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The Letters Page: Live From Gen Con!

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We did a Gen Con live! Sort of!

Show Notes:

Run Time: 1:47:42

Right off the bat, I engage in an entirely visual goof, which doesn't work terribly well as radio... Fortunately, you can watch the video here!

Trevor made some very special versions of the songs used in this song, including cool videos! Worth watching.

We goof around a standard amount, taking roughly 7 minutes of episode time to do so, and then we take questions of all sorts, ranging so far and wide as to be impossible to properly represent here. What sorts of things do we talk about? You'll have to listen to find out!

Friday of this week, Adam and I are recording the "Legacy Supporting Cast" episode that you all wanted so badly. Totally a thing you demanded and not a thing we made happen. *innocent whistling* ANYWAY, get your Legacy questions in, now!

Characters Mentioned


Note on this year’s music: Trevor created renditions of the Sentinels theme (beginning of the recording) and the Letters Song (at 7:30 and as the outro) using his young child’s various toy instruments and some household items.

Note on the notes: I worked ahead during downtime this weekend based on the YouTube recording. I’m told that none of the questions were cut for the podcast version, but if you go through to compare this to the podcast and see something in the former that’s not in the latter, that’s why.


  • What sort of things to do you do to make sure you don’t injure yourself while doing so many arts? Not enough, honestly. Proper technique helps when doing art on a tablet: you hold the stylus more upright than you do with a pen and moving your arm from the elbow instead of your wrist. Even then, however, he’s constantly got a few fingers smashed into the surface most of the time he’s working. Rationing out the amount of art you do in a day is also a good idea, but during the lockdown he’s been terrible at adhering to that plan.
  • Is there ever an arc where Plague Rat gets redeemed/restored to humanity/etc? Up through OblivAeon, no. The future for Plague Rat is not yet decided. Note that his stint with RevoCorp did result in some changes to his physiology.
  • In Episode #54 - Supernatural Settings, you mentioned that the Cthulhu Mythos is not part of Sentinel Comics. In that case, what is the “R’lyeh” referred to by the spells “Mists of R’lyeh” and “Gates of R’lyeh,” and how does that misty plane relate to the other realms and sources of magical power we know about? There isn’t a specific R’lyeh in the world of Sentinel Comics, but there are lots of otherworldly planes of existence out there like the Realm of Discord (the RoD being simply the one that they’ve dealt with the most). It is the case that the specific set of ideas/concepts/entities that make up the Cthulhu Mythos aren’t canonical to the setting, but there are similar things. This is a case of writers doing what they want in terms of making up words to apply to magic stuff without a lot of thought going into how that applies to canon. [That is, some writer was a Lovecraft fan and imported the name.]
  • Is there a plan of doing Season 2 of the Visitors RPG campaign? Maybe. They’d like to do so, but there isn’t a schedule for such a thing as yet (plus they’d all have to be in the same place, so who knows how far off it is just based on that - although they could do remote play over Zoom or something).
  • The Mist Storm universe doesn’t start until a few years after the main Sentinel Comics line, so does a version of Daybreak appear in that universe? Yes, but they’re mainly bit/background characters. The Vertex line was meant to be a “back to basics” reversion from what had been going on in the main continuity, and that meant also ignoring the “new” characters. Some, if not all of them likely even get killed off at some point given how that reality’s story played out.
  • Recently you gently suggested we vote for a topic coming in August, which made me wonder are there any topics you would like to cover regardless of whether they’ve come up for voting as a topic or not? Almost certainly. They don’t have an active list of such things, but they also tend to mention these sorts of things when it comes up (“Boy, it sure is a shame that nobody’s suggested [x] as a topic, but what are you going to do?”). They’ll try to make a point to mention this sort of thing explicitly going forward.
  • What does Visionary think about the fact her younger alternative self has become a hero in her own right? Pleased. She had wanted to come back in time to prevent the young Vanessa Long from going through what she had to. Then she wound up going through her own stuff anyway with the Dreamer event. But seeing Muse get through that and come into her own person as a hero was a good result from all of this. There’s an inherent danger to her powerset - it’s really easy to become a villain as a psychic.
  • Was there ever an issue where Vernon Carter met Tyler Vance? They don’t think so, Carter died before Vance showed up [and presumably there weren’t time travel stories to connect them].
  • Why does using a Relic make Headlong feel inferior to his friends? Because everybody has a little Imposter Syndrome now and again and for him in particular he’s looking at his friends who all have their powers as something innate to themselves rather than dependent on an outside source.
  • The art on the Bloodstone reward card has a diagram showing Progeny’s original emblem with a figure within - who/what does this represent? It’s mainly just something meant to be reminiscent of the Vitruvian Man and didn’t represent a specific person. The significance of its presence is to show that Lifeline is aware of Progeny being tied into what is going on and that he’s studying how to undo it [I guess I always assumed that this was Hermetic’s lab, not Lifeline’s, but I guess the same sort of logic holds there.]
  • With the cancellation of Prime War, are there any plans for getting out the rest of the lore and story from the Vertex Timeline? Any other future for that part of the Multiverse? There isn’t a specific plan in terms of knowing what form it’s going to take, but they do plan on using it for something eventually. They’ve put a lot of effort into it and while the original game plan may not come to be, it won’t go to waste.
  • Were there characters who originated in the Animated Universe and then got imported back into comics? Unity is the main example of that sort of thing happening, but there could be others as well.
  • With the delay/cancellation of Prime War, can we get some more info on who were on the teams and some more spoilers to whet our appetite for more story? Not right now. They’ll want to talk about that story when they’re actually working on a product that uses it. There are always infinite more stories that they want to tell, but now they’re in Multiverse and RPG mode in terms of what they’re working on.
  • What is the Naturalist’s one animal he wishes he could become? Christopher figures some kind of sea animal like a porpoise or shark. Some kind of space-faring animal could also be fun.
  • We know of Grandpa Legacy, OG Absolute Zero, and GI Bunker; are there any female Golden Age superheroes that exist? Alternately, was there a Disparation in the vein of DC’s Bombshells line? Wraith is a Golden Age hero [originating in ’48] and was the first female hero to get her own book, but while there were probably a few others most were Silver Age or later. There isn’t something like Bombshells.
  • [Birthday request: "Heaven Piercing Giga Drill’ by Area 11.]
  • Since Megalopolis is in Connecticut, was the inclusion of a giant tree a reference to the Charter Oak? No, but now that you mention it we can retcon it into being an homage.
  • Can you talk about the process that went into licensing the Cauldron expansion? Is there a story there, or was that pretty simple? The person/people behind the very popular Cauldron fan-expansion to SotM wanted to make it available on DriveThruCards, and that means that they needed to charge people for it whereas it had been (and remains) free for print-and-play. GTG had three options for how to handle it. They could ignore it entirely, but risk loss of Trademarks due to the rules surrounding the need to defend them - obviously not recommended. They could block it, which they don’t want to do because they want to encourage people to play around with their game. The third option was to license it - DriveThruCards gets a cut, the dev gets a cut, and GTG gets a cut. It was the best option all around because it gives more people more ways to play around with the system, which they want to encourage. They love people making fan content for this stuff, they just don’t look at it themselves for time, but also legal reasons.
  • If OblivAeon is a Singular Entity, does he look the same in every reality or does he look different from one timeline to the next? Their appearance would only change between realities if they wanted it to. Wager Master plays along with the conceit of whatever universe he’s in, for example. Most Singular Entities are probably pretty static in their appearance, though.
  • Were there any bad mega-events that the fandom just turned completely against? Probably not. Sentinel Comics never devolved into the state of modern comics in our world where it’s just event after event for Marvel and DC (basically everything since 2000). Sentinel Comics has story arcs, and some of those can be big and turn into major events, but they’re relatively rare by comparison. This is also another reason that “everything happened in the ’90s” in their brains - because that’s the mindset for stories that they’re still operating in.
  • Were there ever any crossovers with other comics companies? Almost certainly. They just haven’t made another comic company yet.
  • Given that you’re working with more people on SC-related projects, how do you feel about opening up the level of control your world to new creators? “Opening up the level of control” as a phrase make them feel bad. That’s not necessarily how they’d characterize what’s happened, though. They’ve been very selective in terms of who they let work on stuff - people who get it. Darren Watts, for example, has a vast knowledge of comics in general and understands exactly the sorts of things they’re going for in their creation. Basically anything that he’s suggested to them in terms of “hey, can we do [x]?” is met with either agreement or agreement with a few tweaks; they’ve never had to just nix one of his ideas entirely. However, everything that gets done (like RPG collaborators or Arcane Wonders) has to get approval from the two of them. Nobody has free rein without oversight. They could probably stand to be less controlling about Sentinel Comics, but they don’t wanna. Maybe someday.
  • I’ve just noticed in the podcast image that Omnitron-X is your boom mic holder. Does this mean Omnitron-X is available for other kind of work? As you know, he was destroyed and rebuilt as Omnitron-U. This is basically just a decommissioned chassis with some LEDs in it that they’re using for this purpose.
  • I’d sent these questions before, but you haven’t used them for whatever reason, so here we are: What info can you give us about Anput? If somebody put on an Oni mask, but then had their anger defused before the transformation took effect (say, they put it on after their family was killed, but then it was shown that it was a trick and their family was still alive) would the transformation proceed anyway? They haven’t done these sorts of questions because they haven’t had episodes dealing with Anput or Oni masks yet. That goes for a lot of questions that people have asked that haven’t been read yet - they are applicable for episode topics that haven’t come up. For example, questions about Anput would likely be part of an episode on Anubis which probably needs to happen eventually anyway given his presence in the RPG. Oni mask stuff is ripe for an episode. They rarely throw out questions entirely. Generally only ones that are redundant (like 3 different people asked the same thing), the rare offensive/troll letter, or things that are like 7 pages of fan-fiction theory-crafting without a lot of basis within the existing setting.
  • In the Metaverse is there a dedicated convention for Sentinel Comics or do they just piggyback on San Alonso ComicCon, etc? They’d have a big presence at San Diego ComicCon (San Alonso, Megalopolis, Rook City, etc. are still fictional comic book locations within the Metaverse). They probably don’t have their own convention. They likely at least have some kind of online event to get the word out on upcoming projects, but the major conventions like SDCC or WizWorld are the main venue for that kind of thing in general.
  • In the Metaverse is there a Sentinel Comics RPG? If so, is that game the same Sentinel Comics RPG system we have here or do they use Champions or something? There are probably several RPG systems that have licensed SC properties over the years - probably once a decade or something somebody will make another supers RPG system and get the IP rights to slap on it. Since its the biggest comics company in the Metaverse, whatever you can imagine would have received a Marvel or DC license in our universe would likely have an equivalent product.
  • Why does Zhu Long care so much about Rook City? Does it have to do with The Master and Mr. Fixer? Zhu Long has weird, inscrutable plans all over the world. Christopher: “Of course, there is the fact that Rook City has an underground component that is a very magical sort of realm. Don’t worry about that.” Adam: “He cares more about a specific place within Rook City than he does about Rook City.”
  • What are the odds that Xander Groovitation, Casa-Nova, gets a soft reboot or reinvention at the hands of a creative, trippy writer along the lines of a Jim Starlin, Grant Morrison, or Alan Moore and ends up becoming a credible cosmic hero? Not great odds. Non-zero, but not high.
  • What do the Inversiverse versions of Grand Warlord Voss and Citizen Dawn look like? They’ve talked about Grand Philosopher Voss (and how he’s the reason that the Thorathians have this enlightened society) before [and they’ve talked about the Sanctuary of the Sun as well], but those sound like good episode topics in their own right. Moreso the Dawn one; Voss may only rate a Disparation back-up story.
  • How do you guys come up with things like characters’ real names and what state in the US or parts of other countries they’re from (sometimes it’s obvious that they’re references or how it informs the character’s background, but the other times are less apparent enough to make me curious about your process)? They spend a lot of time looking at baby names. Often they let the character speak for themselves and that will inform where they go with them. It helps that the characters don’t exist in Adam’s or Christopher’s brains in isolation, but this shared space between them and the back-and-forth can take them in interesting directions. As for where they’re from - they often don’t even bother inventing that unless it’s important to their story somehow. They almost always invent the hero/villain name and what kind of person they are before working backwards to the personal name (so they can work in a name that sounds appropriate) - like who would the person be that would lead them to become Sk8-Blayde? In any event, they don’t have a “standard process” - they just talk about it and take the few minutes to an hour to work it out.
  • Besides Dr. Frankenstein, how many public domain characters are known to be real? Did Ambuscade inherit an island from some weird genetisist? There are more, but getting into that would likely require an episode. “Literary Characters in Sentinel Comics” has been a prompt up for voting occasionally. None of them are really major players in the world of Sentinel Comics. [I note that they have had a few “Dracula” imposters that they mentioned back in the Blood Magic episode.]
  • Any cool moments from the SCRPG you want to share? Some of the coolest were actually in the livestreams they’ve done.
  • What religions do the Parsons follow? If they haven’t mentioned in particular before: generically Protestant Christian. Like, Episcopalian or Presbyterian or something. Which exact denomination has probably been stated differently by different writers over the years too. “Standard Christian-flavored Christian.”
  • Will Trevor’s music videos be added to the show notes? Or will the entire video be placed in the notes for this week? Something along those lines, Christopher and Trevor will have to figure out where to put them to make it work.
  • Does the planned tie-in RPG One-Shot for the Sentinels of Freedom video game cover the same story as that game or is it its own thing? The Starter Kit, other One-Shots, and detail in the core book establish a set of facts about the world. This adventure will connect some of the dots between those things and the SoF game (which is now available on Switch - there’s a Sentinel Comics property on a Nintendo console; how awesome is that!) but it’s not necessary to have played SoF to understand the adventure.
  • Is there enough material for a Baron Blade supporting cast episode? Yes, but they don’t want to do one for a while (“there’s some stuff there that we could pull in”). Any character that they haven’t done a supporting cast episode for could probably have one (well, maybe not minor villains - the Hippo doesn’t have supporting cast, he is supporting cast).
  • Any plans for an app to guide people through RPG character generation? They’ve talked to a few people here and there, but there aren’t any concrete plans at this time. They’d like to have one, but it’s not actively being worked on.
  • Are you able to give us any updates on The History of Sentinel Comics especially has you keep on adding to/flushing out the history and back issues? It’s still in process. It’s coming along nicely and the writing is getting close to being done (people who pledged at a level to get their name in the book have recently been asked to supply their names, for example).
  • Was there any story set on Orbo? What heroes and villains showed up in it? What were the Infektors like? Were any interpersonal relationships hindered by their tendency to name themselves things like “Korrupton of the Infektors”? Standard “sounds like a good episode topic” answer. Orbo was almost an Environment in his own right like four times [they’ve said in the past that including him in the Enclave deck was a way to try to get the “living planet” trope out of their minds when in deck-creation mode]. There were stories set on Orbo, the heroes and villains who would show up in such stories are ones that tend to be out in space. The Infektors were like “space plague” as in locusts - they’d come to a world, ravage it, and move on.
  • We’re coming up on the main RPG book’s completion; having gone through that process and getting a handle on how long it takes, how long do you think it will be before Kickstarter backers start seeing previews from the next book? “Months, but not lots of months.” The next two books are both well through the process in terms of writing, but there’s only the one layout team (who are already working on the main book and 4 other projects). However, they are more familiar with the process now and so subsequent books should go faster.
  • Can Minions created by Legion-type Villains have Abilities of their own? Yes, but it’s something you would “bake in” to the scene you’re creating. Like, when the Villain brings in the Legion minions they’d have a pre-set Ability if they’re going to have one at all.
  • A follow up wouldn’t Daybreak in Mist Storm have to be different since Aeon Girl only exists in the RPG timeline and Thiago became Ra instead of Muerto? So who replaces them? They would have to be different. Behind the scenes tidbit: Aeon Girl was actually created to be a Vertex character and then got moved over to the RPG once they realized that they weren’t sure how far the tactics line of products would go. There might not even be a team for Daybreak in Vertex, just the individual characters get their cameo moments if they’re available (so there wouldn’t be a Muerto cameo because he’s busy being Ra instead of dead).
  • Will the RPG issues be released sequentially, or are there holes? For example, Daybreak #7 was Myriad, will issue #8 be released? Maybe someday. They’re likely to jump around a bit at least at first. The idea is that the issues released are starting points and you’re free to continue your home game as you see fit from there. They’re more likely to give you starts or middles of arcs to get the ball rolling than they are to give a series of sequential issues.
  • In the animal friends episode you mention that Mr. Fixer has a cat that comes up on him when he’s asleep and he doesn’t realize its there. I thought with his super senses he would be able to see that cat even if he is asleep. Am I missing something? Cats are so sneaky. It’s a little “do you see things when you’re asleep?” and a little “Mr. Fixer acts all grumpy towards the cats, up to and including pretending not to notice it snuggled up to him”.
  • Which Sentinels hero would be scariest if they became a villain? Which villain would make the biggest positive impact if they became a hero (not counting the positive impact of them no longer committing supercrimes)? They kind of already explore this idea space. The easiest ones to say are Visionary and Legacy, but we also kind of see those happen. Of the others… Chrono-Ranger jumping through time to do crimes would be hard to stop. Tachyon would be real bad. Similarly with the villains, that’s what the point of the OblivAeon villains were. For similar Chrono-Ranger reasons La Capitan becoming a hero and doing stuff would have a huge impact - which is what happens. Wager Master is probably the answer, for the couple of months it’d last before he got bored with being a good guy.
  • Are you willing to talk about the Ennead in the Vertex timeline? Not right now, because they’re not talking about anything in the Vertex timeline at the moment.
  • In the “Sentinel Comics: The Untold Story” videos it mentioned that the team of Rebotarro and Badell weren’t brought on board until after the market collapse; why are their names on the covers that came out earlier? Note that the canonically correct covers that take place prior to that time do not in fact have those names on them (or are in the process of being updated so as to not have them in the odd case where they did).
  • Is there anything specific about mist-based magic that makes it so good at creating portals and universe-destroying storms? Not so much the fact that it’s mist-based, but more the fact that she’s going into other realms/realities. NightMist is creating the portals regardless and mist is just the medium by which she does so - think of it like her “power signature” or similar.
  • You mentioned a long time ago that Guise has a cat, but then didn’t mention it during the pets episode; can you talk about it now? No. You’ll be finding out more about it in the very near future. Note that the cat doesn’t appear before OblivAeon.
  • Can you give any fun tidbits about the upcoming Freedom Five game? It’s a super fun board game designed by Richard Launius with additional design support from the Sadler brothers with a lot of neat stuff going for it. It also has amazing art (to the point to make Adam incredibly insecure).
  • How’s the story coming along for Chapter 2 of Sentinels of Freedom? It’s done. Underbite’s had it for a while now.
  • You’ve said previously that you had written up a lot of story for Underbite’s Sentinels of Freedom game, but they had to chunk it up into Chapters. We’ve now had a chance to see how long Chapter 1 was and they’ve talked about Chapter 2. How many Chapters would you guess the original story you wrote for them would take to cover? Chapter 2 finishes that original block of story. There are a few side missions that ran long and will wind up falling outside of Chapter 2, though.
  • Who starred in the live-action Black Fist movie? They don’t know. They’d have to do research into actors of the day to figure out who it would have been.
  • What cool new work-from-home equipment have you purchased? Mostly they just brought stuff from the office home. Christopher does note that his home computer is actually a much better one than his office computer so on the occasions he does go to the office to work he really notices the difference.
  • How many birthday songs are on the list at this point? 16. Seems like there should be more by now.
  • What does Wellspring look like? They don’t know (even by “Singular Entities can look how they want” standards). Adam has never had reason to draw him yet.
  • If Naturalist turned into a shark, could Unity give him a laser to attach to his head? Certainly.
  • Who publishes Indie comics in the Metaverse? They haven’t yet created other comic publishers and they’re hesitant to do so because once they start down that path it will forever dominate their destiny. That being said, pretty much anybody can publish an indie comic. Go do it. Publishing is the easy part these days. Shipping and distribution is the killer (although with online comics you don’t necessarily even need to print anything). [Note, they did invent the Justice Comics company to explain why the Justice Comics title had a hiatus. I also note that the Untold Story videos briefly mentioned GR Comics and Hero Comics as being existing companies with heroes pre-dating Legacy in the Golden Age, a reference to the Mutants & Masterminds and Champions super hero RPG systems.]
  • How does the Philosopher’s Stone being gone/part of Guise affect magic and ley lines? It wasn’t something that was necessary for magic and whatnot to exist, it was just a focus and serves as a connection point. Now that it’s part of Guise it connects him to magic and ley-lines. He’s still not trained in magic, but he’s always been kind of magical by certain definitions (“he’s ‘impossible’, which I guess puts him in the realm of ‘I guess he’s magic?’”) and now he’s just moreso.
  • Will there be organized play for the RPG, and if so, what will it look like and how will players affect the larger story? That’s a down-the-road thing. They’d like there to be, but that will probably fall to other people to figure out how to make it work. They’d like for organized play events to influence the ongoing story which would then circle back to them to determine how that plays out.
  • Were there stories that revealed some aspect of a character that was never accepted (a counterexample being Tachyon and Dana’s relationship)? The only way that could happen would be trying to have them commit crimes or something, which would get push-back. Most other things would get accepted. Even the Fall of the Prime Wardens story revealed all of the character flaws of the heroes, but they were intentionally things to be dealt with and overcome in the story rather than something reversed due to the reaction by the fans.
  • Is the COVID-19 pandemic occurring in the Metaverse? Yeah, the Metaverse is our world, except with Sentinel Comics. It’s entirely possible that Marvel and DC exist in the Metaverse and are just smaller operations (but they’re not going to say definitively that they do or don’t at this point). It’s only as different from our world as it needs to be for Sentinel Comics to exist and if for no other reason that trying to keep track of all the differences would be too complicated.
  • For the birthday songs, how about you do them in a round (so ten seconds of Adam singing one, then layer on a Christopher one, then add another Adam one after a further 10 seconds, etc.)? Oh don’t worry, they have a plan already for how this is going to go down. It’s going to be cacophonous and you’re going to regret it.
  • I realize that you only created him like a week ago, but did Soothsayer Carmichael see OblivAeon coming? How did he react/how did his worldview change due to that event? He did not. His deal isn’t to see the definitely correct, “this is what’s going to happen next” future, but to extrapolate potential options and then to prepare for all of them. He didn’t see OblivAeon coming and his reaction was more along the lines of “I didn’t see this coming. I couldn’t see this coming. This is impossible.” It shook him to his very core.
  • What was it like/how hard was it to take an idea for a superhero and translate that into a deck for the game? Sometimes very easy, sometimes very difficult. Some characters were developed alongside their deck and others were fully fleshed-out ahead of time and then in the process of building the deck they discovered new stuff about them anyway. The only one that had the deck basically materialize before the character was Tachyon - she existed as “speedster who’s a scientist” and then the deck just clicked into place really easy before they worked through more of her character. They knew how the deck worked before they even knew what she looked like.
  • As someone raised on 90’s cartoons, and who recently made jokes about PSAs with one of his SCRPG characters, I have to ask: What is your favorite ham-fisted, cheesy Sentinel Comics “Don’t play with drugs/guns/alcohol/strangers/Halloween candy with razor blades on them” PSA? There’s one that’s coming up in Chapter 2 of the Sentinels of Freedom game. Or maybe it’s more of an advertisement than a PSA. Anyway, you’ll see it there. This is another good creative process episode, though.
  • Was there ever a live-action TV drama for Sentinel Comics? Definitely at some point. [Note that while not necessarily a drama, the “Untold Story” videos did show clips from the ’60s-era Wraith TV show.]
  • If the Inversiverse involves everyone’s alignments shifting from good to evil and vice versa, then wouldn’t the world itself be a lot worse? Because every average Joe just trying to live his life and do right in our world is now evil. I feel like that ratio is gonna be a lot more evil people in this world than good people, or do only super heroes or villains switch and your average civilian stays relatively the same? That last bit. Although stuff like Megalopolis and Rook City/Cities alignment switch too will have effects, the main idea is just that the protagonists become antagonists and vice versa.
  • Is there only one Faultless in the Multiverse? Yeah, it was a Singular Entity and even when it was made into a Scion it was still a Singular Entity. [This clashes with previous statements about how the process of breaking it to make it a Scion made it no longer qualify as a Singular Entity. Either this is a retcon or it’s more proper to say that it remained Singular in the Multiverse even if it no longer met the definition of an SE.]
  • Even if Oblivaeon is defeated in the Sentinel Comic timeline, is it still possible for straggling scions to still exist and be villains? Absolutely.
  • Are the Melody cards “Sarabande of Destruction” and “Rhapsody of Vigor” also references? There isn’t anything about the art or titles of those cards that are references that they intended, but they’re not sure what you meant by “also” here. [My interpretation of the question was the fact that the other Melody “Scherzo of Frost and Flame” is a lot like “Song of Ice and Fire”.]
  • Why didn’t Orbo fight in Oblivaeon (that would have been absolutely fantastic to watch a planet fight a scion. pew pew)? The Enclave of the Endlings got pulled out of reality by Jansa prior to OblivAeon.
  • If NightMist’s background involves the Cthulhu Mythos, does that mean that the works of H.P. Lovecraft exist in the Metaverse? Yes, for the “same as reality only with Sentinel Comics” reason given above.
  • How did you guys choose what stats and abilities to change on the F5 + Unity between their Starter Kit versions and their Archives versions? Which story beats they wanted to emphasize between the two points in time. There’s also some mechanical differences between the Starter Kit and the core book and so the characters got rebuilt from scratch using the updated rules and then compared rather than starting with the Starter Kit ones and making intentional changes. The Daybreak heroes didn’t change much from the versions included with “Stolen Legacy” because the rules were farther along at that point and so the changes has less impact, plus they don’t have as many reasons to have changed for story reasons.
  • How would Akash'Thriya’s seeds work for an RPG character? You’d build a character that had abilities that could interact with the environment and then flavor their effects accordingly.
  • Can you tell us about the British and French heroes from the “Heroes of Yesterday” banner pictured alongside Grandpa Legacy and G.I. Bunker? Their names are Tommy Atkins and La Louve, but they’re not going to tell us more about them here.
  • Real comics have recently tried to become more “woke” and inserting more women, BIPOC, LGBT+, etc. characters in quick succession; Sentinel Comics have always been a bit more progressive, so did they change the same way? They managed to avoid that trend. There are some things that are slightly more progressive, but it’s generally on a micro- rather than macro-sense and there was never this kind of rapid-fire introduction of new characters for something like this.
  • Is there a connection between Blood Mage Lifeline’s markings and the ones on Haka’s chin? No, definitely not. Haka’s are his traditional Maori tā moko and Lifeline’s are blood magic sigils.
  • Any news on a Definitive Edition? Not at this time.
  • Other than Legacy and Galactra are there any characters that got their powers from Singular Entities? How rare is it? Captain Cosmic, Infinitor, and Proletariat can be said to have gotten their powers from a Singular Entity. There are others. It’s very rare.
  • Does the Metaverse have an exact date for the destruction of San Alonso? The issue would have been sometime in 2016, but remember that San Alonso doesn’t exist in the Metaverse, only in Sentinel Comics. Generally speaking, events in comics are assumed to be taking place in the year they’re produced, just don’t ask questions about why Legacy’s aged 20 years in the last 60 while Wraith’s aged maybe 5 (at most 10) in that time. [My assumption about this question is whether there is something like a 9/11 shorthand for the event, but I could be reading it wrong. Either way, it’s not something in the Metaverse specifically for the reason stated.]
  • How well known was San Alonso in the comics prior to its destruction? Pretty well known. It’s not as important as Megalopolis or Rook City, but it was around. It was the “place on the west coast for when they needed stuff to take place on the west coast” setting, kind of an Los Angeles/San Diego/San Francisco stand-in. They didn’t shy away from using real cities, but it’s nice to have fictional places when you need them.
  • Have you ever been surprised by things you discover about your characters? Yes, for sure. An early one was coming to the realization that Tachyon was gay. Jansa vi Dero leaving time with the Enclave. It happens a bunch, but they can’t think of a lot of examples offhand. While working on mechanical stuff they tend to be very open to the idea of something coming up that changes the story bits along with it, but that means that they also don’t frequently have a reason to record those moments.
  • You mentioned in the recent Argent Adept episode that he lived “in the tree”; does he not have student Virtuosos? Does he teach at Freedom Academy? He might come out of the tree to teach some “magical control” stuff or a “how music connects to magic” class. Think of him as a sort of adjunct professor rather than standard faculty, though.
  • How far back does the Legacy line go? The first of them with powers was Joseph Parsons during the American Revolution. The first to use the name “Legacy” was Paul Parsons VI who fought in World War I.
  • [Birthday request: “Cat Scratch Fever” by Ted Nugent.]
  • How hard would it be to trick Fanatic into destroying a convention hall full of sci fi/fantasy/horror cosplayers? Probably not hard.
  • How much video streaming knowledge did you have to learn very quickly once quarantine happened? Do you think you are any good at it now? Adam: not as much as you’d think as he’d been doing some streaming on his own for a while already. Christopher: a bit, but between Adam, Trevor, and Google’s help he got up to speed. As for being good? They make it work. It’s actually easier to stream from home than it is from work.
  • What if Fanatic believed she was OblivAeon? “That’s what we call a shaggy dog story. She would believe that she’s OblivAeon.” [Which I take to mean rather that it’s a relatively circular description - her believing it wouldn’t make her a Singular Entity, it’d just be what she believed.]
  • Does Mordengrad have a lot of natural resources? Not a lot, but that’s mainly down to the fact that it’s such a small geographic area. Their manufacturing base and inventiveness are the main “resource” they have going for them. They import raw matierials and export things that nobody else can make.
  • Does Absolute Zero have a secret thing for budding mad scientists considering he keeps befriending them? Apparently. It’s not a conscious decision.
  • Was Omnitron deveoped in St. Louis because GTG is in St. Louis? Kind of. It’s from St. Louis because that’s where Paul was at the time. GTG being there came in later.
  • Have you gotten a chance to play the adventures in the core rule book? Which is you favorite to run/play? Adam hasn’t. Christopher has run them both a couple of times but hasn’t had a chance to play in them. He likes them both, but the second one more. He doesn’t want to talk about them too much right now since they’re not available to most people yet.
  • To clarify the date thing, is there a specific “month/day/2016” date of rememberance for the people lost in San Alonso? They could look up the month the issue came out, but it’s not a specific thing they’d noted.
  • Would you do a monster verse episode based on Adam’s Sentinels of the Night drawings? More likely that those would get wrapped into other things. They are explicitly just-for-fun non-canonical images, but they can spark ideas later on (for example, the “Haunted Fanatic” idea).
  • Which hero(es) were your favorite to write? Depends on how you mean (write a deck for, write in-character, write ongoing stories for, etc.) and he likes them all for different reasons so he’s going to say that he has no favorites.
  • How have you prepped Paul to do the Publisher Notes episodes? Christopher and Paul have some prep sessions planned. As of this recording it’s basically just “Paul has agreed to do this thing”.
  • Was the timeline ever right for an Inversiverse Southwest Sentinels issue? No, they came along too late.
  • If Vanessa Long (or something approximately like her) getting powers is a fixed point, does that imply that the multiverse does not include any universes that lack humans or close approximations? You don’t need humans (or close approximations) to have something that is called Vanessa Long or something recognizable as that name. That being said, since the stories are written for a human audience, the human (or human-like) ones are the ones that we see in the comics.
  • Does Legacy give himself a bonus when he uses Galvanize? Can he use the Bonus to make it unavailable to the other heroes? In the card game Galvanize explicitly affects him too if you find ways for him to play cards or use additional powers before it expires at the start of his next turn. In the RPG it also would expire at the start of his next turn, so he couldn’t use it for an Action on his turn, but could use it for an Attack or Overcome check if somehow he was granted one off-turn [Heritage’s own Reactions are both Defend actions]. Regardless, each hero gets their own Bonus so long as it’s used before Heritage’s turn.
  • If Chapter 2 of Sentinels of Freedom is done, are you going to be reaching out to Kickstarter backers who pledged at levels that let them create something for the game? That should have already been taken care of by Underbite. They got the info regarding them from the devs and worked them into the story. If for some reason you haven’t been contacted for your contribution, reach out to Underbite and/or Christopher.
  • How hard would it be to convince Guise that a stray cat was a Scion that was in desperate need of pets to stop it from going evil again? Guise isn’t stupid or gullible. He could be convinced of that using psychic or reality-warping powers. That’s not to say that Guise isn’t up for a gag. He’s a dummy but not an idiot.
  • What happened to the island that was the Nexus of the Void? It was completely destroyed. Finding a replacement for the Nexus is something that factors into the Starter Kit.
  • How could you not have a flesh child called Dis-Guise in Biomancer’s deck? Because Biomancer took one look at Guise and wanted nothing to do with that.
  • How much is publically known about Nolan Generators, Isoflux Alpha, and Omegas? Almost nothing. The amount of complete knowledge that we have about it is bizarre. In-setting it’s only slowly being put together.
  • What is your favorite Spirit Island Spirit? Adam: Ocean’s Hungry Grasp. Christopher: that one or Keeper of the Forbidden Wilds, but that’s just of the core game stuff. Still working through opinions on the Jagged Earth content.
  • Was there a deck that practically wrote itself? Tachyon, as mentioned, but also Argent Adept if you add the disclaimer that it was kicking and screaming the whole way. That one was such that they knew exactly what it was supposed to do, but getting it into shape was a pain.
  • What questions would you ask each other if you suspected the other was replaced with a Biomancer clone? Biomancer usually kidnaps the victims and gets brain scans and so the clones have “perfect knowledge of [the victims’] pasts”, so that would be really tricky. Barring that level of detail, probaly something dealing with their childhood antics or mental health stuff. Maybe really in-depth Sentinel Comics stuff that they haven’t talked about with anyone else yet.
  • What’s the biggest/most pointlessly nitpicky disagreement they’ve had? Nitpicky was probably messing around with Sky-Scraper’s name, but that was more Adam and Paul messing with Christopher by calling her Proportia (which wound up used for an alt-reality version of her anyway). It’s hard to think of big ones because they resolve them by thinking of something better than either side was on its own. Chat brings up Progeny’s head, but that’s resolved and is mostly a joke anyway. Chat also mentions that they did disagree strongly on the air about whether Expatriette was the team accountant or not (or something).
  • Will Sentinels T-Shirts ever be made? They have been in the past there probably will be more in the future. The problem is that while they love for there to be Sentinel Comics shirts to exist, having shirts in inventory is a pain. GTG is definitely not in the t-shirt business. It’s more likely at this point that they eventually put some designed up on an on-demand site.

Yes/No Portion

  • Any problems with making divergent move-sets for Legacy and Heritage in the RPG? Yes.
  • I know a guy in the t-shirt printing and online shirt store business… That guy is me… Should I send more emails? Yes.
  • Will Heritage play an important role in the RPG? Yes. (Or “that’s up to you.”)
  • Adam, Does your mug say Hubby or Holiday? Hubby. Ness has one that says “Wifey”. They got them from Target and they love them.
  • Retcons? Yes.
  • In searching for Sentinels shirts, I came across someone trying to eBay a 1st Ed box of SotM for $17 - does this surprise you? No.
  • Are the Freedom Five worried that Unity is cooler than they are which is why they never invite her to the team? No, but maybe deep-down yes?
  • Updates next Tuesday? There might be. Not sure what you’re asking.
  • Does Christopher beat Adam in a fight? Yes.
  • Does Wraith drink coffee? Definitely.
  • Do you want to retcon your retcon answer? No.
  • Yes or No - Is there any future Scholar content even if it’s Scholar in the past? Actually yes!
  • Is there a plan in the RPG for codified resources (team base, vehicles, etc.)? Neither yes nor no.
  • Will you give more information on Wind Walker? Not right now.
  • Any chance you’ll release pictures of all the whiteboards? No.
  • Does Nightcrawler look sexy with a skateboard? Yes.
  • Did Soothsayer Carmichael survive OblivAeon? Yes.
  • Are you looking forward to what the future brings? Yes.
  • If you gave me an STL file, would you want me to print something for you on my 3D printer? Christopher has nothing he needs made, Adam might. Hit him up.
  • Is Soothsayer Carmichael helping Argent Adept train more Virtuosos? Likely not. They have their own stories.
  • Are Haka and NightMist really gone? Haka’s out there in the Multiverse. NightMist is really gone.