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The Letters Page: Microsode #2, 2019

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We're at it again - posting something when we said we wouldn't. What rapscallions. You can't take us anywhere.

Show Notes:

Run Time: 8:13

This is the second week of our two week Gen Con hiatus, and yet, we just couldn't NOT post SOMETHING, right?

Last week was Gen Con, as we lie about on the air.

For this Microsode, we answer the NEWEST, the FRESHEST, the RIGHT OFF THE PRESSES letter - one sent in mere hours before we recorded! Amazing. So fresh and so clean clean.

For those of you who couldn't be at Gen Con, next week's episode is a Trevor-edited recording of our Gen Con Live Episode! We hope it was a great success - at the time of this writing, we're still several days away from it, but we look forward to it with great anticipation.

For those of you on The Letters Page Patreon, we hope you'll join us on Friday, August 16th at 11 AM (Central Time) for our live recording of this month's Editor's Note! Those are always a good time. See you then! Or, rather, you'll see us then. You know what we mean.

Characters Mentioned


This time they go with the newest question asked as of when they recorded.

  • If the pop-culture landscape in the Sentinels Meta-verse was similar to our own, does that mean that there was a Sentinel Comics Cinematic Universe that kicked off around 2008 and culminated in, say, an OblivAeon film in 2019? How about other Big Bads going forward? They've talked about before that the Animated Universe is a much bigger deal in the Meta-verse (this being an aspect of wish fulfillment for the guys) and there isn't a live-action cinematic universe in the way that the Marvel one is here. There have been live action films occasionally since the '70s (and live action Legacy and Wraith TV shows going back to the '50s) and probably every 5-12 years somebody will make a new Legacy movie or Freedom Five movie or something, but they never developed into an interconnected thing and when that sort of thing did happen it was the animated version. They're of the opinion that animation just works better as a medium for superheroes - and that's speaking as people who love most of the MCU movies, but look how much better Into the Spider-Verse did at capturing the comic book feel. They actually think that's a good touchstone for how to think of the SCAU - the interconnectedness of the MCU with the production quality and heart of ItSV. Plus not having to worry as much about actors aging out of a role (or leaving the project and having to have a new voice actor come in to do something close enough to the original) is a benefit. As for Big Bads, sure things are eventually leading to an OblivAeon event, but it's not like that's the sole focus. Going back to the MCU, they had this slow build up with Thanos over the course of years and then the big blowout with Infinity War and Endgame and now we wonder what's next. With the SCAU there are all kinds of stories going on all the time in the various TV shows, but then the movies are always these big events.