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Fireside Chats

  • In the video game, Sky-Scraper’s Link cards say "next to" rather than “in front of” for consistency. Link cards stay in the target’s play area after that target leaves play, similar to The Ultimate Target.
  • If there is no villain character card in play, Neutralizing Resonator cannot be played.
  • Sky-Scraper can swap character cards if Fixed Point is in play.
  • Suppose Sky-Scraper uses the innate power on her Huge card during her Start or Play a Card phases, and also switches to her Tiny card before her Use a Power phase. (e.g. due to Dynamic Siphon). In her Use a Power phase, she can use her Tiny innate power because she has not used that power yet this turn.
  • Suppose you play Catch a Ride and use Mr. Fixer, who has Jack Handle in play. Mr. Fixer hits everyone, and Sky-Scraper picks one of them to hit.
  • Suppose Sky-Scraper is using her Huge power to deal some damages, and in the middle of that she switches to another of her character cards (dynamic siphon LOL). The damage dealing stop. Same thing with her other innate powers; they are interrupted by switching character cards.
  • Suppose Guise has Dual Crowbars and then uses I Can Do That Too on Sky-Scraper’s Huge card. After the first “round” of damage (to non-hero targets), Dual Crowbars causes Guise to deal as much damage as was dealt to the first non-hero target to one more target. Then, after the second “round” of damage (to hero targets), Dual Crowbars causes Guise to deal as much damage as was dealt to the first hero to one more target. (This is how Dual Crowbars interacts with Jack Handle)
  • Suppose Sky-Scraper has Cortex Hyperstimulator and Rebounding Debilitator on the same target. If after the reduction it is still above 3 damage, it gets prevented. The temporary damage reduction is used up.
  • Suppose Sky-Scraper is incapacitated and has used the “become a target” incapacitated ability. If she is revived using Rites of Revival, the 1 HP indestructible target status is wiped, and she is her regular self at 8 HP with a 33 HP max and is fully destructible. Rites of Revival essentially resets the character, starting anew.
  • Suppose Aggression Modulator is next to an environment target and Chokepoint destroys it with Stripped Resources. The Aggression Modulator stays in the environment play area next to nothing.
  • Sky-Scraper is just one target, even though her character cards get switched.
  • Extremist Sky-Scraper cannot mix and match variant cards.
  • Extremist Sky-Scraper's Normal incapacitated ability "one player may put a card into play" allows the player to put a card into play from their hand.
  • If Guise uses Extremist Sky-Scraper's Tiny or Huge powers, he performs all the text as usual except the "switch to your normal character card" part.
  • If the incapacitated Huge Sky Scraper is a 1 HP indestructible target and is dealt damage by Infecting an Heir, Sky Scraper deals damage to the other heroes despite being incapacitated, because she's a target. Infecting an Heir would still be destroyed.
  • With Extremist Sky-Scraper's Huge power, she does the “if not” text if she fails to destroy an environment target for any reason. Including, but not limited to: there are no environment cards in play; there's an indestructible non-target environment card in play that she tries to destroy; there's an indestructible target environment card in play that she tries to destroy; she tries to destroy a Shinobi Assassin, but it's moved to the top of a deck instead; or she tries to destroy a target with No Executions next to it, but it's moved to the bottom of its deck instead.

Spiff's Clarifications

Switching Character Cards

  • Many of Sky-Scraper’s powers say to switch to a particular character card. Switching character cards does not involve removing a card from play, nor does it involve destroying a card. You can never have more than one of her character cards in play at the same time. Sky-Scraper’s HP does not change when she switches character cards.