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Sentinel Comics RPG: Rockstar

SCRPG Rockstar.png
Hero Name Alias
Rockstar Megan Lee
Physical Attributes
Gender Female Age Late Teens Height Height
Eyes Eyes Color Hair Hair Color Skin Skin Color
Build Build
Costume/Equipement Costume/Equipment
Background Background Power Source Power Source
Archetype Archtype Personality Personality
Principle of Ambition
Principle of Strength
During Roleplaying During Roleplaying
There's something that you want and you will strive towards achieving your goal, no matter the cost. You see paths to victory that no one else will. Right during roleplay
Minor Twist Minor Twist
How is the pursuit of your goals getting in the way of being a hero in this situation? right minor
Major Twist Major Twist
What did you just pass up or miss that could have helped you achieve your biggest goal at last? right Major Twist
Modes Die Type Qualities Die Type
Status Dice Health Range
Green 35px The health range for Green
Yellow 35px The health range for Yellow
Red 35px Health range for Red
Icon Name Type Game Text
(rpgOvercome) Principle of Ambition I Overcome a situation where someone else has given you a Bonus from a Boost. Use your Max die. You and each of your allies gain a Hero Point
Icon Name Type Game Text
Icon Name Type Game Text

The grey ability text.

Meta: Rockstar

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  • Rockstar, Megan Lee doesn't appear in the Mist Storm Universe.

Questions Answered on The Letters Page

  • From The Letters Page Episode 74
  • Who tends to take the leadership role and why? The easy answer is "not Aeon Girl or Muerto". Headlong tends to be the most decisive. Rockstar wants to be the frontman and tends to lead with her face. Muse isn't really a leader, but she's the "soul" or "backbone" of the team.
  • How old is everybody? Rockstar and Headlong are seniors in high school. Muse is a freshman. Muerto finished one year of high school and then died. Aeon Girl is a number of months old, but presents as a teenager.
  • Do Muse and Rockstar fight crime in heels? Isn't that uncomfortable/dangerous? Muse doesn't do a lot of the running/jumping style of heroics, and Rockstar wears the sorts of shoes she would wear on stage (and has the whole rock protection thing going on in the first place). Adam takes issue with the idea that heels are always going to interfere with movement - look at dancers who can move just fine in heels.
  • Is Rockstar an actual rock star? Is that a star tattoo? Is she seeing anyone? She wants to be a rock star. It's glitter makeup (and she changes both that and her hair tips all the time). She's not seeing anyone currently.
  • Does Rockstar manifest her powers through music or is she just a rocker who got powers? The latter (although note that she's a wannabe rocker - and to address a common question, music has nothing to do with her powers). She wants to be a guitarist for a rock band, but is also not really putting any real work in towards that end goal (say, by practicing guitar or writing songs).
  • Did she write and anthem for the team? Not yet (definitely thinking about talking about working on it, though).
  • What kind of music does Rockstar like? What kind of rocks does her power make? She makes crystalline things typically (she can make cruder types of rock if she wants, but she typically wants to make shiny/flashy rocks that people will talk about later). Musically, she likes stuff on the glam/pop continuum of rock (not heavy metal or classic rock). Her music player will have a lot of modern pop, pop punk, etc.



Comic Books: Rockstar

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Tachyon Speeds By to Remind You!

This information is from the Sentinel Comics Universe, one of two branching universes. Products in this timeline are: Sentinel Comics RPG.

  • Megan Lee is a few years into high school, and while she's smart and generally talented, her family is concerned about her lack of focus/direction/motivation in anything other than music. She really likes listening to, talking about, and playing music and she wants nothing more than to be a rock star.
  • Her dad, Rick, wants her to not bank everything on the music thing and have plans for a "real job" - he winds up taking her out of school for a week to bring her along on a road trip for his work as a geologist [fun fact: geological terminology for this kind of excursion to study the geological features of a region is literally "field trip"]. She goes along, but doesn't really engage with the "looking at rocks" part. As her dad is down in a quarry doing that, she's up top wandering around, listening to her music, and not paying attention to her surroundings. She slips on some loose gravel and falls over 100 feet down to the "floor" of the quarry and a shallow pool of water that's accumulated there [they mention it twice, I'm calling it now that it's got Isoflux Alpha in it]. When people rush over to her (expecting her to be dead as that fall shouldn't have been survivable), they find her unconscious, but alive. She wakes up after a few moments, slightly scuffed up, but otherwise none the worse for wear.
  • She's shaken by this event and, as they continue the trip, she becomes more engaged with it. She's still into her music [they make a joke about those darn Millennials always with their headphones on and staring at their phones - it's tongue-in-cheek but it's funny to me as C&A are Millennials and anybody who's a teenager here in the futuristic year of 2018 pretty much can't be one, by definition].
  • They return home and settle back into routine. One day she's walking home from school and is passing the fence that forms the boundary of the baseball field as a ball comes over the fence [it's unclear if it's a foul ball or a home run] and hits her in the head - again, this should be enough to injure her in some way, but she's fine. As it hit her there was a flash of energy - preventing actual contact with her and stopping the ball. She is, understandably, confused and picks up the ball which shows signs of having hit something hard and jagged that's scarred the surface. She chucks the ball back over the fence and leaves before anybody could see her.
  • This kind of thing continues to happen to her, eventually leading her to realize that she has "rock powers" - upon an impact with her body, crystalline plates will manifest to protect her from injury. With practice she can focus to generate them around her fists to punch with.
  • Around this time is when OblivAeon happens. Afterwards, the Sentinels of Freedom form, Freedom Plaza is built, and the call goes out - anybody with powers is welcome to come and learn to use them and become part of the next generation of the world's defenders. This inspires her to tell her parents and younger sister about her powers and that she's going to go join up (and also use the superhero thing to launch her rock music career). Megan takes on "The Hammer" as her stage persona and "Rockstar" as her hero title.
Tachyon Speeds By to Remind You!

This information is from the Sentinel Comics Universe, one of two branching universes. Products in this timeline are: Sentinel Comics RPG.

So, Brandon Bradley is doing his Momentum Courier Services thing in Megalopolis and has managed to get things well established (sending money home, etc.). One day he decides that he needs to step up his game and finally goes to Freedom Plaza to see what they can teach him. While he's on the way there, he gets attacks by this giant bug man (like, 6-7 feet tall and made of bugs rather than being one giant bug). It's noticed that Brandon is "made of the stuff" that kept it prisoner for so long.

As the fight goes on against the bug creature, other heroes (young heroes) start showing up to help (a girl with crystal/rock fists, some robot-looking guy, a girl who seems to give him more confidence with a touch, and some weird girl who's blasting the thing with blue energy, but doesn't really look like she knows what she's doing). These heroes weren't working together, they just came together in this situation - they're not doing particularly well against the bug monster, Myriad [mentioned in a few places in previous episodes], but they're doing their best to work together and come up with tactics to use against it. Eventually some energy beams hit Myriad from the sky, at which point the bugs all fly off and disperse.

This is Legacy (Felicia at this point, remember), who flies down and says that they were doing well for some kids who were getting their butts kicked. See you in class on Monday. The new arrivals seem to know what's up, but Brandon is confused as to what just happened. Legacy flies off but the others stick around - the conversation revolving around them thinking that he was already a student and he explains that he was on his way, figuring that he'd get in. "Looks like you just did." Usually Freedom Plaza will assign the newbies to a team to work together. These four had not yet been so assigned, they just happened to come across the fight. Legacy saw them working together well and had wanted to have a group to train, and so Daybreak is formed.

As Described in The Letters Page Episode #74