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Fireside Chats

  • If The Super Scientific Tachyon chooses a deck with one card in it, the card is discarded.
  • The Super Scientific Tachyon gets to decide the order in which the two cards she reveals are played or discarded.
  • When a card enters play, the following order of things occurs.
    • Ongoing effects on the card become applicable.
    • Cards that react to other cards entering play now act.
    • One-time effects on the card happen.
    • ...Another example: Supercooled Trisolvent Vat and Synaptic Interruption. Suppose damage dealt to Tachyon is increased by 2. When Tachyon plays Synaptic Interruption, the Vat does 3 cold damage to Tachyon. Tachyon may redirect the damage and destroy Synaptic Interruption.
  • When using The Super Scientific Tachyon’s incapacitated ability that reads: “Move the bottom card of a deck to the top of that deck now,” you get to see what the card is.
  • Tachyon a Synaptic Interruption in play. She plays Lightspeed Barrage to deal damage to herself, then redirects it to another target so that Synaptic Interruption is destroyed. The Synaptic Interruption now in the trash counts towards the damage dealt by Lightspeed Barrage (effectively increasing it by 1).
  • The Crowd’s Favor card says “When a hero target destroys a non-hero target” (gain a token). If Tachyon uses Sucker Punch to destroy a target, the heroes get a token. Death Caller also counts.
  • Suppose “Wrong Time and Place” is out, and Tachyon is about to deal herself damage to keep Pushing the Limits. That damage can be redirected to Setback, or he can remove 2 tokens from his unlucky pool to redirect it. He is not allowed to redirect it back to Tachyon so she can keep Pushing the Limits. You’re EITHER redirecting to Setback OR redirecting from Target A to somewhere else - you cannot redirect from Target A to Target A, so you cannot redirect from Tachyon to Tachyon. Follow-up: If you have the tokens, you must redirect damage that would be dealt to Setback that meets these qualifications.
  • The Operative’s text is adjusted to say “When The Operative would be destroyed, her character card flips instead.” This clarifies that she behaves like Baron Blade, and Sucker Punch does not lead to shenanigans.
  • There is an exception to the order of operations ruling relating to reacting to damage being dealt. A card (or cards belonging to a hero/villain) that reacts to damage being dealt to it reacts before other cards do. The card dealing the damage and other interested cards happen afterwards and can be ordered by player choice.
    • Example: Suppose Mr. Fixer has Dual Crowbars and Bloody Knuckles in play. Omnitron has Adaptive Plating Subroutine but is not immune to anything yet. Mr. Fixer uses Strike to hit Omnitron for 3 melee damage. Omnitron's HP goes down by 3. Then, by this ruling, the text on Adaptive Plating Subroutine must react first and make Omnitron immune to melee damage. Then, the text on Dual Crowbars reacts and Mr. Fixer can deal damage to another target. Without this ruling, you could use Synaptic Interruption and careful ordering to hit Omnitron twice before it becomes immune to melee damage.
  • If Unity plays Hasty Augmentation to let Freedom FiveTachyon use Blitz, the +2 damage applies only to the first usage, not to the subsequent uses of Blitz.
  • Supersonic Response does no extra damage on Tachyon's first turn, since she hasn't had a "last turn." The same applies to Coolant Blast.

Spiff's Clarifications

Hypersonic Assault

  • This card deals each non-hero target 1 sonic damage. Any target dealt damage this way cannot deal damage until the start of your next turn. Some cards deal damage in response to having been damaged (Ambuscade’s “Sonic Mines” for example), and because the two sentences on “Hypersonic Assault” are separated, it may seem like the order of operations would go like this – Tachyon deals damage, the target card deals its damage back, and then the second sentence kicks in saying that the targeted card can’t deal any damage (now that it’s too late). However, that second sentence is just meant to modify the damage being done by the first sentence and there isn’t any separation between the two operations. so the correct order would be - Tachyon deals damage, which causes any target damaged to not be able to deal their damage, then when the targeted card tries to deal its response damage, it can’t. Answers to Debated Questions

Lightspeed Barrage damage

  • This card reads, “Tachyon deals 1 target X melee damage, where X = the number of Burst cards in your Trash.” if she has 9 Burst cards in her trash and there is a +1 bonus to damage, she will deal the target 10 damage instead. She doesn’t receive the bonus damage for every card in her trash.

Super-Scientific Tachyon’s “Experiment” power

  • This alternate tachyon character card’s innate power says, “reveal the bottom two cards of a deck. if they share a keyword, put them into play. if not, discard them.” If Tachyon has just one card in her deck, you could still use this power, though it would just result in discarding that remaining card. remember, revealing cards does not force a reshuffle, so you would just reveal the last card in the deck, try to compare two revealed cards but be unable to do so because you only revealed one card, so since you couldn’t have found a match, you would just discard the card. Experimenting on a single-card deck Tachyon’s player gets to decide the order in which the two cards she reveals are played or discarded. Fireside Chats