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The Letters Page: Extrasode 2
The Food Podcast

Original Source


"Il Alimento" Episode #192

Show Notes:

Run Time: 1:18:30

Our fourth annual Pasta episode. Chef Adam and Chef Christopher discuss pasta sauces, vegetables in pasta, and address the gnocchi controversy. They also answer questions from Il Alimento subscribers, and even read a few celebrity chef letters.

Eat well, my friends.

  • “Under The Sun of Italy” by Rossano Gentili
  • Various Spanish Guitar Riffs by SoundSeq Studio
  • Bouzouki Music by Hamza Zeytinoglu
  • “Christopher & Adam Reading Letters To You” composed and performed by Anthony Badell


The guys play this completely straight as a note-perfect pastiche of real "foodie" podcasts. They are in-character as chefs who are hosts of the long-running food podcast Il Alimento. This has nothing to do with Sentinel Comics or Greater Than Games in general.