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Minor Character: Shuen Zhang

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  • Part of Mr. Fixer's books:
    • One-shot comic issue comes out that gives the backstory of one Harold Robert Walker. Born blind in Rook City. He doesn't remember his parents, he's barely surviving on the streets as a kid. He's found by Shuen Zhang, a martial arts master who takes him in. The master has been on an endless worldwide pilgrimage to places of great suffering as part of his own philosophy to try to alleviate suffering. Shuen Zhang sees Harry's suffering, but also his strength and great inner peace and so asks Harry to come with him to be taken care of, but also training.
    • This training starts with turning his "inner eye" in on himself, understanding who he himself is and through that understanding he understands the world around him. They describe it as him projecting his aura out and that aura interacting with the world around him is what allows him to perceive the world without his eyes. It's not a matter of his other senses being superhuman, just that he has this extra ability to perceive the auras of people and things around him.
    • Harry travels with Shuen Zhang for around 15 years, traveling around the world and easing suffering. Eventually, when he's in his 20s he decides that he needs to return to Rook City as he has a connection to it and recognizes that there's a lot of suffering to be mitigated there. Master Zhang is fine with this and lets him go. Harry returns to Rook City as Black Fist.