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Description from the Greater Than Games webstore

In Sentinel Comics: The Roleplaying Game, you and your friends play as comic-book heroes - either from the pages of Sentinel Comics or from your own imagination! Join forces against terrible villains and fight in dangerous environments, all in a tabletop roleplaying game!

The SCRPG Starter Kit comes with everything you need to play your first entire super-heroic campaign! This starter kit comes with a ton of information and gameplay content across thirteen booklets.


  • 1 Gameplay Guide
  • 6 Hero Character Booklets
  • 6 Adventure Booklet


The SCRPG Starter Kit was the first product in the RPG line to be commercially available, released in 2017. It consists of an early version of the core mechanics in the Gameplay Guide, six character booklets (featuring Legacy, Tachyon, Wraith, Bunker, Absolute Zero, and Unity). The heroes were constructed using the rules of the full game, but character creation rules were not included in this product.

Additionally, it included six adventure modules (in SCRPG parlance, "Issues") to act as an introductory campaign to the system. These consist of Freedom Five #801, #802, and #803, Justice Comics #740, Prime Wardens vol. 2 #67, and Tome of the Bizarre vol. 4 #86. Within the Sentinel Comics setting, the story takes place immediately following the OblivAeon event and would have been published in early 2017; just before the company instituted a line-wide relaunch of all titles.

It is available as either print booklets or as a digital download.