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Fireside Chats

  • If PL602 Compound Omicron is in play and Spite has other damage reduction as well, the players can decide whether PL602’s reduction gets used up by choosing the order of operations. Note: this choice is not available in the app yet.
  • When Spite flips, the players can decide the order of operations between Spite and Safe House. Often this means you can control how much damage Spite takes to some degree.
  • If a hero takes the damage for Lost Child, and that damage amount is 4, and Collateral Damage is in play, the players can decide the order in which the effects happen. If Lost Child is the only Victim Card in play, a hero taking the 4 damage from Spite could choose to move it under the Safe House and then there would be no Victim Card for Spite to destroy. However, if there were another victim card in play, Spite would get to destroy that one.
  • The face-down drug cards for Spite: Agent of Gloom are ordered randomly. The order remains constant during the game, so if you flip a face-up card back down, you can remember which one it is for later decisions.
  • Suppose you are facing Spite: Agent of Gloom and a Good Samaritan is in play. If you choose to play the top card of the villain deck and it is Lab Raid, the card is discarded and damage is dealt instead. Good Samaritan remains in play because no villain card was actually played.
  • Spite: Agent of Gloom has new text added on both sides of his character card: “Face-down villain cards are indestructible.” This prevents Cedistic Dissonant and Into the Stratosphere from affecting those cards.
  • Spite: Agent of Gloom is changed to say "Whenever a Lab Raid would enter play" instead of "Whenever a Lab Raid would be played".
  • When Spite makes players return cards to their hands, an equipment card that Guise has taken with Lemme See That goes to Guise’s hand.
  • PL626 deals damage to the exact hero character card that used the power when The Sentinels use a power.
  • With Spite: Agent of Gloom, Buffer Overflow cannot react to Lab Raid. Buffer Overflow is looking for cards hitting the table, which Lab Raid never does.
  • Spite's flip side text is adjusted to read: "Whenever a villain card would enter play, instead..." so that it covers "put into play" as well.

Spiff's Clarifications

Good Samaritan

  • This card says “at the start of the environment turn, the players may choose to play the top card of the villain deck. If they do, put this card under the Safe House card.” For timing purposes, the card’s triggering mechanism is the actual playing of the top card from the villain deck, not simply the choice to play that card. This may be important depending on which card is played from the top of the villain deck. If the card is “Collateral Damage” or “On the Prowl”, which destroy a victim card, the Good Samaritan could be destroyed before it’s put under the Safe House. However, if the next card is “Forced Entry”, which brings previously safe cards back out into play, that would happen before the good Samaritan is placed under the Safe House, meaning the Good Samaritan would be alone and safe under the Safe House.

PL626 Compound XI

  • The first paragraph on this card reads “whenever a hero uses a power, Spite deals them 2 toxic damage and that hero’s player discards the top 5 cards of their deck.” Spite’s damage and the discard effect are in response to the use of the power, therefore Spite’s effects take place after the power has been fully resolved.