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  • Revenant, along with Setback were the two earliest ideas for superheroes and villains by Adam Confirmed Gathering of Heroes 2014
  • Revenant is the CEO of Revo-Corp in power armor Letters Page 3.
  • It is implied in Letters Page 3 starting at the 21:18 mark that the suit worn by Revenant is a later iteration of the Battle Suit created by Baron Blade and then was confirmed in Letters Page 32

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  • Revenant is named after a monster from European folklore. The creatures in the original tales were corpses that rose from their graves to seek vengeance on those that wronged them in life. They were often impossible to kill outside of strange/magical means. Aside from his flavor text, not much about the armored/robotic, energy-blasting, RevoCorp-owning Setback nemesis bears a resemblance to his namesake.