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Fireside Chats

  • The Sentinels' setup card works like the Ennead setup card in that it is a ghost card; it does not count as a card in play and nothing else can affect it.
  • When a card like "Entomb" says "if all active heroes are dealt damage this way", it means ALL active Sentinels hero character cards have to have been dealt damage. They are each individually active heroes.
  • Similarly, when a card deals damage to "all heroes that...", such as Primordial Plant Life, it deals damage to all members of the Sentinels.
  • PL626 deals damage to the exact hero character card that used the power when The Sentinels use a power.
  • "Rites of Revival" can be used with the Sentinels when they are all incapacitated. You choose only one to flip up, which also flips up the setup card.
  • When Guise copies Mainstay's power "Reduce Damage dealt to The Sentinels by 1" it results in reducing damage dealt to Guise.
  • When Guise copies cards from The Sentinels in general, he replaces "The Sentinels" with "Guise" as well as each individual hero's name. He's greedy.
  • When "Isolated Hero" is on a Sentinel, it does not isolate that Sentinel from the other Sentinels. But it does isolate the Sentinels as a whole from the other heroes. The Sentinels are a team, through and through.
  • If "Imbued Vitality" is out, and thus the Sentinels have target equipment/ongoing cards, but then the last Sentinel is dealt damage such that all Sentinels are incapacitated, you still flip the setup card even though they technically have a hero target in play. This is a change from an earlier ruling.
  • "Drum of Despair"'s effect only causes one of The Sentinels' character cards to take damage (player's choice).
  • Rules of thumb when deciding how a card would damage The Sentinels:
    • "Deal each hero" => Hits all the Sentinels' character cards
    • "Deal the hero with X, where X is a 'player thing'" (e.g. most cards in play) => Hits one The Sentinels character card of their choice
    • "Deal the hero with X, where X is a 'card thing'" (e.g. highest HP) => Hits The Sentinels character card that matches the requirement
  • If you would play the bottom card of your deck but the deck is empty, you reshuffle the trash to make a new deck first (just like playing the top card).
  • If Adamant Writhe uses his power then decides not to move the next non-hero target destroyed, that "uses up" the effect.
  • If "Caliginous Form" is in play and damage to Writhe is reduced to 0 or fewer damage, it is not redirected. It only gets redirected if there’s any damage left over after the reduction.
  • If a Voodoo Pin is next to a Sentinel, the end of turn Gloomweaver damage is dealt to that specific Sentinel. If that Sentinel is incapacitated, the pin just hangs around doing nothing, but if that Sentinel comes back, the pin is still there doing stuff. In the case of the Sable Pin, the player can choose to destroy a card if they want.
  • With America's Greatest Legacy's innate power and The Sentinels, he picks a specific Sentinel. They gain the 1 HP and may either use their power or an auxiliary power, such as the Rod of Anubis. They could not choose to use the power printed on a different member of The Sentinels.
  • If "Unforgiving Wasteland" is in play and an environment target causes a Sentinels member to become incapacitated, they are removed from the game. However, the game goes on as normal for the rest of the Sentinels, minus that member. If they are all incapacitated the regular way, they just flip (along with the setup card) and they still have incapacitated abilities. However, if "Unforgiving Wasteland" ends up removing ALL Sentinels members from the game, then the setup card is also removed from the game and they have no incapacitated abilities anymore.
  • Cards that revive a Sentinels member cannot revive a Sentinels member that has been removed from the game.
  • With Fling into Darkness, damage does not need to be dealt to trigger the destruction.
  • Suppose Sentinel Tactics is in play and a Sentinel deals damage to Sonic Mine. Sonic Mine's reaction occurs, and then you may use a power.
  • When multiple members of The Sentinels are dealt damage by Viperous Cloud, their player discards 1 card in total.
  • The Sentinels’ setup card Game Play text is changed from “If you have no hero targets in play, flip this card.” to “If you have no active heroes in play, flip this card.”

Spiff's Clarifications

  • Restorative Burst and Second Chance
    • These cards allow you to flip one of our incapacitated heroes and restore some of their HP. The cards may only ever be used on a member of the Sentinels team not any other hero.[1]