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SCRPG Rockstar.png
Hero Name Alias
Rockstar Megan Lee
Physical Attributes
Gender Female Age Late Teens Height Height
Eyes Eyes Color Hair Hair Color Skin Skin Color
Build Build
Costume/Equipement Costume/Equipment
Background Background Power Source Power Source
Archetype Archtype Personality Personality
Principle of Ambition
Principle of Strength
During Roleplaying During Roleplaying
There's something that you want and you will strive towards achieving your goal, no matter the cost. You see paths to victory that no one else will. Right during roleplay
Minor Twist Minor Twist
How is the pursuit of your goals getting in the way of being a hero in this situation? right minor
Major Twist Major Twist
What did you just pass up or miss that could have helped you achieve your biggest goal at last? right Major Twist
Modes Die Type Qualities Die Type
Status Dice Health Range
Green 35px The health range for Green
Yellow 35px The health range for Yellow
Red 35px Health range for Red
Icon Name Type Game Text
(rpgOvercome) Principle of Ambition I Overcome a situation where someone else has given you a Bonus from a Boost. Use your Max die. You and each of your allies gain a Hero Point
Icon Name Type Game Text
Icon Name Type Game Text

The grey ability text.