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To Other Works

  • As a near-unkillable engine of destruction bent on the annihilation of everything it sees, Progeny is similar to the DC villain Doomsday. As a shapeshifting creature which can mimic various forms and superpowers, he draws comparisons to Amazo, another DC villain.
  • Progeny is meant to be the forerunner for an even more powerful force, referred to in his character bio as his “Progenitor.” This trait is likely a reference to the Silver Surfer, the herald of Galactus, the Eater of Worlds. The fact that both characters have a silvery continence furthers the comparison.
  • The flavor text of “Beginning of the End” is a reference to the “Death of Superman” comic event, which had Doomsday advancing at a seemingly unstoppable rate towards Superman’s hometown of Metropolis. The flavor text replaces Metropolis with Megalopolis, Legacy’s hometown.
  • As a metallic shapeshifter, Progeny is similar to the T-1000, the villain of the film “Terminator 2.” This is further referenced on the card “Obvious Futility,” which shows Progeny shapeshifting into a form which mimics Mainstay after Mainstay punches it. In “Terminator 2,” the T-1000 could mimic a person after they made physical contact with it.