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Minor Character: Revenant


Name: Revenant
HP: 10
Title: Nemesis
Found in: Friction
Nemesis: Setback
  • From Letters Page 32:
    • After the Mad Bomber fiasco and his arrest he promotes somebody named Mark Benedetto to run the place. Mark was a CEO some computer company in the '80s (competing with such giants as Commodore and Tandy). After a TV news interview segment he had a "live mic" situation where he went on a expletive-laden tirade about the computer industry in general as well as his company in particular and the board of directors fired him.
    • Mark's still got money, though, and needs to find a safe investment that can sustain him while he waits for this hit to his reputation to blow over. He winds up investing everything in this "sure thing" called Betamax (it's obviously the better technology compared to the competing VHS standard).
    • When that backfired he's now unemployable and destitute. He takes an entry-level position with this place called RevoCorp that isn't too picky with its hiring practices. Since he really does know technology and has legitimate business experience he manages to move up in the company pretty quickly. This gets him on the radar of management and gets tagged to take over as CEO once Kris Barron becomes indisposed. He learns what's really going on fairly quickly, but decides it's just an interesting challenge and focuses a lot of his energy on the public face of the company - authorizing new R&D projects and other things that actually make RevoCorp a profitable company and a household name rather than just a front for Blade's nefarious schemes.
    • Not to say that he's not getting into some shady stuff. A push into pharmaceuticals ties into some of the events detailed in the Plague Rat episode. He's helping arm some low-level villains (supplies or outright augmentation - the latter teasing an upcoming episode). He's just doing a really good job managing the public perception of the company and hiding the bad stuff.
    • Years pass and he's back on top, leading a successful company after starting from the bottom. You'd think he'd learned something or grown as a person as well. Nope - he thinks the world owes him something. Computers are huge and he was obviously a big part of that back in the '80s. Video tape technology is only as good as it is due to his investment in Betamax (sure it lost the format war, but it still pushed VHS to be better as a result). Why, without him, modern civilization wouldn't be where it is! It's time to Treat Yo Self, so he puts together a suit of powered armor from the company's tech and uses it to rob banks under the name Revenant. By sheer coincidence, he keeps running into this same hero again and again - Setback. Wins and losses on both sides, but he always at the least manages to escape.
    • This brings us up to Vengeance. Baron Blade leverages the RevoCorp assets to augment, equip, or otherwise beef up all of the villains he's bringing together. This requires that Mark put in a lot more effort to keep all of this off the public radar and also uses up a lot of resources that he would have liked to have used elsewhere and he's annoyed with what he sees as a lack of proper priorities - Blade could have all of the money but no, he has to go and start this war with a bunch of heroes. As Revenant he does fight Setback some, but he's really involved more on the back-end RevoCorp stuff.
    • After Vengeance, Blade is pretty much out of resources. He'd put everything into this push, but since he wanted there to be no paper trail back to him as Kris Barron he hadn't actually been pulling money from RevoCorp personally. Mark (who makes bank as CEO of a successful company and robs banks as Revenant) offers to just buy RevoCorp from him, which Blade accepts (headline "Benedetto Buys Business from Baron Blade for Big Bucks").
    • Now that he's really in charge, he finally gets the keys to all of the compartmentalized projects that RevoCorp had been up to that he previously hadn't known about. This included the files regarding one Pete Riske, who he now recognizes as this hero who's tried to stop him so often. He comes to the conclusion that Setback must be specifically coming after him, which implies that he knows about his connection to RevoCorp and his identity (nope, it really has been a series of crazy coincidences that Setback showed up in time to fight Revenant during his bank robberies). This isn't particularly useful information to have, but he at least has it now.
    • He also learns about more of the overseas holdings, including RevoCorp Oceania and the incident that led to a former employee becoming the hero Parse. He decides that since there seems to be a trend of company actions resulting in there being heroes out there that he has to deal with that the best course of action is to create a hero in-house. Somebody associated with the company who can keep things in-line, protect its interests (and hopefully also be a public relations success as well).

Main Episode: Has not had an episode yet

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  • Revenant, along with Setback were the two earliest ideas for superheroes and villains by Adam Confirmed Gathering of Heroes 2014
  • Revenant is the CEO of Revo-Corp in power armor Letters Page 3.
  • It is implied in Letters Page 3 starting at the 21:18 mark that the suit worn by Revenant is a later iteration of the Battle Suit created by Baron Blade and then was confirmed in Letters Page 32

To Other Works

  • Revenant is named after a monster from European folklore. The creatures in the original tales were corpses that rose from their graves to seek vengeance on those that wronged them in life. They were often impossible to kill outside of strange/magical means. Aside from his flavor text, not much about the armored/robotic, energy-blasting, RevoCorp-owning Setback nemesis bears a resemblance to his namesake.