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The Letters Page: Microsode #1, 2019

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Primary Topic

Emily Parsons


You thought we weren't doing an episode this week, didn't you?

Well, guess what... you're right!

And yet, what's this?!?!

Show Notes:

Run Time: 6:58

Today is the first Tuesday of our two week of Gen Con hiatus. In today's Microsode, we answer the oldest question on the books! It's from a long-forgotten time - the distant and most ancient past. Wow!

We look forward to seeing so many of you at Gen Con! Come say hi!

As always, thank you for your continuing listenership and support, especially those of you subscribed to The Letters Page Patreon!

Characters Mentioned


From February 14, 2017 - the oldest letter still in the queue:

  • In the Legacy Episode you mentioned that Senator Emily Parsons is somebody you "wouldn't want to mess with", is this just due to the superpowered people she has at her back (her husband and daughter and/or their allies, for example), does she have some combat training herself, or just the hassle you'll have to deal with because of the legal/political fallout of any trouble you give her? That last one, mostly. Not the personal combat training at least, although she's the type to give any hypothetical kidnapper a hard time. They imagine a scene where the heroes finally find the hideout where she's been taken and burst into the room only to find the kidnapper crying and apologizing to her already. Between her and her husband, she's the scarier of the two as she's the one who's going to take you apart emotionally.
  • What became of Emily in the Iron Legacy timeline? They mentioned in the much later Iron Legacy episode that at the time of that story she was not yet a senator (that is a post-Vengeance story point). We're told that the death of Felicia winds up driving a wedge between them and this ends their relationship. When he goes full-on dictator she goes into hiding as she knows she's not safe. She's not really part of the story that actually gets depicted in the comics. It's a relatively short story and isn't about the Parsons family, just Legacy as a villain.
  • Do Paul and Emily have any other children? Were there large families in prior Parsons generations so that there are large numbers of cousins who are tied into this powerful bloodline? Felicia is an only child as is her father. Prior generations frequently had larger families, though (mainly the farther back you go the larger they tended to be), but they don't have powers for the reasons that have become apparent since this letter was written.