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Fireside Chats

  • If you have an additional power use on your turn and have to skip your power phase due to Time Crawls, you don’t get to use a power.
  • If Time Crawls is destroyed in the play card phase, its effect is removed and you do not have to skip your power phase.
  • Suppose Explosive Bubbles is at full HP and we have selected the 5 targets with the highest HP. If Explosive Bubbles hits Ra first, and he has Flame Barrier, Ra hits the bubbles back for 2 HP. At this point, Explosive Bubbles will hit 2 more targets. You need to re-evaluate the 2 highest HP targets from the subset of originally chosen highest HP targets. Note: this is not yet fixed in the video game, but will be in a later update.
  • If “Imbued Vitality” is out, and thus the Sentinels have target equipment/ongoing cards, but then the last Sentinel is dealt damage such that all Sentinels are incapacitated, you do not flip the instructions card. The Sentinels live on through their stuff. They aren’t incapacitated until they run out of stuff or Imbued Vitality leaves play. Second Chance can still revive them in this state.
  • When Shocking Animation and Imbued Vitality are both in play, the higher maximum HP is the target's max HP.
  • Suppose Imbued Vitality is in play and the Wraith uses Stun Bolt on an equipment card. If Imbued Vitality is destroyed and then played again, the Stun Bolt effect no longer applies, because the equipment card has a "new" target.
  • Suppose a Realm of Discord distortion is in play, and Stuntman has L'Embuscade in play. When another distortion is played, and L'Embuscade ends up playing In Medias Res, the destruction of the first distortion is skipped.

Spiff's Clarifications

Negative Energy field and Positive Energy Field

  • Both these cards have an effect which occurs whenever a card is played (“Negative Energy Field” deals damage and “Positive Energy Field” heals). If the card which was played is a target, the effects on these cards will affect those newly-played targets, just like any other target on the table. Answers to Debated Questions