Singular Entities

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Singular Entities are vastly powerful cosmic entities that exist outside of the Multiverse in Ur-Space; each embodies a single concept. The known Singular Entities include:

  • Fesauthia the Fervor: The Singular Entity of Passion. Galactra is a Scion of hers.
  • Hul: The Singular Entity of the Unknowable. xxtz'Hulissh is a Scion of its. Hul is currently trapped in Universe 1 by the Sandwich Bag.
  • Malavox: The Singular Entity of Conquest. It is also a Prime Aspect. It has no known Scions.
  • OblivAeon: Was created when Oblivion, the Singular Entity of Destruction, consumed Archaeon, the Singular Entity of Preservation. OblivAeon is unquestionably the Singular Entity that has had the most impact on the Multiverse at large. It had many Scions, including Progeny, Aeon Master, Sever, Faultless, and Rainek Kel'Voss, and was the creator of the Aeon Men. It shattered the timelines of the Multiverse, destroyed countless realities, and instigated the OblivAeon Event, during which it was destroyed.
  • Sannhet: The Singular Entity of Logic. It has no known Scions.
  • The Singular Entity of Order: Was enslaved by OblivAeon and became its Scion Faultless.
  • Talontus: The Singular Entity of Magic. It has no known Scions. Talontus is frequently invoked by mages, such as NightMist, when performing magical acts.
  • Veil: The Singular Entity of Secrets. It has no known Scions.
  • Wager Master: The Singular Entity of Chaos. He is also a Prime Aspect. Guise is a Scion of his. Wager Master is the Singular Entity who has interacted with the inhabitants of the Multiverse the most frequently, as he enjoys playing games and making wagers with them, and has been a frequent foe of the Freedom Five in particular. He is in a relationship with Madame Marjorie Mittermeier. At present, due to the unforeseen consequences of a ploy he set up during the OblivAeon Event, there exist two Wager Masters: one inside of the Universe 1 Sandwich Bag, and one outside.
  • Wellspring: The Singular Entity of Progress. It is also a Prime Aspect. The powered Parsons line, including all the Legacies, are Scions of its.