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Fireside Chats

  • The wording on Scum & Villainy, Dr. Tremata, and Tony Taurus is updated to read "the Villain Character Card with the highest HP".
  • Blighted Street's text is adjusted to say "After this Card is destroyed, play the top Card of the Villain Deck". This means it does not increase damage during that card play.

Spiff's Clarifications

  • Rook City errata
    • Any cards which refer to "the Villain Character Card" should be read as referring to "the Villain Character Card with the most HP". This will be updated in future printings of the Rook City expansion.
  • Tony Taurus and Dr. Tremata
    • Both of these cards say they are "immune to Damage from Heroes". they should say they are "immune to damage from Hero Targets", which would make them immune to damage from Unity's Mechanical Golems, for example. This is official errata that will be updated in any future reprintings of the Rook City expansion.
  • Toxic Sludge
    • The second ability on this card says in part, "Each Player may discard 1 Card to destroy 1 Environment Card". This may look like it means that if all players discard 1 card each, then 1 environment card may be destroyed. In fact, it means that each player may discard 1 card each, and if they do, they may destroy 1 environment card each. So, if two players choose to discard a card, then two environment cards may be destroyed.[1]