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  • Rook city is an almost exact recreation of Gotham City, the gritty and dismal home of Batman.
  • The backs of the Rook City cards show a red letter "C" spray painted on the city's "welcome" sign, making it read "Crook City." (Originally the community was founded as Overbrook City.) With the exception of a few background lights, which are also in red, the entire picture is in black and white. This is very evocative of artist Frank Miller, who wrote and drew the famous crime noir comic "Sin City" in just such a way. The setting of the story, Basin City, was commonly known as "Sin City" by it's residents, partially due to it's overwhelming crime rates, and partially because the "B" and "A" on the city's welcome sign were crossed out with spray paint.
  • Tony Taurus and Dr. Tremata are both textbook examples of the "lone upholder of justice" trope. Commissioner Gordon of Batman lore is another such character.
  • Tony Taurus' last name is evocative of the Minotaur, a bull/human hybrid that patrolled the maze of Tartarus and guarded it from intruders. Similarly, Tony Taurus patrols the corrupted streets of Rook City as a private investigator.
  • The art for "Blighted Streets" shows a wealthy family being accosted by a mugger. This is reference to the traumatic event that shaped young Bruce Wayne into Batman.
  • The gargoyle on "Falling Statuary" greatly resembles Etrigan the Demon, a character created by legendary comic artist Jack Kirby.
  • The combination of the name of the bar, The Wretched Hive, and the card it appears on, "Scum and Villainy", is a reference to Obi-wan Kenobi's description of the port of Mos Eisner in the original Star Wars film.