have found a better copy. Golden Age and Silver Age things are much more likely to be banged up and Modern Age will have very little wear just due temporal proximity if nothing else.
  • What would, in your opinion, be the most interesting/fun team that you could make of the remaining pre-OblivAeon heroes who are not already on a team? How about the strongest team? Chrono-Ranger is kind of on a team. Time Trust is sort of a team book, but it’s not really an ongoing team like you usually think. Let’s see… if Sentinel Comics editorial asked them to put together a new book the day before OblivAeon started with the stipulation of “not currently on a team” they have access to Akash'Thriya, Benchmark, Chrono-Ranger (we’ll say he qualifies), Guise, K.N.Y.F.E., La Comodora, Lifeline, Naturalist, Omnitron-X, Parse, Young Legacy, Ra, Scholar, Sky-Scraper, Stuntman, Unity (rude, but where’s the lie?), and Visionary. Adam has an idea for a black ops strike team angle to theme things around: K.N.Y.F.E. leads it, you get a stealth-armor Benchmark, Parse is likely, throw in Unity and Sky-Scraper and we’re set. Akash’Thriya, Naturalist, Scholar, and Ra make a pretty good magic-themed team too out of the remainder - put together a story that requires something be done at the Nexus of the Void and throw that group at it.
  • Which villain is the most mentally exhausting for heroes to deal with (not in the sense of having to outthink them but just in terms of “oh no it’s X again, my week is ruined”)? Miss Information is up there. Dark Visionary as a sideways answer. Spite could also work. Apostate is draining. Citizen Dawn, but Apostate is worse. Wager Master of course. Mr. Jitters.
  • So, since Drillbit and Qubit won’t have an episode soon, I am asking here: Do the Bit sisters have bit parts in stories where they aren’t the main villain? Like, as bounty hunters in the Fashion/Greazer story? You probably see them in more issues than they really do anything in. Like, you see them as just “bounty hunter filler”. They’re space jobbers.
  • I’m a little vague on when and if I should re-submit an episode suggestion. If it makes it to voting and loses, should I re-submit if I want to give it another shot? What if it doesn’t make it? If you have something you’ve submitted that has either not made it to voting or it made it to voting and lost and you want it again, feel free to resubmit. If it made it to voting then they already feel like it’s got some potential. If it didn’t make it through a round of cuts to get to voting, but it comes up again they might take another look at it and reconsider if people feel that strongly about it. They try to, over time, feel out what kinds of things the patrons want based on the vibes of the submissions rather than only choosing stuff that they want.
  • Did Luminary/Baron Blade actually get his arm and eye exploded and himself impaled by Voss on purpose so people would believe he’d actually died? If yes, does he still think it was a good idea? He wasn’t trying to get absolutely wrecked, but he knew it was an option. Once it happened, at least it made the whole “dying” plan more believable.
  • With the mention of Time Trust, was Omnitron-X ever included in Time Trust? Well, that was a one-shot comic and by the time it happened he was already Omnitron-U (who also was not in it). Omnitron-U doesn’t do time travels. Omniton-X time travels to team up with Omnitron-U, but that’s different.
  • [A letter that Christopher helpfully pasted into chat I’m just going to quote it below in its entirety and then do answers afterward:]

hi christopher and adam and whoever else you got there.

My name is ned and Im the president of the hippo fan club and the #1 hippo fan in il’l bet pretty much everywhere. i got some hippo related questions and you should answer them so the fan club can grow. Maybe you’ll even get to be members! lol

one you guys kinda make hippo look like a lose r which is RERALLY UNFAiR. surely there could be a time hewn he ‘made good’ right? like talk him up a bit for once it can’t be all bad being a SUPERbillain who’s themed after the most dangerous animal ever made

two sory about the typos typing is fristrating in the glovse. autocorrect is doing a lot of heavy lifting her just like hippo ami right?

3 do you thikn the open face costume thing works for him cause my mom says he would get esly recognized and sent to jail. jai aint so bad for a big guy anyways but my mom shouldn’t get all hung up on it he calls her A LOT!!!

4 Okay lets get real. Your making this game and last time the hippo only had OEN CARD and its was in FRICTIN”S decl and I (Ned) and all the other members think hippo should have his own deck COME ON. he’s awesome and could have loads of moves loike lifting a bus. (those kids had seatbelts on anyway they were never in danger haha needs to stop making a big deal out of it

5 if not a deck you could give him an event right? like using another deck and you call the event HIPPOCRITICAL


  1. your probly thinking why dos this cool guy Ned know so much about the hippo well that’s my sercet and for you to find out lol

anyway thanks and for real if you want to join the club its cheap and we could use more cool dudes like you sound like yo are


  • Point 1: The Christmas story was nice, right? They think that he’s certainly dangerous enough to be featured as a solo villain in some earlier appearances. The Hippo vs. one other hero is frequently bad for that hero. He can go toe-to-toe with Haka in a punching match. He’ll lose but he can.
  • Point 3 (since 2 wasn’t a question): Is Hippo dating your mom? It sure sounds like it.
  • Point 4: They don’t think he’s getting his own deck. Sorry.
  • Point 5: Now they kind of want to do that. Maybe as a Progeny Critical Event.
  • Point 6: Is it because he’s dating your mom?
  • [This is followed up by another letter that I’ll also quote below.]

Dear letters page,

Hii! I got a queshtun about my fav hero, Legacy. He’s supercool!

I wanna fly like Legacy. Last year, me and my fam went on a holaday to Bawrseeloanah. It was soooo fun.
We flew in an airplane, and I sat at the windowseat, pretending I was flying like Legacy!
How does Legacy’s fam go on holaday? Do they take the airplane? Does Legacy carry everone over?
How old was Felicia when she started flying by herself?

Thanks for ansring my letter!

Timmy, 6 years

  • So, if the Parsons are going on a trip they all ride on an airplane, including Legacy. He’s also probably somewhat uncomfortable about flying in an airplane. Like, if something goes wrong he’s stuck in the airplane. That’s not a problem in that “he could get hurt” way, but there’s no good way for him to do anything to help at that point. Like, he can’t leave the plane. If there’s a villain on the plane he’s got to worry about punching them through the wall.
  • When asked about secret identities you mentioned Guise and Dr. Medico and I have a bone to pick here; sure maybe nobody knows who this Joseph King is who keeps submitting photos to newspapers, but you cannot seriously tell me that Dr. Medico walks around calling himself Nick Hernandez and nobody notices that he’s glowing. There’s a difference between a secret identity and an alias given that in comics the former is treated as a plot point that they remain secret, right? Do Guise, Dr. Medico, and Expatriette actually have secret identities or just aliases? That’s a fair point. Given that Dr. Medico is introduced as late in the timeline as he is, a secret identity is probably less likely (he absolutely would if he were a Silver Age character, though). It was more of a joke that Dr. Medico must have a secret identity because he wears a domino mask and that = secret identity because it’s the perfect disguise. Expatriette does in that she definitely wants to keep her name (and the fact that she’s the daughter of Citizen Dawn) secret from as many people as possible. But Setback, Captain Cosmic, and Wraith all have secret identities and that does come up in stories.
  • Why did Sentinel Comics have so few self-titled comics (seriously, it took until after OblivAeon for Wraith to get a book with her name in the title)? Why did that happen (both in the Metaverse and here when you were making it all up)? For whatever reason, Sentinel Comics chose to use comics titles that would allow them to move characters in and out of them as needed. A Wraith book should always have Wraith in it, but Mystery Comics can deal with a variety of protagonists. Also, the old comics like Justice Comics and Mystery Comics were, for the lack of a better term, legacy names and so they kept them around (there were a bunch of contemporaries like United Men comics or All-Preferred Comics that didn’t make it through to modern day). It’s a difference between SC and “real” comics that as many of those old titles persisted as long as they have. It is weird that so much of the Freedom Five characters don’t have their own titles, though. This was all an organic evolution on their part when they were inventing all of this.
  • Regarding NightMist becoming the gate during OblivAeon and “killing” all Multiversal versions of herself - did she act unilaterally or did she get buy-in from those other versions? Were there any holdouts/are there any NightMists still out in the Multiverse who didn’t take part? In the moment we don’t see an answer to this question as it’s just her reaching out and becoming the mist gates. Later on, through flashback or whatever, we get to see more of the process and it’s not just her reaching out across realities and seizing the power of her counterparts but sharing the stakes. Adam thinks that we might even get her explaining what she’s about to do before doing it - we wouldn’t see the process of getting buy-in, but we’d know during OblivAeon what exactly the mist gates are. Christopher amends that in that he doesn’t think we get a lot of narration about the process, but that we do know that it’s all NightMists becoming the gates. Multiversal conversations are happening. Either way, it’s not unilateral on her part.
  • [Humorous letter about 47 minutes in complaining about the sandwich bag metaphor - the obviously superior food metaphor to describe timelines which are linear in extent but difficult to get in or out of is sausage. Voss obviously puts a sausage casing around Universe 1.] That’s gross. They think that sandwich bag works better than sausage casing, plus it’s more rewarding to say “sandwich bag” than “sausage casing”.
  • Due to various horrible reasons, I seem to have amassed quite the oatmeal collection! What foods do you and/or the heroes of the multiverse find yourselves unexpectedly collecting? Christopher doesn’t collect food because when he has food he tends to consume it. He has a notable collection of spices/seasonings because he likes having a variety available. Adam doesn’t collect food either because he has children and chickens and in the off chance that the various people in the house don’t finish things off, it gets fed to the chickens. Maybe if you count the stock of emergency food (because that’s a thing he thinks is important to have one hand), but that’s just like a case of boxed mac and cheese and slowly gets used up anyway before getting replenished. Guise collects pizza boxes. He usually finishes the pizza that came in them before adding them to the stack, but not always. This is a weird question. Why collect food? It goes bad!
  • Does that mean that there are NightMists still out there in the Multiverse who did not agree to become a gate? No, they all agree. Weird how that worked.
  • Is Miss Information more of a headache before or after she gets her powers? After. She’s still a headache before that due to her knowledge of the heroes, but after she gets powers and really learns to use them she’s a huge problem.
  • Do Fashion and Guise ever cross paths? Don’t see why not.
  • Does the Chairman ever have a new Operative after Sophia in the Multiverse era (we know he gets one in the RPG, but that would still leave him without one for a long time)? Yeah, that’s something that they haven’t explored but they probably need to. They think that after the Operative is gone he starts putting more on the individual Underbosses. He might have a new assistant of some sort, but nobody as directly important as Sophia was to the way things worked. Adam can’t think offhand of any post-death-of-Mr. Fixer Chairman stories - there have to be some, but he doesn’t recall them making any up.
  • Waykeep is fun and all, but what happened to the team from the Circus of Crime (Thorny Devil, Lion Man, Tight-Rope)? They sound absolutely amazing, are they still around? Do they have any run-ins with other heroes than Scholar? They are still around and become jobber-level villains.
  • I’m going through a relisten of the podcast and got to Sky-Scraper supporting cast and I stated to wonder; just how many characters have therapists as of OblivAeon and does this number increase post OblivAeon? A single digit number before OblivAeon, but maybe a high single digit, are acknowledged to talk to a therapist. Afterwards there are therapists who work on the Sentinels of Freedom campus. Think about how mainstream therapists were in even just the ’90s vs. how they are now.
  • While brainstorming for the Expatriette and Young Legacy Writers’ Room, you rejected a potential villain plot for Dr. Toxica because it felt too much like a Professor Pollution plot. Which got me thinking: what’s the difference between a “Dr. Toxica plot” and a “Professor Pollution plot?” How do their means, goals, and plots differ despite their seemingly similar theming? And while I’m asking about toxic mad scientists, how does Necrosis differ from the two of them in his means, goals, and plots? Of those three, Professor Pollution is the most “cause” based villain. Not to say that she’s right but that’s the nature of her motivation. Necrosis’ motivations are often showing people that he was “right all along” even if he isn’t. Doctor Toxica is the most directly “out for her own good” of the three. She’s the most straightforward villain who is out for power. Necrosis is highlighting the injustices inflicted on him in particular and how everyone should have just listened to him to begin with. Professor Pollution is an activist.
  • Recently listened to episodes relating to Werewolf Haka cause I’m behind. Long story short, because of their binary relationship would Arataki have been effected by Aata being turned briefly into a werewolf? Would it have spread across as they both fight it off? They don’t see a reason why it would but they thinks it would be funny for her to mention offhandedly that there was this weird time where she became a werewolf for no reason. It was really weird and then it cleared up. The answer should be “no”, but it’s funny and it doesn’t happen on the page, so why not have it as background.
  • Topic submission and voting mentioned topics relevant to a month’s theme - what are monthly themes other than spooky times? February has Valentines Day stuff. July can have 4th of July, but really June-August have “summer” theme, but is also usually when big blockbuster type stories happen since kids are out of school [sorry southern hemisphere]. There’s always whatever specific holidays a given month has, but they don’t lean too much on that. The reason “spooky stuff” gets such a representation is that spooky doesn’t have to equal Halloween - there’s a lot of room for spookiness everywhere all the time, we just talk about them more in October and November.
  • Do heroes come up with creative ways to force Proletariat to reabsorb his clones? I recently saw a similar villain getting exposed to extreme cold, forcing her to reabsorb her clones to conserve energy, would that or something similar work with Proletariat? There have been a lot of creative ways heroes have forced Proletariat to absorb/abandon clones.
  • Brianna Hawke feels like a character you bring up when listing match ups pretty frequently, but I haven’t heard much about her. Is she just a minor side character or does she actually have her own adventures? She doesn’t have her own adventures - she’s a minor side character. She’s a frequently-appearing side character for the Freedom Five for a while. When she comes in there’s always this feeling that she’s scary. The Freedom Five are all a little scared of her.
  • Is there a way you could somehow share submissions that do not work/could never happen so we know not to resubmit them? Here’s the issue with this: they’re fine telling somebody directly that a thing won’t work, but they don’t want to put anybody on blast. It’s also very rare that they get submissions for which they say that they could never work (it happens, but it’s rare). In a lot of cases what happens is just that they need to put the suggestions aside for later because now isn’t the right time for them. If you’re putting in your suggestion for 3 or 4 months and it still doesn’t get into voting, maybe move on (although they probably wouldn’t do more than twice in a row themselves). They understand not wanting to “waste” your submission slot, though. They already get way more submissions than they could do and have to cut down drastically for voting - just a few months back they put up 20 or so instead of the usual 9-ish and people thought that was too many, so cutting back down is what they’ll do and they have to be aggressive to get down to that number.
  • Are there any ongoing titles set in a future of the main story or a Disparition ’verse a la Shmider-Man 2099? They’ve talked about doing something like that, but as of now they don’t one. They have a cast for a “future Freedom Five” and what that would look like, but they don’t have any specific plans for it at this time.
  • Comics tend to use a lot of dynamic poses to sell the characters’ emotions - but would you still have anything like that for characters in The Grey? Would they be more likely to have dynamic bored poses or simply non-dynamic/non-exaggerated poses? Both, but the non-exaggerated style is more likely than a dynamic pose depicting boredom.
  • Do you guys like Dragon Age? Christopher played the first two (although like most games he plays, considerably after they came out) and liked them well enough. Adam played those too and liked the first one a lot more than the second. He started to play Inquisition but that thing happened that happens with Bioware games where you create a character, but then they don’t look like that once you’re actually in the game and it just frustrated him.
  • How about Mass Effect? Yes. They both played the main 3. Adam is an apologist for Mass Effect 3 and its original ending, before the fan outcry and the additional stuff the devs added as a result. He got into some Internet fights with people over it.
  • Did you get the idea for Host spirits from Dragon Age’s Fade spirits/demons? No, not at all. The Host stuff was inspired by lots of fantasy stories/mythology/etc. that they’ve read. They invented that before they would have played those games.
  • Does any inspiration for Maerynians come from the Asari from Mass Effect? How do they differ? I guess there’s the “are blue, have head tentacles, and reproduce asexually” similarities. There was no inspiration there, but there are a lot of odd coincidences. They’re making up space aliens and so were inspired by a lot of the same things that the Mass Effect people were drawing inspiration from themselves.
  • I need to rescue/chuckle at you a bit - you have now mentioned/been asked about the Pied Piper on 4 occasions now, giving a different answer every time (Editor’s Note 49 you said that he was a Blood Mage, but not a Virtuoso; Editor’s Note 53 you said he was Franz Vogel specifically; Episode 268 a reader suggested it was a potential Grimm plot; and then Episode 271 you said once again that he was not a Virtuoso, but as a bit of in-universe discussion this time). The funny part is that these various answers aren’t necessarily contradictory from a certain point of view - but can you give us the proper gestalt answer to put the matter to bed? The character of the Pied Piper has been brought up in the pages of Sentinel Comics several times and each time it’s handled differently. There’s probably a Grimm’s Fairy Tale version. There’s a pipe-playing Virtuoso who used his powers to hold sway over beast and man. There’s a Franz Vogel story where he uses Blood Magic to do a very similar thing and gets called out (oh, maybe this is where the legend came from?). All of those things exist and all of the answers they’ve given are approximations in that the traditional story in itself hasn’t happened in Sentinel Comics, but there have been a lot of similar things. This is probably like what happens with Dracula. Franz Vogel is probably the closest to the “real” Pied Piper speaking in-canon.
  • Would you consider creating/selling deluxe components for SotM (acrylic spinners/tokens, standees for character cards, play mats, inspirational minis to spread around the table, spin-down dice for minion health, etc. - I for one would love some kind of generic reminder token to put on cards with irregular triggers)? The game comes with proof of purchase “tokens” on the punch board that you could use for that last thing. They’ve considered stuff like this, but on occasions when they’ve done these sorts of things in the past they haven’t wound up being worth it. They would like to, but the demand has to be there.
  • What are the favorite sodas of the Freedom Five members? They don’t know. They get a lot of these “characters’ favorite [x]” questions and they don’t know and kind of think that people going the fanfic route is good here. Unless there is a need to have a canonical answer to these kinds of things, just come up with what you think is appropriate and you’re probably on the right track anyway.
  • What is the most clones that Biomancer has active at once? Hundreds but not thousands. Like, maybe a couple hundred.
  • Does the Freedom Five ever learn that Miss Information is not their Aminia Twain? Or do they go through all time thinking that their beloved secretary just snapped and decided to kill them all for reasons they never understand? She monologues and tells them the story, so by the end of the initial event the truth is known.
  • Is there a Disparation story with the premise “Sentinel Comics if it wasn’t subjected to Comic Book Time and everyone aged realistically instead”? They don’t think there’s a specific story for that. It’s possible but they haven’t done one.
  • Continuing off the werewolf Hakas question, do you think there were any times when Aata was suddenly afflicted by some kind of calamity whose onset was just as inexplicable as its removal? Do you think “it was Arataki” could ever have been used to explain something that happened to him like this? They don’t think it was ever done on-purpose. There might have been a weird “suddenly Haka’s strength fades” that was originally just a dramatic, unexplained complication to a story. Then after the Arataki thing happens some of the readers make the connection and the editorial staff runs with that as the explanation as if it was intended all along.
  • Can you read and answer the oldest question you’re willing to answer at this time for us? March 6th 2019 - Coming from the most recent Untold Story video: who is Skateblade? Where did he come from? What are his powers? Nemeses? How did he wind up dying after the fan poll? They would direct you to the episode about his death as that probably covers all of this. Christopher probably should have included this letter in that episode. The reason he didn’t? The writer spelled it Skateblade instead of Sk8-Blayd or any of the other nonsense spellings. That’s on Christopher.
  • What did Baron Blade do during the Voss invasion? That sounds like a cool story! [Added to episode 300 idea list.]
  • Back when you told the Road Warriors story, when Mainstay recognized Ansel, Ansel feared that he recognized him as Ambuscade. Now, though, Ansel has been Stuntman for some time before Road Warriors, so why would Ansel assume that? Did he meet heroes who recognized him before? Is Mainstay just that intimidating? Or is the dialogue different now? The dialogue would probably be tweaked a little, but is still likely okay. Ansel is probably always worried when meeting heroes given how long he was a villain and doesn’t want to be recognized. Normal people just react to him as famous movie star Ansel G. Moreau. People who he’s tried to kill probably react to him differently.
  • [The last letter of the day, at around 1:21:30, is a real handwritten letter mailed to them from the person who does NightMist cosplay at Gen Con. The USPS didn’t quite get it to them by last month’s Editor’s Note, but it’s here now.] How very dare you? Do you have any idea what you’ve done to me? I used to be a very casual cosplayer (buying stuff off Amazon, getting pre-made things from costume sites - close-enough was good-enough), now I commission costumer friends to make stuff and examine Adam’s art with a magnifying glass and panic that the amulet is all wrong and the book is the wrong color and how do I find a way to hide the hand-held smoke machine? Do you know how hard it is to not go off on lore tangents when introducing new people to the card game? How long it takes to convince them that, no, this was the work of one artist? How dare you cultivate such a cool set of people on Discord, to the point where somebody had to make a bot command to illustrate what new people can expect when they join? [They don’t answer any of this, it was just a fun friendly rant.]

Cover Discussion

  • What? A cover section in an Editor’s Note? They’ve wanted to do this for a while. What issues have they done Writers’ Room-esque story treatments for before Writers’ Rooms were a thing? Adam has some extra art time and so can go back and do covers for issues that would have had covers if they were doing this thing back then.
  • [This is a 20 minute segment that makes for just great radio as chat “shouts” issues/episodes at them and they discuss what does or doesn’t qualify (for example, backup Inversiverse stories likely won’t get covers). I’m not going to copy everything out. Adam’s already started doing these on his Twitch channel when he can. A Day in the Life: Unity is already done.]