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The Letters Page: Extrasode 7

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Who sounds like whom?

Show Notes:

Run Time: 1:39:09

The final Extrasode! Going out with a bang! This is a pretty interesting look at how we think about a lot of our characters. But, starting next month, no more Extrasodes. The time of the Extrasode has come to an end. More on that topic in next week's Editor's Note. (Which is being recorded live today at 11 AM Central - anyone on our Patreon can watch that live recording!)

We go through a bunch of casting for well over an hour (with unexpected help from the Irreplaceable Taffyman), and then we get to a few questions starting around an hour and 23 minutes in.

SPOILERS INCOMING! We recommend that you listen to the audio to learn who we would love to cast in each role, but here's a list (with a few post-recording notes):

  • Freedom Five & Friends
    • Legacy: Travis Willingham
    • Bunker: Jensen Ackles
    • The Wraith: Grey DeLisle
    • Tachyon: Tara Strong
    • Absolute Zero: Jimmi Simpson
    • Unity: Ashley Eckstein
    • Young Legacy: Hynden Walch
  • F5 villains
    • Baron Blade: Jason Isaacs
    • Citizen Dawn: Jennifer Hale
    • Grand Warlord Voss: Tony Jay
    • Omnitron: Willem Dafoe
    • Miss Information: Tress MacNeille
    • Fright Train: Terry Crews
    • Ermine: Ashly Burch
    • Proletariat: George Buza
    • Friction: Erin Yvette
    • Chokepoint: Shannon Kenny (We mistakenly said “Shannon Kelly” in the episode)
    • Progeny: N/A
  • Prime Wardens
    • Argent Adept: Billy Boyd
    • Captain Cosmic: James McAvoy
    • Tempest: Doug Jones
    • Haka: Dee Bradley Baker
    • Fanatic: Alanna Ubach
  • PW Villains
    • Akash'Bhuta: Elizabeth Peña
    • Apostate: Clancy Brown
    • Infinitor: Jeremy Irons
    • Blood Countess: Rosario Dawson (Since recording, we’ve been convinced that it actually should be Patty Mattson)
    • Biomancer: Faran Tahir
    • Kaargra Warfang: Lucy Lawless
    • Deadline: Liam O’Brien
  • Dark Watch
    • Mr Fixer: Phil LaMarr
    • Expatriette: Kelly Hu
    • Setback: Jason Marsden
    • NightMist: Colleen Clinkenbeard
    • Harpy: Mae Whitman
  • DW Villains
    • Chairman: Marton Csokas
    • Operative: Nika Futterman
    • Plague Rat: Fred Tatasciore
    • Spite: Brian Drummond
    • Heartbreaker: Desmond Harrington
    • Kismet: Jennie Kwan
    • GloomWeaver: Mark Hamill
    • Zhu Long: James Hong
  • Other Heroes
    • The Scholar: Ron Perlman
    • Ra / Blake Washington Jr.: Nolan North
    • Parse: Rose Byrne
    • Chrono-Ranger: Matthew Mercer
    • The Visionary: Seychelle Gabriel
    • The Naturalist: Chiwetel Ejiofor
    • K.N.Y.F.E.: Kelly MacDonald
    • Southwest Sentinels
      • Doctor Medico: Jaime Camil (We later decided off the air that this could have been Nestor Carbonell.)
      • Mainstay: Patrick Warburton
      • The Idealist: Jessie Flower
      • Writhe: Jeffrey Combs
    • Omnitron-X: Cillian Murphy
    • Sky-Scraper: Laura Bailey
    • Benchmark: Khary Payton
    • Guise: John Mulaney
  • Other Villains
    • The Dreamer: Kath Soucie
    • The Hippo: Brad Garrett
    • La Capitan: Penelope Cruz
    • Greazer Clutch: John DiMaggio
    • Highbrow: Dame Judi Dench
    • Revenant: Reed Diamond
    • The Ennead
      • Atum: Kevin Michael Richardson
      • The others: N/A
    • Slaughterhouse Six
      • Ambuscade: Gaspard Ulliel
      • Glamour: Barbara Goodson
      • Desert Eagle: N/A
      • Ray Manta: Maurice LaMarche
      • Revolt: Dante Basco
      • Magman: N/A
    • Green Grosser: Rob Paulsen (We now like Weird Al more for this one.)
    • Wager Master: Nick Kroll
    • OblivAeon: Keith David

Characters Mentioned


Casting the Multiverse

  • Today they’re doing some “dream casting”. This is the list of people they’d like to have voicing their characters in the Animated Universe, recognizing that some of these people may, in fact, be dead (they haven’t actually planned this out yet, so who knows?).
  • [If they pitch a name for a character that gets used elsewhere instead I put a note on their actual entry; if the person doesn’t wind up on the list I’ll note the suggestion where it occurred.]

Freedom Five & Friends

F5 villains

Prime Wardens

PW Villains

  • Akash'Bhuta: Elizabeth Peña imdb clip [Adam suggested her for Chokepoint. Like with Omnitron, they’d have post-production work to add nature sounds to her voice.]
  • Apostate: Clancy Brown imdb clip [Chat suggested him for Baron Blade. Christopher suggested the late, great Alan Rickman if they wanted to go in a more haughty direction with it imdb clip.]
  • Infinitor: Jeremy Irons imdb clip
  • Blood Countess: Rosario Dawson imdb clip (Since recording, we’ve been convinced that it actually should be Patty Mattson) imdb clip
  • Biomancer: Faran Tahir imdb clip1 clip2 [Another Alan Rickman suggestion, but they want to avoid the evil=British thing.]
  • Kaargra Warfang: Lucy Lawless imdb clip [It’s surprisingly difficult to find YouTube clips of Xena Warrior Princess where she’s talking, so I went with a clip of her on Parks & Recreation - she wins Ron over Tammy 2, so that’s something.]
  • Deadline: Liam O’Brien imdb clip [Chat suggested him for Apostate, but that’s the wrong direction.]

Dark Watch

DW Villains

  • Chairman: Marton Csokas imdb clip1 clip2 [Christopher pitched him for Baron Blade earlier.]
  • Operative: Nika Futterman imdb clip [Suggested by the chat for Ermine. Christopher also suggested her for Chokepoint.]
  • Plague Rat: Fred Tatasciore imdb clip [Adam says that any time you hear weird animal noises that it’s him - I would also like to refer to Frank Welker for that distinction, although his might be more “cute animals”.]
  • Spite: Brian Drummond imdb clip
  • Heartbreaker: Desmond Harrington imdb clip [Christopher had pitched him for Bunker up top, but they decided to save him for later.]
  • Kismet: Jennie Kwan imdb clip [Also considered for NightMist.]
  • GloomWeaver: Mark Hamill imdb clip
  • Zhu Long: James Hong imdb clip

Other Heroes

Other Villains

Audience Fan-Casting Letters

  • Did Frank Welker [imdb clip] voice any of the following: Voss, the Gene-Bound, the Magmarians, Dinosaurs on Insula Primalis, Naturalist’s animal forms, Legacy’s or Tempest’s dogs or any other natural animals, Mr. Chomps, Gruum, Bloogo, Immutus, or any other aliens, RevoCorp neutralizer, or Absolute Zero? After they guys look him up, they agree that yes, he did some of those things.
  • Was Guise voiced by Joe Zieja (imdb clip) like he is for the SotM video game (or here on The Letters Page)? No. They love that guy, but you understand.
  • Was the ’90s animated version of Unity voiced by Sue Blu imdb clip? No.
  • Tommy Wiseau imdb clip as Baron Blade? This is met with exasperation and Adam trying doing an impression to try to give Christopher (who apparently hasn’t seen/isn’t aware of the phenomenon that is The Room) an idea of what this would be like.
  • List of casting choices:
    • Biomancer: Willem Dafoe [chosen for Omnitron above]
    • Miss Information: Tina Fey imdb clip
    • Aeon Girl: Kristen Schall imdb clip [They specifically didn’t cast any of the newer characters]
    • Muse: Tara Strong [chosen for Tachyon]
    • Wager Master: Wallace Shawn imdb clip1 clip2
    • Haka: Dwayne Johnson imdb clip [they did mention this as a live casting choice]
    • Grandpa Legacy: Adam West imdb clip1 clip2 clip3
    • President of the United States: Paul Bender
    • Blumbling staffers: Christopher Badell and Adam Rebotarro imdb
  • Another list [they comment after the Miss Info suggestion that a bunch of these work for live action]:
    • Bunker: John Cena imdb clip
    • Absolute Zero: Nicholas Cage imdb clip
    • Wraith: Anne Hathaway imdb clip
    • Tachyon: Jennifer Lawrence imdb clip
    • Legacy: Chris Pratt imdb clip
    • Baron Blade: Benedict Cumberbatch imdb clip
    • Mr. Fixer: Samuel L. Jackson imdb clip [clip has swearing in it, but come on, it’s Samuel L. Jackson]
    • Chairman: Tom Hanks imdb clip
    • Wager Master: Mark Hamill [chosen for GloomWeaver]
    • Scholar: Mandy Patinkin imdb clip1 clip2
    • Miss Information: Julia Roberts imdb clip1 clip2
    • Captain Cosmic: Tom Hiddleston imdb clip
    • Infinitor: Hugh Jackman imdb clip [The problem here is that Hugh is Australian and does a good American accent, but I don’t think I’ve heard him do English.]
    • GloomWeaver: James Earl Jones [pitched for OblivAeon above]
    • Setback: Tom Holland imdb clip [He’s a good actor and is good at acting awkward, but isn’t actually awkward enough.]
  • How often did Guise get cameos on the Animated Series? He’d show up in the background of shots occasionally, but mainly just that one episode about him.
  • Who would voice/play Citizens Hammer and Anvil? You two? Christopher would pick an old Keanu Reeves (imdb clip) for Hammer. Adam picks a current Antonio Banderas (imdb clip) for Anvil.


  • [Letter mentions the writer’s birthday - traditional birthday singing at around 1:30:26] How important are regional accents to the characters; should Legacy and AZ sound like they’re from Chicago and Texas respectively? How do you envision the accents of Rook City, Megalopolis, and Mordengrad? How about aliens like Thorathians or Maerynians (like, would actors playing two members of the same race need to have matching accents)? Overall, the accents aren’t that important unless it’s giving you character/personality detail. Megalopolis is going to be that general Midwestern accent [despite being in Connecticut] because they don’t want something as aggressive as your stereotypical New York sound. Rook City has an accent that I can’t really describe except maybe an “angry tough guy” thing [Adam’s rendition is at 1:31:50]. Mordengrad is a vaguely Eastern European accent. Maerynians don’t have so much of an accent as simply a more clipped/stiff manner of speaking. Thorathians have accents, but there wouldn’t be much effort to systematize them (more like just giving the voice actors instructions to come up with something).
  • Asking about accents again: Baron Blade as non-specific Eastern European, Legacy as Boston, what’s the Rook City accent like? Yes to Baron Blade, more Rook City sample at 1:33:30, Legacy is definitely not Boston but your standard American.
  • Any notable instances of a single character winding up with multiple voice actors over the course of the series? It had to have happened for one reason or another - most likely due to them hiring a big-name to voice a character they assumed would only appear that one time, but who wound up returning later but they didn’t want to/couldn’t pay for the big-name to come back too, so they get somebody to imitate the original.
  • Did Ansel G. Moreau ever do any voice work? No - there’s no opportunity for people to see his beautiful face.