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Art References

  • These references are for what various pieces of art in a particular deck or cards refer to other, in game cards, characters, events, or decks. So if you see a character on a card in Absolute Zero's deck, and you know who that character is, put it here.
  • This does NOT include art references to real world inspirations. Those go in the final section


  • These are for what could be true, that the community has come up with as generally accepted, but has not yet had a stamp of approval either from one of >G members, or from actual card proof.


  • Put here any facts that have been confirmed by >G members, with a link if possible to the post/podcast/article/whatever. Hearsay from the mouth of >G Members is OK to put here, because they don't say anything they don't want revealed, and can always deny it if it's not true.
  • Most Podcast Story information should NOT end up here - it should go on the relevant name/Comics page tabs.


  • These are the Questions from various podcasts as recorded on the Podcast pages. This category automatically collapses to preserve space.

To Other Works

  • This section is for real world (ie, our real comics of Marvel and DC and others) that the characters are drawn from. Any connection to Real world, either in the art, the backstory, or the events should be placed here.