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Besides the natural world, there exist many magical realms and planes. These realms include:

  • Æternus: A sentient plane of torment and fire, inhabited by demons and ruled by bickering princes. The realm itself has a will, and frequently attempts to encroach upon other planes. It is this plane whence Darkstrife and Painstake draw their power. See: Podcasts/Episode 195.
  • The Demon-Bug Dimension: A plane full of nothing but infernal insectoids. It is whence the Myriad entity hails, whence it draws its power, and whence it summons its demon bugs. See: Podcasts/Episode 103.
  • Clarity: A realm of blinding light. Its original purpose was one of enlightenment, but its enlightenment grants more clarity than a mortal mind can comprehend, thus causing madness. It is home to monstrous, angelic abominations. One region of the plane is called the Mists of R'lyeh. See: Podcasts/Episode 195.
  • The Egyptian Underworld: Once a realm of powerful beings, a great cataclysm befell it, and now all it contains is raging destruction. The plane's former inhabitants came to Earth and were worshipped as the Ancient Egyptian deities, including the original Ra and The Ennead. The Tomb of Anubis houses a gate to this plane, where it is guarded by Anubis.
  • The Grey: A plane of apathy—the complete lack of emotions. Any beings who remain too long in this realm risk having the emotions drained from them. Like Æternus, the Grey has been known to encroach upon other realms. It is the source of Psylence's power. See: Podcasts/Episode 195.
  • The Host: A realm of lights and angelic beings. Each such being is attuned to one particular concept or emotion. Both Fanatic and Apostate hail from this plane. See: Podcasts/Episode 37.
  • The Realm of Discord: A twisting realm of chaos and confusing geometries; it defies all logic. The plane is home to the race of Portal Fiends, and is where Gloomweaver is imprisoned. See: Podcasts/Episode 54.
  • Quetzalcoatl's Realm: Little is known about this plane, save that it is whence Quetzalcoatl hails. It is also home to numerous other feathered serpent creatures. Quetzalcoatl once attempted to open a gate to it from the material plane using Doctor Medico's energy. He was opposed by the other members of the Southwest Sentinels, but was ultimately successful. See: Podcasts/Episode 220.
  • The Void: A plane of great power and magic. The Nexus of the Void is a portal to the Void. A number of mages and magical creatures draw power from the Void, including Akash'Bhuta, Nightmist, Bal'Taranerach, and Virtuosos of the Void such as the Argent Adept and the Diamond Diva, while other entities feed upon Void energy, including Ruin and Voidsoul.