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Alias: Portja Kip-Pro
Age: Unknown
Height: 6’ 5”
Weight: 235 lbs.
Hair Color: Green
Eye Color: Blue
Birthplace: Dok'rath
Power Source: Genetic Mutation
Group Affiliation: Free Thorath
Occupation: Freedom Fighter, Saboteur
First Appearance: The Hero in the Arena #1
Complexity: 3
Set: Wrath of the Cosmos
Nemesis: Kaargra Warfang and Tantrum


HP: 33


Innate Power:
Sneaking - Play up to 2 Link cards. You may move to your hand either 1 Link card from play or 2 Link cards from your Trash
Incapacitated Powers: Choose one each turn
  • One Hero may use a Power now.
  • Destroy 1 Ongoing card.
  • Destroy a Target with 1 HP.


Innate Power:
Surveillance - Draw 2 cards.
Incapacitated Powers: Choose one each turn
  • One Hero may Play a card now.
  • One Hero may use a Power now.
  • One Hero may Draw a card now.


Innate Power:
Concussive Clap - Sky-Scraper Deals each Non-Hero Target 2 Sonic Damage and each Hero Target 0 Sonic Damage
Incapacitated Powers: Choose one each turn
  • One Player may Play a card now.
  • Destroy 1 Environment card.
  • Until the Start of your next turn, treat this card as a 1 HP Indestructible Target.

Sky-Scraper: Extremist

HP: 32


Innate Power:
Intravenous Assault - Sky-Scraper deals 1 Target X Irreducible Toxic damage, where X is the number of Links on that Target plus 1. Either Destroy a Link or switch to your Normal Character Card.
Incapacitated Powers: Choose one each turn
  • One Player moves a card from their Trash into their hand.
  • One Target deals itself 1 Irreducible Toxic damage.
  • Switch to a different size incapacitated Extremist Sky-Scraper card.


Innate Power:
Improvise - You may either Play a Link or move a Link from your Trash to your hand. Play the bottom card of your deck.
Incapacitated Powers: Choose one each turn
  • One Player puts the bottom card of their deck into their hand.
  • One Player may put a card into Play.
  • Switch to a different size incapacitated Extremist Sky-Scraper card.


Innate Power:
Upheaval - Destroy an Environment Card. If it was a Target, Sky-Scraper deals 1 Target 3 Projectile damage. If not, Sky Scraper deals each Target 2 Sonic Damage and switches to her Normal Character Card.
Incapacitated Powers: Choose one each turn
  • Until the start of your turn, reduce damage dealt by Environment cards by 2.
  • Select an Environment Target. Redirect the next damage dealt by that Target.
  • Switch to a different size incapacitated Extremist Sky-Scraper card.


Sentinel Tactics Character Panel

Innate Power:



Sky-Scraper is a size-changing brawler and freedom fighter from a distant planet - one which has had interactions with the people of Earth before! She will certainly be leaving her mark on the Multiverse. At least, Akash'Bhuta seems to think so.

Portja Kir-Pro was a freedom fighter, working alongside the other Thorathian rebels attempting to overthrow the remnants of Grand Warlord Voss’s terrible rule. Her unique capabilities as one of the few, rare “empowered” Thorathians served the resistance well, as she could shrink to a tiny size to infiltrate the military’s compounds and sabotage their gear and soldiers, or she could grow to a toweringly huge size and create quite the mess, either as part of an attack or as just a distraction. However, everything changed when the Bloodsworn Colosseum manifested on her home planet of Dok’Thorath.

Kaargra Warfang, the ruthless leader of the Bloodsworn, took Portja hostage, hoping to harness her size-changing abilities in the gladiatorial arena. Portja fought for years, hoping to earn her freedom, but the deal offered to the Bloodsworn is a losing proposition. The colosseum manifested in many bizarre locations throughout space, but Portja was unable to find even a glimmer of hope until heroes of the planet Earth entered the arena. Seizing the opportunity, the powerful Thorthian fought Kaargra herself, giving the heroes the chance to escape the arena, and when the colosseum was about to translocate to its next destination, Portja jumped ship.

Now, Portja has a place among the heroes of Earth as Sky-Scraper: the Proportionist! She brings her knowledge of subterfuge and skill with her “links”, which she uses to control and subdue her opponents, as well as her power to change her size and mass to great effect!


Sky-Scraper: Extremist

Variant: Originally revealed during the OblivAeon Kickstarter as the $70k stretch reward.

Sky-Scraper has fought as a hero of earth for some time now. However, with the massive of OblivAeon, she will need even more power to go toe-to-toe with this terrible foe.

Portja went to Dr. Meredith Stinson to enlist her aid in pushing her size-changing powers to their limits. The scientist also known as Tachyon was unwilling to help the Thorathian. “Growing that big or that small is just too dangerous,” the speedster said in between bites of a oversized sandwich.

However, there was one who would help. Their temporary ally Luminary heard of Sky-Scraper’s plan and knew he was the man for the job. An invention that promised impressive power but was highly risky? Perfect.

With the aide of Luminary, Sky-Scraper is now able to tower as high as her namesake, or shrink so small as to attack a foe’s very cellular structure. Will it be enough? Or will it be her undoing? Either way, she knows the risk is worth it.

Sentinel Tactics: Sky-Scraper

Legacyicon.png Legacy Wants to Remind You! This following information is from Sentinel Tactics, one of two branching alternate timelines after the OblivAeon Event!

Announced Character in Sentinel Tactics: Prime War

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Art References

  • The Incapacitated side of Skyscraper’s “Huge” character card depicts her being buried alive in a massive grave while tied up in chains. This is a reference to Marvel’s 2006 crossover event “Civil War.” In issue #4 of the series, the size-changing hero Black Goliath is killed by a cyborg clone of Thor. His corpse, which is now permanently gigantic, is later wrapped up in a colossal tarp and chains and laid to rest in an over-sized burial plot. Aside from the change of characters and a few minor details, Skyscraper’s Incapacitated portrait is identical to the aerial-view panel of Black Goliath’s funeral in that issue.
  • The device attached to Deadline’s arm on “Cortex Hyperstimulator” is nearly identical to the electronic scrambling device used by Captain America in “Civil War” #3. In that particular issue, Captain America hid the device in his hand just before a truce handshake with Iron Man. As soon as it touched Iron Man’s armor, it scrambled his armor’s circuitry and incapacitated him. This prompted a battle between Iron Man's and Captain America’s respective factions, a battle which culminated in the death of Black Goliath, one of Skyscraper’s archetypes.
  • The art of “Catch a Ride” shows Parse about to fire an arrow that has a tiny Skyscraper clutching its arrowhead. Hawkeye and Ant-Man from the Marvel universe are well-known for using this particular team attack.
  • Sky-Scraper features a significant amount of villains within the art of her deck. Osiris and Nuit of The Ennead on "Compulsion Canister", Deadline on "Cortex Hyperstimulator", Plague Rat on "Neutralizing Resonator", Tantrum on "Proportionist", La Capitan on "Rebounding Debilitator", Akash'Bhuta on "Colossal Left Hook", Mdaj from the Tomb of Anubis on "Agression Modulator", Kaargra Warfang on "Tectonic Chokeslam", and Baron Blade with Proletariat on "Undetectable Relinking".



  • Sky-Scraper was first discovered on Tantrum as the additional effect, before she was announced.
  • First appeared on The Dreamer in the card "Projected Paralysis."


  • As a hero who can change sizes, Skyscraper is analogous to several superheroes, primarily Ant-Man/Yellow Jacket (Marvel), Black Goliath (Marvel), Atom Smasher (DC), and Apache Chief (DC). As a sneaky hero who uses her small size for infiltration and sabotage, she draws comparison to the second incarnation of Ant-Man (Scott Lang), and the Atom (DC).
  • Most of Skyscraper’s flavor texts suggest that she doesn’t speak English very well. This would make sense, as her bio states that she arrived on Earth only recently.

Size Cards Front

Incapacitated Images

Variant Pack New Artwork

The All Heroes Variant Pack released with OblivAeon contains new artwork for the heroes and their variant cards.

Sky-Scraper Hero Deck

Special Information

Sky-Scraper starts the game with her Normal character card. Whenever she plays a card with the Huge, Normal, or Tiny Keywords, she switches to the appropriate character card, removing the other from play. Sky-Scraper will only have 1 character card in play at a time.



Tiny - Sky-Scraper has been turned into a doll and has been placed into a dollhouse by the Dreamer
Normal - Sky-Scraper is chained to a wall with Kaarga Warfang grinning at her
Huge - A chained Sky-Scraper being lowered in a graveyard by multiple cranes. Baron Blade, Fright Train, and Ermine looking on.

One-Shot, Tiny

Catch A Ride (x2)
Switch to Sky-Scraper's Tiny character card. A hero target other than Sky-Scraper deals 1 target 2 projectile damage. Sky-Scraper deals 1 target dealt damage that way 2 irreducible melee damage.
Art: A tiny Sky-Scraper standing on an arrow that Parse is getting ready to shoot;
Flavor-text: "I hope you know what you're doing here. Because I think you're crazy." - Parse, The Hero in the Arena #6
Linking Incursion (x4)
Switch to Sky-Scraper's Tiny character card. Reveal cards from the top of your deck until 2 link cards have been revealed. You may put each of those cards either into your hand or into play. Shuffle the other revealed cards into your deck.
Art: A tiny Sky-Scraper lifting an air vent next to a FILTER agent;
Flavor-text: "All in the work of a lunar cycle, Wait, that is not quite right." - Sky-Scraper, Under Cover #1
Undetectable Relinking (x3)
Switch to Sky-Scraper's Tiny character card. Put any number of Link cards in play back in your hand. You may play X Link and/or Tiny cards now, where X = the number of link cards returned to your hand by this card.
Art: A tiny Sky-Scraper attaching her links to Proletariat and Baron Blade in a laboratory;
Flavor-text: "It is good to dispose of multiple avian beasts with just one rock." - Sky-Scraper, Vengeance #6

One-Shot, Normal

Emergency Evac (x2)
Switch to Sky-Scraper's Normal character card. Destroy all link cards, all environment cards, and up to 2 villain ongoing cards. Each hero target regains 1 hp.
Art: A tiny Sky-Scraper shifting to normal size to uppercut a FILTER agent with another one looking surprised;
Flavor-text: "I must go! I have other less dangerous places to be." - Sky-Scraper, Under Cover #3
Explosive Reveal (x3)
Switch to Sky-Scraper's Normal character card. Destroy any number of link cards. Sky-Scraper deals up to X targets 2 projectile damage and 2 fire damage each, where X = the number of cards destroyed this way.
Art: Sky-Scraper hitting a trigger as a huge explosion occurs behind it;
Flavor-text: "Just got a report from the wee un. It's done." - KNYFE, Under Cover #6
Rest And Recover (x3)
Switch to Sky-Scraper's Normal character card. Sky-Scraper regains 1 hp. Draw 1 card and move 1 card other than Rest and Recover from your trash to your hand.
Art: An injured Sky-Scraper going into an alley as blasts occur on the street behind her;
Flavor-text: "I am not good feeling. I need some units of time." - Sky-Scraper, Freedom Five #756

One-Shot, Huge

Colossal Left Hook (x3)
Switch to Sky-Scraper's Huge character card. Sky-Scraper deals 1 target 3 melee damage. You may discard a card. If you do, you may play a card.
Art: A huge Sky-Scraper punching Akash'Bhuta knocking her over;
Flavor-text: "You are big. I like that. It is good to undo the leash." - Sky-Scraper, Virtuoso of the Void #12
Tectonic Chokeslam (x3)
Switch to Sky-Scraper's Huge character card. Sky-Scraper deals 1 target 4 melee damage. Sky-Scraper deals each target 1 projectile damage.
Art: A huge Sky-Scraper slamming Kaarga Warfang into the ground of the arena;
Flavor-text: "You put me in chains. I will put you in the ground!" - Sky-Scraper, The Hero in the Arena #6

Ongoing, Huge

Thorathian Monolith (x3)
When this card enters play, switch to Sky-Scraper's Huge character card. Reduce damage dealt to Sky-Scraper by 2. Redirect any damage that would be dealt to a hero target to Sky-Scraper. At the start of your turn, destroy this card.
Art: A huge Sky-Scraper taking on multiple men in orange suits;
Flavor-text: "I am who you will fight. Leave my friends alone." - Sky-Scraper, Freedom Five Annual #30

Ongoing, Limited

Proportionist (x2)
Increase sonic damage dealt by Sky-Scraper by 1. When Sky-Scraper's character card is switched to a larger size, Sky-Scraper deals each non-hero target 1 melee damage. When Sky-Scraper's character card is switched to a smaller size, draw a card.
Art: A huge Sky-Scraper about to flick Tantrum;
Flavor-text: "Oh. Well, now I just feel silly. This might actually hurt." - Tantrum, Vengeance #5

Equipment, Link

Aggression Modulator (x2)
Play this card in front of an environment target. Reduce damage dealt by that target to hero targets by 2. Increase damage dealt by that target to villain targets by 1.
Art: A tiny Sky-Scraper placing a link on Mdjai;
Flavor-text: "i must fight. I must fight the Ennead!" - Mdjai, Freedom Five #542
Compulsion Cannister (x2)
Play this card in front of a target. That target deals itself and one other non-hero target 2 irreducible psychic damage now.
Art: Nuit and Osiris being hit by bolt of light;
Flavor-text: "I am told by something that they will be busy right now." - Sky-Scraper, Freedom Five #542
Cortex Hyperstimulator (x2)
Play this card in front of a target. Reduce the first damage dealt by that target each turn by 1. At the end of its turn, that target deals itself 1 lightning damage.
Art: Deadline is shaking from a link attached to him;
Flavor-text: "What?! Do not attempt to stand in the way of galactic salvation!" - Deadline, Freedom Five #756
Micro-Assembler (x2)
Play this card in front of a hero character card. That hero gains the following power:
Power: Discard a card. Then, search your deck for an equipment card and put it either into your hand or into play, then shuffle your deck.
Art: Sky-Scraper in room with her worm looking Micro-Assembler with Vyktor walking into the room;
Flavor-text: "I do not understand why you think she is 'creepy'. She is so full of use!" - Sky-Scraper, Vengeance #5
Neutralizing Resonator (x2)
Play this card in front of a villain character card and discard the top card of that villain's deck. At the start of your turn, you may destroy 1 ongoing card. If you do, destroy this card.
Art: Plague Rat with a link stuck in his neck;
Flavor-text: "Calm down, rodent man thing! You seem very angry. It is not healthy." - Sky-Scraper, Mystery Comics #403
Rebounding Debilitator (x2)
Play this card in front of a non-hero target. When that target would deal 3 or more damage, prevent that damage, then either destroy this card or put it on top of your deck.
Art: La Capitan with a link grappling around her left arm holding a sword;
Flavor-text: "It appears that time is the thing that you have run out of! HAH!" - Sky-Scraper, Southwest Sentinels #26

Sentinel Tactics: Sky-Scraper Power Cards

Not Yet Released


Fireside Chats

  • In the video game, Sky-Scraper’s Link cards say "next to" rather than “in front of” for consistency. Link cards stay in the target’s play area after that target leaves play, similar to The Ultimate Target.
  • If there is no villain character card in play, Neutralizing Resonator cannot be played.
  • Sky-Scraper can swap character cards if Fixed Point is in play.
  • Suppose Sky-Scraper uses the innate power on her Huge card during her Start or Play a Card phases, and also switches to her Tiny card before her Use a Power phase. (e.g. due to Dynamic Siphon). In her Use a Power phase, she can use her Tiny innate power because she has not used that power yet this turn.
  • Suppose you play Catch a Ride and use Mr. Fixer, who has Jack Handle in play. Mr. Fixer hits everyone, and Sky-Scraper picks one of them to hit.
  • Suppose Sky-Scraper is using her Huge power to deal some damages, and in the middle of that she switches to another of her character cards (dynamic siphon LOL). The damage dealing stop. Same thing with her other innate powers; they are interrupted by switching character cards.
  • Suppose Guise has Dual Crowbars and then uses I Can Do That Too on Sky-Scraper’s Huge card. After the first “round” of damage (to non-hero targets), Dual Crowbars causes Guise to deal as much damage as was dealt to the first non-hero target to one more target. Then, after the second “round” of damage (to hero targets), Dual Crowbars causes Guise to deal as much damage as was dealt to the first hero to one more target. (This is how Dual Crowbars interacts with Jack Handle)
  • Suppose Sky-Scraper has Cortex Hyperstimulator and Rebounding Debilitator on the same target. If after the reduction it is still above 3 damage, it gets prevented. The temporary damage reduction is used up.
  • Suppose Sky-Scraper is incapacitated and has used the “become a target” incapacitated ability. If she is revived using Rites of Revival, the 1 HP indestructible target status is wiped, and she is her regular self at 8 HP with a 33 HP max and is fully destructible. Rites of Revival essentially resets the character, starting anew.
  • Suppose Aggression Modulator is next to an environment target and Chokepoint destroys it with Stripped Resources. The Aggression Modulator stays in the environment play area next to nothing.
  • Sky-Scraper is just one target, even though her character cards get switched.

Spiff's SotM Rules and Clarifications

Switching Character Cards

  • Many of Sky-Scraper’s powers say to switch to a particular character card. Switching character cards does not involve removing a card from play, nor does it involve destroying a card. You can never have more than one of her character cards in play at the same time. Sky-Scraper’s HP does not change when she switches character cards.