Silver Gulch 1883

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Environment: Silver Gulch 1883

Set: Mini Expansion

Silver Gulch is a good town. Well, it was. Before them Hayes boys rode into town, that is. Since then, most of the townsfolk've cleared out. Hightailed it out of town, and just in time, too. Now, every street corner is filled with the sounds of breaking glass, hootin' and hollerin', and gunfire.

Last night, there was a strange, warbling sound, and a bright flash of weird light. Some folks in funny clothes came walking out of thin air, but they looked as confused as the rest of us! They're clearly far from home. Wasn't long before the Hayes brothers were taking pot shots at them, too.

Temporal Event (x2)
When this card enters play, reveal cards from the top of the Environment deck until a Time Portal card is revealed. Put it into play. Shuffle the other revealed cards back into the Environment deck. Then, destroy this card.
Art: The Argent Adept staring at a lizard as the Wraith falls out of a Portal;
Flavor text: With a discordant *POP*, the Wraith fell out of the portal. "Welcome." The Argent Adept sighed. They watched the portal warily, wondering who might be next.


Explosives Wagon [9] (x2)
Increase all Damage dealt by 1. When this card is destroyed, deal each Target 2 Fire Damage and 2 Projectile Damage.
Art: A wagon full of explosives;
Flavor text: "Why is there a cart full of explosives in the street?" Nightmist asked in a concerned tone. Mr. Fixer slowly put out his cigar. "Poor city planning."
Prickly Cactus [3] (x1)
Whenever a non-Environment Target deals Melee Damage to an Environment card, this card deals that Target 2 Melee Damage.
Art: A prickly cactus in the desert;
Flavor text: The desert was eerily quiet. Dust and grit filled the air as the wind picked up. Only the shadows betrayed the several gunmen, all waiting to open fire
Stout Barrel [5] (x2)
When a Gunman card would be dealt damage, redirect that damage to this card. At the end of the Environment turn, play the top card of the Environment deck.
Art: A man in a barrel holding his gun through a hole in it;
Flavor text: Sheriff Pratt stalked down the street, yelling, "you no-good, yellow-bellied, two-bit varmints! Show yourselves!" The Hayes brothers stayed behind cover.
Water Trough [7] (x1)
Reduce Fire Damage dealt to Gunman cards by 2. Increase all Lightning Damage by 1.
Art: A water trough leaking water due to bullet holes;
Flavor text: Cyrus shrieked as another bullet blew through the trough, mere inches from his head. "You gonna come outta there, boy?" the Sheriff asked, reloading.


Cyrus Hayes [4] (x1)
Reduce Damage dealt to this card by 1 for each Cover card in play. At the end of the Environment turn, this card deals the 2 non-Environment Targets with the lowest HP 3 Projectile Damage each.
Art: Cyrus Hayes holding two smoking pistols;
Flavor text: "Y'all sure are a funny lookin' bunch!" the diminutive man shouted from behind the explosives wagon. "Now, stand still this time so I can shoot atcha proper!"
Matthew Hayes [6] (x1)
Reduce Damage dealt to this card by 1 for each Cover card in play. At the end of the Environment turn, this card deals the non-Environment Target with the lowest HP 4 Projectile Damage.
Art: Matthew Hayes holding his rifle while sipping some tea;
Flavor text: Tempest jumped as the bullet whizzed overhead. "Where is that shooter?!" M'kk yelled, running for cover. The rifleman just adjusted his monocle and aimed.
Tyler Hayes [8] (x1)
Reduce Damage dealt to this card by 1 for each Cover card in play. At the end of the Environment turn, this card deals each non-Gunman Target 2 Projectile Damage.
Art: Tyler Hayes holding his chaingun;
Flavor text: "Ha-hah!" the giant of a man roared as he fired his oversized Gatling gun. "Ah'm gonna shoot all you idjits, and then, ah'ma drink all the whiskey! Ha-ha-ha!"

The Law

Sheriff Pratt [7] (x1)
Reduce Damage dealt to this card by 1 for each Cover card in play. At the end of the Environment turn, this card deals the Villain or Gunman card with the lowest HP 3 Projectile Damage.
Art: Sheriff Pratt eyeing someone out of the corner of his eye;
Flavor text: "They made old man Pratt the sheriff?" Chrono-Ranger laughed. "He's a rough son-of-a-gun. He once slammed a man's hand in a cell door, just because."

Time Portal

Lost in the Past (x1)
When this card enters play, discard the top 2 cards of the Environment deck. At the end of the Environment turn, if there are no cards in the Environment trash, the Characters are lost in time. GAME OVER. At the start of the Environment turn, put the top card of the Environment trash on the bottom of the Environment deck.
Art: Mister Fixer, Nightmist, and Tempest being held up at gunpoint;
Sustain the Portal (x2)
When this card enters play, 1 Player may discard 1 card. If they do, discard the top card of the Environment deck. At the end of the Environment turn, deal each Target 2 Energy Damage and destroy this card.
Art: Ra shooting fire into a Portal with energy and debris around him;
Flavor text: The shimmering portal grew smaller and smaller. As the gunmen closed in on the heroes, Ra turned his back on them and focused his powers on the temporal rift.

Meta: Silver Gulch 1883

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  • Before his fateful encounter with a time portal, Chrono-Ranger was the sheriff of Silver Gulch.
  • Canonically the heroes who ended up in Silver Gulch 1883 are Argent Adept, Nightmist, Tempest, Mr. Fixer, Wraith and Ra. Per Christopher in Fifth Reveal: La Capitan

To Other Works

  • The wild west is a common time period for comic book time travel stories. This is because wild west stories dominated the comics market in the forty's and early fifties, leaving numerous memorable characters for potential crossovers.
  • A band of outlaw brothers, such as the Hayes Brothers, is a common wild west trope.


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Fireside Chats

  • Targets that are in the process of being destroyed (e.g. Explosives Wagon, Sonic Mine, other devices via Charged Attacks) can still be targeted and take more damage. (Note: in the video game we plan to put such targets behind the “Show All Targets” button)

Spiff's Clarifications

Explosives Wagon

  • This card increases all damage dealt by 1 and deals some damage when it is destroyed. The damage bonus is still in effect when the card explodes and deals its damage, so the damage it deals gets the bonus as well. [1]