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The Letters Page: Not Even a Real Episode 1

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Run Time: 40:06

This isn't a real episode! I mean, it has all of the elements you'd expect: an overview, a questions section, and even some things from the past that you might not expect! However, it's missing a major key part that makes Letters Page episodes possible. You'll just have to listen to find out.

More notes? Nah, no more notes. Take a listen. It's a fun time.

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  • Trevor’s on in Adam’s place because Adam’s son was born last week. Trevor’s kid turned one recently and Christopher comments that it seems like it can’t possibly have been that long, but also that it’s hard to think of Trevor not having a baby. [That’s pretty accurate in my experience regarding how endless/instant child development is.]
  • Since Adam's out, they can come up with whatever they want for the canon. Of course, it'll just get retconned away once he's back, but sure, Nightmist is coming back guys! She was out west or something. Sorry in advance for the inevitable reversal of this state of things and the crushing depression this will bring along with it.
  • They talk for several minutes about the process of recording and editing these things. Christopher and Adam have settled into a pretty good groove of about an hour of on-topic stuff per episode, with the extra length coming in the form of how much goofing off they do at the beginning and what kinds of weird rabbit holes they wind up following during the questions. Trevor tries to leave a lot of that in because he’s not only trying to get the Sentinel Comics content out, but also trying to convey what it’s like to be in the room with these two guys and if something rates a chuckle it generally leaves it in.
  • Apparently back in the Biomancer episode recording, Christopher accidentally hit the pause button on the recording equipment and they lost something like 17 minutes of story involving Biomancer’s wife. They’ll likely do another episode on him at some point to cover this, plus get to all of the questions they’ve got banked on him (and the fact that there’s RPG stuff to get into will be a good reason). [This was actually back in the Shipping Episode, not Biomancer's, and they included a brief summary of that Biomancer story in the show notes.]
  • The Season Three RPG streams are edited and ready to go. The finale session goes up tomorrow (relative to when this episode goes live), 2/5. Trevor’s had fun with these - generally when he’s editing he’s on the lookout for sound quality stuff (he is paying attention to the sounds people make with their face holes, not always catching the meanings these sounds convey), but he’s been able to follow a bit more of this last batch and is excited. He’s also going to be playing his first game of SCRPG with some other people here in the next few weeks [doesn’t sound like that’ll be an online thing, though].
  • Trevor’s been really enjoying the Writers Room episodes. Just the type of storytelling they get to do for those, plus the cover art that Adam does. They’re also just a great showcase for the creative dynamic that Christopher and Adam have. The volume 1 Disparation episode that was supposed to be out this week has been recorded already because they were working ahead a bit, so that’ll be next week’s episode. While Adam will be out of the office for a month, he does still plan on coming in on Fridays for the Letters Page recordings if he can.


  • [Great intro with Christopher and Trevor singing and abbreviated version of the letters song, because the standard one would be inaccurate given Adam’s absence.]
  • [Letter from “Sentinel Comics and GTG fans”: Not a question, but congratulations to Adam on the new baby! Also congrats to “uncle” Christopher who gets to do all the spoiling, but then gets to leave for all of the baby negatives.] It’s weird, Christopher has an avuncular role with Paul’s kids, but not so much with Adam’s. He and Adam already have a set of kids together in the form of the Sentinel Comics characters and that seems to be enough. Thanks for the well-wishes and they’ll get passed along. Christopher doesn’t want to steal Adam’s thunder by telling us the kid’s name or whatnot, but if you follow Adam on Twitter or if you have access to the Letters Page Discord channel he’s posted there already if you’re curious. If not, he’ll probably tell everybody again in the next episode they record.
  • [Letter for Trevor] During the outro Progeny’s theme from the video game plays; it’s loud, rocking, and in a minor key and seems like kind of an anxious note to end on (although Anthony’s song comes on immediately afterwards) - why use that theme rather than, say, the victory theme as in the Editor's Notes (although I had a theory that it would be that way up until the OblivAeon episodes at which point the victory theme would replace it)? [They start with some question of whether the early episodes used that outro - they’re pretty sure that they did, and I checked the Legacy episode real quick which does have the Progeny theme.] Trevor thinks that he had something else in there when first trying to cut it together, it was something else that Jean-Marc wrote, though. He just liked the energy of the Progeny theme - he’s reading this really boilerplate credits section so something with high energy/forward momentum works (“Tune in next week!”). Also the cut over to Anthony’s song is a nice juxtaposition.
    • Other musical stings - there’s a section break bit that’s just part of the chiptune theme song, but Christopher couldn’t place a little piano thing that gets used occasionally. It’s just a piano version of the “letters song” that Trevor played for that purpose [the Welcome to 2018! episode has the former sound bite at the beginning and the latter song at the end, for reference]. They think the Writer's Room “cover discussion” transition is from maybe Enclave of the Endlings [it’s really from The Final Wasteland - the Endlings bit is used for the wrap-up chatting section after the last content section]. They don’t do Future sections anymore, but that transition was from Megalopolis.
    • They’ve thought of doing a different outro at some point. Maybe include a bit from both Adam and Christopher before segueing over to Trevor. Christopher could get behind using the various OblivAeon themes here too.
    • They might try playing around with more transitions. They’ve at least done one that didn’t stick once. He likes getting feedback, so if something works or doesn’t speak up.

Future [complete with transition music]

  • Adam’s likely to have 3-5 more children as long as we’re speculating. Trevor might, anything is possible. Paul likely no more than he has. Christopher won’t have any more than he has either, but the number of cats likely approaches infinity.
  • Trevor’s curious if they’re going to do more out-of-the-norm episode formats (the Radio Play being the major example of this so far). Christopher has plans for a thing, hopefully this year.