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Minor Character: Ruin


Name: Ruin
HP: 9
Title: Nemesis
Found in: Baron Blade
Nemesis: The Argent Adept

Ruin was summoned by Gloomweaver during the Vengeance Storyline. Ruin was one of the major forces of the Realm of Discord, and a Void Entity, until Gloomweaver defeated him. Afterward, he was reduced to being a lackey, sent to the real world to harass heroes in the name of Gloomweaver.

During the Vengeance Storyline he was sent after Nightmist, but encountered Argent Adept first. Intrigued by the Virtuoso of the Void (due to the connection they both share to the Void) he deviated from his mission, and was defeated by Argent Adept

Main Episode: Has not had an episode yet

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  • The Argent Adept is shown freezing Ruin's head on his card "Scherzo of Frost and Flame."
  • Ruin is the Nemesis whom V5 Baron Blade summons on his card "A Taste of Vengeance".


  • From Letters Page Interlude 7 - Nemeses
    • In Gloomweaver's episode, it was mentioned that he had sent Ruin after Nightmist, but Ruin sensed the Virtuoso of the Void's presence and went after him instead. However, since Nightmist does a power-up-in-the-Void thing, wouldn't he have been attracted to that as well? Argent Adept is more innately attuned to the Void rather than Nightmist simply siphoning power from it and so Ruin would key into that more easily - he also just encounters AA before Nightmist at all. Also, Nightmist doesn't really do her Void thing until after Vengeance anyway.
  • Notes from Letters Page Episode 13 - Gloomweaver
    • Next major event isn't even involving GloomWeaver directly: During Vengeance, another Realm of Discord entity is brought forth. Ruin was one of those beings that GloomWeaver had defeated during the process of becoming ruler there, but is now just a lackey. GloomWeaver sends him in, basically, as a proxy to get in on the fun the other villains were having and to beat up Nightmist.
    • Stuff about Ruin: was originally an entity of the Void and gets power from there. Was a small fish in the Void, but a big fish in the RoD until GloomWeaver took over. Ruin gets sidetracked in the real world, though. He was sent after Nightmist, but runs into Argent Adept (you know, the "Virtuoso of the Void") and goes after him instead. Defeating AA and taking his power would give him a shot at taking down GloomWeaver back in the RoD later. More in the Argent Adept episode, but short version is that AA has no trouble obliterating Ruin entirely.