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Fireside Chats

  • Suppose you attack Target A with Inferno’s first damage and it gets redirected to Target B. Target A is available for the next damages, and Target B is not (because Inferno says "other").
  • If a Shinobi Assassin is on top of Ra’s deck and he plays Summon Staff, the assassin gets shuffled into Ra's deck.

Spiff's Clarifications

Anubis is Ra’s nemesis

  • Unlike most environment cards, “Anubis” has a hero’s icon on it. Ra and Anubis are nemeses and deal each other 1 additional damage.

Living Conflagration

  • The power on this card reads “Ra deals 1 target 1 fire damage. You may draw a card”. If the damage from the first part of the power is prevented or reduced to zero, you may still draw a card because The two parts of the power are independent.

Imbued Fire

  • Both parts of the text on Imbued Fire (“increase all fire damage by 1.” and “Change the damage type of damage dealt by hero targets to fire.”) are ongoing, static buffs. These things aren’t happening in any particular order, so once the card is in play, both of the effects are in play simultaneously. This means that when you change the damage type of damage dealt by heroes to fire, that fire damage will be increased by one. The fact that the fire damage increase was written before the damage type change on the card is irrelevant.

Flame Barrier

  • This card says, “the first time Ra is dealt damage by a target each turn, ra deals that target 2 fire damage.” However, If the incoming damage to Ra is reduced to the point where he actually takes no damage, then the damage done to the attacking target never happens. Ra must take at least 1 point of damage for him to deal 2 melee damage to His attacker. Also, as covered in the “the first time a target does xyz…” topic in the “other” section of this document, “Combat Stance” is triggered the first time wraith is dealt damage per target, per turn. so, if two different targets damage Wraith in a turn, “combat stance” will trigger each time, but if a single target damages her twice in the same turn, “Combat Stance” will only trigger once. Combat Stance