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The Letters Page: Recapsode 2019

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Hey, everyone! We said there was no episode this week, but hopefully you've learned that you can't trust us by now!

Show Notes:

Run Time: 20:25

We talk about this year, answer some questions, and perhaps more? (No, not really anything more than that.)

See you next year, everyone!

Characters Mentioned


End of Year

  • 2019 has been a big year for the podcast/Sentinel Comics/GTG/and the guys in general. It’s really great that they get to do this show - no matter what else they have going on, they still get together to talk about this stuff every week. Even if everything else were to fall apart, they would still want to do this part of it to talk about Sentinel Comics. [This devolves into them discussing ways in which the company disappears, including somebody bombing their building. Please do not try to “help” them commit insurance fraud by blowing the place up.]


  • [From Christopher to Adam and Trevor:] This year Trevor had a baby and in a few weeks Adam will have one, which Sentinel Comics characters have had babies? Legacy. Citizen Dawn. There’s probably future stories that would involve characters' children, but from the start up through OblivAeon, the Parsons family and Dawn might be it. It seems weird that there aren’t more. Did Captain Cosmic? They left that cagey back in the stories about him (and that he’d had a relationship with Princess Zyliene, but they went their separate ways), but let’s make that official - they had a child that he doesn’t know about. Haka’s had some but they’re not really characters. Unity kind of has a bunch, but that’s different and she doesn’t think about them that way. Omnitron’s babies are all just Omnitron. Greazer Clutch might, but it’s not part of the story. Scholar had some before becoming the Scholar, but then they suddenly weren’t anymore due to the weirdness surrounding him becoming the Scholar. There’s also a bunch of ambiguous/going to come up on the horizon stuff. [I feel almost compelled to point out that they’ve teased the existence of a child of Baron Blade a few times.]
  • Adam has a love of aviator sunglasses, so which characters would look good in a pair of cool, cool glasses? Stuntman, who already does sometimes. Actually, rethinking things, it’s probably better to ask who wouldn’t look better in cool sunglasses (as most people look better in the right sunglasses)? Adam suggests Harpy. Christopher started to say Tempest, but then considered that there’s probably a shape of sunglasses that would look good for either of them. The trick is that people need to know what shape of glasses would look good for their face shape (Christopher suggests really big glasses with round lenses for Harpy, for example) and when you see people that don’t look good with sunglasses, that’s probably a mismatch problem more than a “this person doesn’t look good with sunglasses” one. Kaargra wouldn’t work, though - she’s got an intensity that contributes to her look that sunglasses would only get in the way of. Baron Blade kind of already has them sometimes in the goggles thing. Legacy wears aviators in the Extremeverse, but in the normal line that’s more of Bunker’s look and Legacy would probably stick more with wayfarers. Baron Blade, if going with a standard sunglasses thing instead of goggles would probably be wire-frame with very small round lenses. The ones that Christopher thought would be good for Tempest are wrap-around Oakley style “surfer” sunglasses.
  • [Adam’s letter:] What’s a Writers Room episode/issue that you want to do? Christopher wants to do some part of the Unity and the various Omnitrons story. They’ve told a lot of that story, but he would like to actually give it the Writers Room treatment. Also, something from Vengeance. Adam would like to do stories that let him try out a variety of different art styles/pastiches of famous artists - like a Nightmist story with a Gothic wood-block look or a Frank Miller or Barry Windsor-Smith [Note from the future: He got to do the Barry Windsor-Smith one].
  • Are there any minor/supporting characters getting a spotlight? Christopher can think of one immediately, but they’re going to get a spotlight shortly, so he doesn’t want to spoil that. Mr. Hideous seems like he’d be fun. They’ve had this sort of conversation a lot and many of those characters are getting more attention in various media, so it’s hard to say without spoiling. Adam suggests ones that aren’t around anymore like Wraith’s friends Sara and Eduardo, so a story involving them from the early ’80s might be a good Writers Room.
  • [They get into a conversation about St. Louis and sports stuff at the end as well that mentions a rare blue lobster that is now at the aquarium. It was a gift from a Boston sea-food restaurant to St. Louis after the Blues beat the Bruins to win the 2018-19 hockey season and is named Lord Stanley. It looks like this.
  • Happy New Year, everybody!