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In the official Greater Than Games competitive tournaments, the structure of the matches is to pit two teams of three characters each against each other, with the victor being the first team to score three incapacitations. Each match is fifty minutes long, and the maps are provided by the Greater Than Games team.

Season 1(2014-2015)

Inaugural Tournament

This Tournament was held at >G headquarters in St. Louis shortly after the game launched. This tournament was notable for its lack of bans, which had not been implemented as a common part of the tournament structure.
Won by Mighty Morphin Chrono Rangers, with runners up: Gatecrashers

Inaugural Tournament

Mighty Morphin Chrono Rangers


Favored Characters

Character 1
Character 2



Favored Characters

Character 1
Character 2

Pax South 2015

Held at Pax South. Won by Rainbows and Unicorns, with runners up: The Eradicators

Pax East 2015

Held at Pax East. Won by Something Clever, with runners up: Spin the Dragon

Game Nite

Held at Game Nite in St. Louis Won by Gatecrashers, with runners up: Propaniacs
As Gatecrashers had already qualified for the World tournament, the third place team, Adaptive Subroutines, became the other team to qualify for worlds.

Gen Con World Qualifiers

Held on Thursday and Friday of Gen Con 2015 Won by Team Discovery Channel, with runners up: The Quantum Interns

World Championships

Held on Saturday and Sunday of Gen Con 2015 Won by Rainbows and Unicorns, with runners up: Adaptive Subroutines Season One Statistics