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Aliases: Dr. Blake Washington, Jr. Ph.D.
Age: 43/Immortal
Height: 5’ 11”/6' 4"
Weight: 170/220
Hair Color: Brown/Black
Eye Color: Brown/Gold
Birthplace: Princeton, New Jersey
Power Source: Divine
Group Affiliation: Egyptian Pantheon
Occupation: Adventurer, Archaeologist, College Professor, Egyptian God
First Appearance: Arcane Tales #83
Complexity: 1
Set: Enhanced Edition
Tactics Set: Sentinel Tactics: Flame of Freedom
Nemesis: The Ennead, Calypso, Anubis, and Ammit


HP: 30
Innate Power:
Pyre - Ra deals 1 target 2 fire damage.
Incapacitated Powers: Choose one each turn
  • One Hero may use a Power now.
  • Put an Environment Card in play on the bottom of the Environment deck.
  • Destroy an Ongoing card.

Ra: Horus of the Two Horizons

HP: 29
Innate Power:
Sunrise - Draw 3 cards. Discard 2 cards.
Incapacitated Powers: Choose one each turn
  • One player may Draw a card now.
  • Destroy an Ongoing card.
  • Move a Villain Card from the Villain trash to the top of the Villain Deck.

Ra: Setting Sun

HP: 28
Innate Power:
Sunrise - Ra deals each Non-Hero Target and himself 2 Irreducible Fire damage. Destroy one of your Ongoing cards. Remove the top 2 cards of your Deck and Trash from the game.
Incapacitated Powers: Choose one each turn
  • One Player may either Draw or Play a card.
  • One Hero deals 1 Target 10 Irreducible Fire damage. Remove Ra from the game.
  • Destroy each Non-Hero Target with 4 or fewer HP. Remove Ra from the game.

Sentinel Tactics: Ra

HP: 5
Actions: 2
Defense: 3
Movement: 2
Innate Powers:
Hot Headed - Ongoing Ability - If you would gain a Defense+1 token, gain an Attack+1 token instead.
Fire Blast - Action Ability Unlimited




Ra Original Standard Front.png

Dr. Blake Washington, Jr. was something of a wonder in his field. Starting out as an anthropologist, he moved quickly into the field of archeology and left his mark on whatever subject he dabbled in. Working with the Inuit people, he helped uncover major pieces of their history, thought lost to ice and time. He lived with the fierce Yanamamo people for years in the Amazonian jungle, where he learned and recorded more of their language and chronicled the history of their many warring tribes. So when he discovered a previously unknown pyramid under the shifting sands of Egypt's Sahara desert, his colleagues were certainly impressed, but hardly surprised.

Leading the exploration team himself, the newly discovered contents of the pyramid were quickly coveted by many private collectors and museums, the Smithsonian and the British Museum chief among these. Preferring the untouched pieces of history relatively untouched, Dr. Washington set up the pyramid as an exhibit in of itself, largely closed to the public, but open to students and researchers. The mystery of this hidden structure was that of its occupants. Or, rather, the apparent lack thereof. Chambers full of treasures, artifacts, and offerings were plentiful, but no sarcophagi were located, or even pharaohs named in the hieroglyphics covering the walls. At least, not until the secret chamber was located.

Dr. Washington made his way through a hidden maze, solving ancient puzzles and avoiding all manner of traps, to eventually find a golden chamber marked with the insignia of Ra, the Egyptian Sun God. The walls of this room were lined with dozens of sarcophagi of solid gold, but at the center of the chamber stood a pedestal. Embedded in the stone column was a long wooden staff with a gem-encrusted sun of gold at its end, seemingly unaffected by the ages.

Upon entering the room, Dr. Washington felt a pull from the staff - a draw unlike anything he had ever experienced. He quickly moved to the staff, and, ignoring years of training and what he knew should happen if he were to touch such an ancient artifact, he grasped the staff in both hands, pulling it free from the column. Bright sunlight filled the subterranean chamber, bursting forth from the archaeologist's eyes and open mouth. He felt his mind opened to a whole new plane of existence, as centuries of knowledge coursed through him. This was not a burial chamber for a pharaoh, but for a hero. Many heroes, in fact. Unbeknown to modern man, the stories of the Egyptian Sun God, Ra, came from the stories of various men who held that staff, each passing it off to a new hero when defeated. The entire pantheon of what was thought to be Egyptian Gods were beings who gained power through relics from an even older time.

Knowing he had to keep this chamber a secret, Dr. Washington, now the embodiment of Ra, resealed the chamber and reset the traps, hiding the entrance to the maze that brought him here. He knew he had a part to play in the future, now, and that there were villains in the world who he had the power to stop. The exhibit would hide the true nature of the pyramid, and Ra, born again, would once again defend the world from evil.


Ra: Horus of the Two Horizons


When The Ennead made their modern-day appearance, destroying any population centers they entered and calling out their challenge for Ra to come and face them, the heroes of the world immediately took notice. None so fast as Ra himself, who arrogantly sought them out alone to meet their challenge. The combined might of The Ennead proved to be greater than Ra anticipated, however, and he was defeated in a massive battle which left the surrounding cities and desert even more of a wasteland.

The fight with The Ennead left Ra stunned and shattered. He could not remember who he was, nor that there was a part of him that used to be Dr. Blake Washington, Jr. The being formerly known as Ra wandered into the desert, disappearing from the public eye entirely for years.

Meanwhile, The Ennead continued their assault on the world, drunk with power and thirsting for more! Various teams of heroes, such as the Freedom Five, took them on and managed to quell their attacks for some time, but The Ennead proved consistently able to regroup and recover, redoubling their efforts each time.

Now, years later, The Ennead are met with a new challenger who reminds them of an ancient foe they once had. Ra has returned from his wandering, but he seems something more…

Ra: Setting Sun

Variant: Originally received from the OblivAeon kickstarter

See Ra: Setting Sun's introduction in the ARG Event

After trading his spirit for another chance as a defender of the physical realm, Ra returned as the Horus of Two Horizons. He knew his time walking the earth was now limited, but he could not bear to watch the destruction of all he claimed as under his protection.

Now, OblivAeon has come, and once again, Ra must put everything on the line.

Ra has called old foes to his side, and makes the first successful assault on OblivAeon. He may pay the ultimate price for his actions, but the heat of his flame will never be extinguished.


Sentinel Tactics: Ra

Sentinel Tactics Character Panel

The absence of Ra was felt strongly by the heroes of the world. His power in combat had helped save many, right up until his last appearance, and his knowledge of a great many things from times gone by proved to be invaluable when facing ancient horrors. Still, the world carried on without him. So, when Ra reappeared in Megalopolis to aid the heroes in their fight against Baron Blade, it came as a shock to everyone.

Ra was inarguably Ra - his fire-power and his hot-headedness were unmistakable. But his comportment had changed. He displayed less of the imposing demeanor his compatriots had grown used to, and he was far more eager to assist the other heroes, especially the Freedom Five.

There is much to learn of Ra, apparently. He is not the man he used to be, though he still knows the heroes well and fights alongside them with as much power as ever. But what happened to him in all these years? Surely, somewhere, there must be answers.

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Art References

  • The original Horus of Two Horizons promo incap side shows a bound Ra being watched by Set.
  • The Variant Art Pack Horus of Two Horizons incap side shows Ra speaking to Ammit.
  • The Setting Sun incap side shows Fanatic mourning over Ra's body.
  • "Drawn to the Flame" shows Citizen Dawn weathering a fire blast.
  • "Imbued Fire" shows Legacy with glowing fists, representing that he does Fire damage instead of Melee now.
  • "Scorched Earth" shows Anubis standing on the ground that Ra has caused to burn.



  • Ra has the most nemeses of any Sentinels hero (The Ennead (9), Calypso, Ammit and Anubis.)
  • The new Ra in Tactics is Thiago and the Staff in the Freedom Tower called out to him allowing to bypass security Q&A from Gen Con 2016


  • Many of Ra's character traits are homages to the Marvel Comics incarnation of Thor, the Norse god of thunder:
    • Both are gods that switch places/identities with mortal men.
    • Both have powers that draw from an elemental source (fire for Ra, thunder for Thor).
    • Both use a mystic relic to channel and enhance their powers (Ra's staff, Thor's Mjolnir hammer.)
    • Both speak in a quasi-Shakespearean manner.
  • "The Staff of Ra" first appeared in the film Raiders of the Lost Ark/ In the movie, main character Indian Jones used it to find the lost Ark of the Covenant.
  • The Cairo Sphinx is famous for missing its nose. The sphinx in the background of "Living Conflagration," however, still has its nose.
  • The flavor text on "Excavation" is an homage to the film Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

Incapacitated Images

Variant Pack New Artwork

The All Heroes Variant Pack released with OblivAeon contains new artwork for the heroes and their variant cards.

Ra Hero Deck

Rule 15

Cards that previously required you to take damage to keep them in play (Such as Ra Solar Flare or Tachyon Pushing the Limits) are now clarified to be destroyed if this damage is not taken. Cards officially reprinted are:

The text of these all these cards now reads "If [He/She/They] take no damage this way, destroy this card"

This Ruling is not limited to these cards, simply these were the ones that were reprinted. Any other card that requires its user to take damage to keep it in play is affected as well

(Known as Rule 15 because it was the 15'th point on a list of rules questions posted on the forums that were posed to Christopher during KantCon)


Incapacitated - Ra struggling to stand while holding a broken staff


Excavation (x2)
Put up to 3 cards from the Environment trash on the bottom of the Environment deck. You may draw as many cards as you moved this way.
Art: Dr. Blake Washington digging up an artifact;
'Flavor-text: "This belongs in a museum!" - Dr. Blake Washington, Rebirth of Ra One-Shot
Fire Blast (x3)
Ra deals 1 Target 5 Fire Damage.
Art: Ra shooting a blast of fire with his eyes' glowing;
Flavor-text: "Not even worth my time." - Ra, Ra: God of the Sun #139
Flame Spike (x3)
Ra deals 1 target 1 Fire Damage. You may use an additional power this turn.
Art: Ra throwing a spike of flame at what appears to be a member of the Ennead;
Flavor-text: "A mere taste of the power of the sun." - Ra, Baptism by Fire #2
Inferno (x3)
Ra deals 1 target 3 Fire Damage. Ra deals up to 5 other Targets 1 Fire Damage each.
Art: Pillars of fire hitting the ground in front of the silhouette of Ra;
Flavor-text: "Feel the all-engulfing might of the sun god!" - Ra, Arcane Tales #83
Scorched Earth (x3)
Ra deals each non-Hero Target X Fire Damage, where X = the number of Environment cards in play.
Art: Anubis standing behind Ra with the ground crumbling underneath them;
Flavor-text: "The sands of the Sahara are glass in my wake!" - Ra, Ra: God of the Sun #76
Summon Staff (x4)
Search your deck for the Staff of Ra and put it into your hand. Shuffle your deck. You may draw a card. You may play a card.
Art: The Staff of Ra emerging from a Portal to Ra's outstretched arm;
Flavor-text: "From the fiery ether, return to me, my staff!" - Ra, Ra: God of the Sun #119


Drawn to the Flame (x2)
Power: Ra deals each non-Hero Target X Fire Damage, where X = the number of Villain Ongoing cards in play.
Art: Ra sending a blast of fire at Citizen Dawn who is trying to block it;
Flavor-text: "Why won't you just die?!" - Citizen Dawn, Sunrise #11
Flesh of the Sun God (x3)
Ra is immune to Fire Damage.
Power: Hero character cards are immune to Fire Damage until the start of your next turn.
Art: An orange silhouette of Ra;
Flavor-text: "These flames are a mere candle in the face of the sun's fury." - Ra, Ra:God of the Sun #25
Living Conflagration (x3)
When this card enters play, Ra deals 1 Target 2 Fire Damage.
Power: Ra deals 1 Target 1 Fire Damage. You may draw a card.
Art: Ra with flames coming off him in front of an Egyptian Sphinx;
Flavor-text: Christopher and Adam - Ra, Ra: God of the Sun #1
Solar Flare (x2)
Increase Fire Damage dealt by Ra by 2. At the end of your turn, Ra may deal himself 4 Psychic Damage. If he takes no Damage this way, this card is destroyed.
Art: Mostly a silhouette of Ra in front of the sun which is blaring. Ra's eyes are glowing;
Flavor-text: "As it happens, when you play with fire... " - Ra, Ra: God of the Sun #290
Wrathful Gaze (x2)
Power: Destroy 1 Target with 2 or fewer HP.
Art: Beams of energy shooting from Ra's eyes;
Flavor-text: "Foolish creature! Stand not before Ra!" - Ra, Arcane Tales #98

Ongoing, Limited

Blazing Tornado (x2)
Power: Ra deals 1 Target 3 Fire Damage.
Art: Ra summoning a tornado of fire;
Flavor-text: Naturally occurring fire tornadoes are dangerous and unpredictable. Those summoned by a sun god are much worse. - Unattributed
Flame Barrier (x2)
The first time Ra is dealt Damage by a Target each turn, Ra deals that Target 2 Fire Damage.
Art: A silhouette of Ra with his eyes' glowing surrounded by flame;
Flavor-text: Enveloped in the heat of the sun, those who draw too close to Ra feels its burn. - Narrator
Imbued Fire (x2)
Increase all Fire Damage by 1. Change the Damage type of Damage dealt by Hero Targets to Fire.
Power: Destroy this card.
Art: Ra's eyes are glowing with and Legacy is at his side with fists of flame;
Flavor-text: "Blessings of the sun are curses for those who oppose you." - Ra, Baptism by Fire #5

Equipment, Relic, Limited

The Staff of Ra (x4)
When this card enters play, Ra regains 3 HP. Increase Damage dealt by Ra by 1.
Power: Ra deals 1 Target 3 Projectile Damage. Destroy this card.
Art: The Staff of Ra;
Flavor-text: "The Staff of Ra? Impossible! To have survived all these centuries... " - Dr. Blake Washington, Rebirth of Ra One-Shot

Sentinel Tactics: Ra Power Cards

Blazing Tornado
Ongoing: When this card enters play, place the Blazing Tornado marker in a hex in Ra's line of sight. The Blazing Tornado generates hazard spaces.


Hazard Attack
Radius 1
Flavor text: "He's back. And he's really turning up the heat. Hee! Er, right. Sorry. Not joke time." - Unity, Ra: God of the Sun #1
Flame Spike
Ongoing: Whenever Ra makes an attack other than Flame Spike, he may also make this attack.


Flavor text: "Fire begets more fire. As righteous fury brings about destruction to evildoers. Battle!" - Fanatic, Ra: God of the Sun #49


Area Attack
Origin 4, Radius 1
Flavor text: "Plants? And trees? It's like you've never heard of me!" - Ra, Sentinel Sagas #24
Living Pyre
Ongoing: Ra generates hazard spaces.


Hazard Attack
Radius 1
Flavor text: "You call yourself Anubis? What kind of joke is this? We both know you're no lord of the underworld." - Ra, America's Finest Legacy #7
Solar Flare
Ongoing: Add two dice to all of Ra's attack rolls.
Ongoing: Whenever Ra makes an attack, gain a Defense-1 token.
Flavor text: "Oh, I know all about your leader's radiant power. Here's a taste of mine!" - Ra, Ra: God of the Sun #19
The Staff of Ra
When this card enters play, Ra regains one health.
Ongoing: Surge: Gain an Attack+1 token.
Ongoing: When Ra makes an attack, you may reroll all auto-miss dice.
Flavor text: "Whoa. This changes everything. Look out villans - Ra is back!" - Ra, Song & Flame One-Shot


Fireside Chats

  • Suppose you attack Target A with Inferno’s first damage and it gets redirected to Target B. Target A is available for the next damages, and Target B is not (because Inferno says "other").
  • If a Shinobi Assassin is on top of Ra’s deck and he plays Summon Staff, the assassin gets shuffled into Ra's deck.

Spiff's SotM Rules and Clarifications

Anubis is Ra’s nemesis

  • Unlike most environment cards, “Anubis” has a hero’s icon on it. Ra and Anubis are nemeses and deal each other 1 additional damage.

Living Conflagration

  • The power on this card reads “Ra deals 1 target 1 fire damage. You may draw a card”. If the damage from the first part of the power is prevented or reduced to zero, you may still draw a card because The two parts of the power are independent.

Imbued Fire

  • Both parts of the text on Imbued Fire (“increase all fire damage by 1.” and “Change the damage type of damage dealt by hero targets to fire.”) are ongoing, static buffs. These things aren’t happening in any particular order, so once the card is in play, both of the effects are in play simultaneously. This means that when you change the damage type of damage dealt by heroes to fire, that fire damage will be increased by one. The fact that the fire damage increase was written before the damage type change on the card is irrelevant.

Flame Barrier

  • This card says, “the first time Ra is dealt damage by a target each turn, ra deals that target 2 fire damage.” However, If the incoming damage to Ra is reduced to the point where he actually takes no damage, then the damage done to the attacking target never happens. Ra must take at least 1 point of damage for him to deal 2 melee damage to His attacker. Also, as covered in the “the first time a target does xyz…” topic in the “other” section of this document, “Combat Stance” is triggered the first time wraith is dealt damage per target, per turn. so, if two different targets damage Wraith in a turn, “combat stance” will trigger each time, but if a single target damages her twice in the same turn, “Combat Stance” will only trigger once. Combat Stance