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Baron Blade created Revo-Corp, and was its first CEO, under the pseudoname "Kris Barron." He did this after his defeat in the Ruins of Atlantis against The Freedom Five when he tried to use the Terralunar Impulsion Beam to destroy the earth. After narrowly escaping an explosion in The Ruins, he hid in Megalopolis, and planned his revenge. Part of that planning involved setting up Revo-Corp (Which is Pro Cover, backwards), and using it to fund and direct his research. This research eventually led to Setback gaining his powers, as well as the Omni-Blade.

After his defeat and capture at the conclusion of the Mad Bomber event, Blade appointed Mark Benedetto as the new Revo-Corp CEO. Benedetto had a power suit built for himself so he could commit crimes for some extra income, calling himself Revenant, but he is also a highly competent CEO and builds Revo-Corp into a legitimate and profitable business with a strong public image (despite still doing illegal things on the side).

The Revenant Suit is a precursor to the suit Benchmark wears. Revo-Corp develops the Benchmark suit and hires actor and generally awesome guy Randall Butler to wear it and be the "face" of Revo-Corp. Benchmark proves to be too much of a real hero, though, and instead of eliminating Setback and Parse, unveils Benedetto as Revenant.

RevoCorp subsequently falls under new management, which is different between the Tactics and RPG timelines.


Main Episode: Episode 32

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  • Revo Corp has pieces of Omnitron within it's storage.
  • Benchmark is an employee of Revo-Corp
  • Parse had worked for Revo-Corp and Revernant before getting her powers
  • Baron Blade founded RevoCorp before he was arrested due to the Mad Bomber Blade events Letters Page Episode 3 and it was initially tasked with the development of the serum that gave him powers leading up to the Vengeance events.

To Other Works

  • Revo-Corp is similar to Roxxon Corp in Marvel Universe. They're big corporations with some shady ties.