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Set: Vengeance
Nemesis: Unity

The Radioactivist

HP: 10
Title: Nemesis
Found In: Proletariat


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Radioactivist was originally known as Information Needed - He became obsessed with the Freedom Five and Unity in particular after an attack on a Nuclear Powerplant where Unity was among those who were there to stop the villains. He was subsequently mutated by the radioactive energy, becoming The Radioactivist.

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  • From Letters Page Unity Episode
    • His odd appearance really is just his gross, orange skin (caused by the nuclear energies that power him) - he was a weird creepy fanboy of the Freedom Five, and became kind of a stalker with regards to Unity once she joined the group. In an event where a bunch of robot drones were attacking a nuclear plant, the FF and Unity went to stop them, he followed them there. He got dosed with a bunch of radiation when the drones caused some part of it to overload. That turned him into the weird creature he is now - for which he blames Unity and the FF.
  • From Letters Page Interlude 7 - Nemeses
    • Did any of Radioactivist's stalkery fan letters and what not make it to Unity, or does the Freedom Five have a robust screening process? His letters and whatnot weren't graphic or anything and weren't really a problem until there were too many of them - the volume was more alarming than anything. He's a creep, but not a pervert. He stopped writing letters after he became the mutated radioactive creature - it's hard to hold a pen when they melt.


  • The Radioactivist is quite reminiscent of Radioactive Man, a villain in the Marvel universe (not to be confused with the character of the same name from “The Simpsons.”) Ironically, as indicated by his name and his flavor text, he seems to have a great dislike for nuclear energy.