Professor Pollution

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Minor Character: Professor Pollution

Professor Pollution.png

Name: Professor Pollution
HP: 9
Title: Nemesis
Found in: The Operative
Nemesis: The Naturalist

Main Episode: Has not had an episode yet

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  • From Letters Page Episode 23 - Naturalist
    • One of the things that Professor Pollution is doing, as a side-effect, is leaching toxicity into the dormant Akash'Bhuta (dormant, recovering from the fight with the Prime Wardens). This results in something like a cancer in her which Michael becomes aware of due to his connection to her (from when she cursed him). He communes with her to convince her that she needs to change in order to survive - paralleling his own origin story - and this is what results in the creation of Akash'Thriya and they kind of become an odd "team-up" duo, fighting against Revo-Corp and Plague Rat, Omnitron IV, and others.
  • From Letters Page Episode 30 - Akash'Thriya
    • Professor Pollution happens to be messing up the area that Akash is recovering in. The Naturalist comes to wake her up/help her with the result that she emerges, but not just to move to a different area to slumber some more, but coalescing into this humanoid form and becoming something of an anti-hero as Akash'Thriya and working with Naturalist
  • From Letters Page Interlude 7 - Nemeses
    • Given the backstory, why don't Professor Pollution and Akash'Thriya share a nemesis symbol? Is she a radiation-based mutant? Is she actually a professor or just a fan of alliteration? She's not a professor. The OblivAeon-based heroes all have the OblivAeon as their nemesis because it's the general reason for all of them becoming heroes. While the backstories touch on one another, Professor Pollution isn't really in any fights with Akash'whatever (like how Akash'Bhuta is involved in the Naturalist's backstory, but they're not nemeses). She's highly irradiated and has mutated based on that enough that she can survive it, but Sentinel Comics doesn't really have "mutants" as a specific category.