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  • The artwork for the Card Silver Shadow (out of the Argent Adept deck) shows five members of the team, a masked man with a red and gold costume the only still unknown. As of Vengeance his name is known as Captain Cosmic


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To Other Works

  • The Prime Wardens bare a lot of resemblance to Marvel's Defenders: As a powerful magic user, and the organizer of the team, Argent Adept fills the role of Doctor Strange. As the Super Strong, Super Tough physical combatant, Haka fills the role of the Hulk. As the Aquatic-themed member, Tempest fills the role of Namor, as a mythical/religious warrior, Fanatic fills the role of Valkyrie, and as a superhero of cosmic power, Captain Cosmic fills the role of the Silver Surfer. Interestingly, this team is even more closely akin to the defenders analogues from Justice League episodes, The Terror Beyond and Wake The Dead: Tempest's lost arm from his incapacitated side, as well as from the Iron Legacy Future, are more reminiscent of Aquaman than Namor, Fanatic is a closer match to Hawkgirl than Valkyrie, and Captain Cosmic, as the last hero, on the team, to be introduced, mirrors Amazo, who appeared in Wake the Dead, but not the previous episode to feature that team, The Terror Beyond.