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Hero Name Alias
Tachyon Dr. Meredith Stinson
Physical Attributes
Gender Female Age Middle Aged Height 6'
Eyes Blue Hair Strawberry Blonde Skin White
Build lithe
Costume/Equipement White form-fitting outfit with blue sides. red glowing circles on her thighs. Stabilizing device on her left forarm. High-tech running shoes.
Background Academic Power Source Radiation
Archetype Speedster Personality Impusive
Principle of Speed
Principle of Science
During Roleplaying During Roleplaying
You're fast, but you don't like to waste time. You like to be on your way to your destinations as quickly as possible. You are up to date on and understand most modern scientific theories and research and can quote from them during conversations.
Minor Twist Minor Twist
What physica drawbacks do you suffer from going to fast? What were the surprising effects of leveraging that scientific principle in this situation?
Major Twist Major Twist
What critical detail did you speed by earlier that is now coming back to haunt you? Oh heck! What just blew up?
Powers Die Type Qualities Die Type
Inventions (d8) Close Combat (d8)
Lightning Calculator (d10) Finesse (d8)
Speed (d10) Mind over Matter (d8)
Vitality (d6) Science (d12)
  Self-Discipline (d8)
Status Dice Health Range
Green D6.png 27-21
Yellow D6.png 20-11
Red D8.png 10-1
Icon Name Type Game Text
(rpgAttack)(rpgHinder) Hypersonic Attack A Attack multiple targets using Finesse. Use your Min die. Hinder each target with your Mid die.
(rpgAttack)(rpgBoost)(rpgHinder) Quick Insight A Boost or Hinder using Lightning Calculator. Use your max die. If you roll doubles, Attack with your Mid die.
(rpgAttack) Nimble Strike R When a Target moves near you, you may Attack it by rolling your Spee ddie.
(rpgOvercome) Principle of Speed I When you successfully Overcome, you may end up anywhere in the current environment. You and each of your allies gain a hero point.
(rpgOvercome) Principle of Science A overcome while applying specific scientific principles. Use your Max die. You and each of your allies gain a hero point.
Icon Name Type Game Text
  Margin of Error R After rolling dice, you may take 1 irreducible damage to reroll the dice you just rolled
(rpgBoost)(rpgRecover) Stabilization Device A Boost yourself with Inventions. Remove a penalty on yourself or recover Health equal to your Min die.
(rpgAttack) Lightspeed Barrage A Attack using Close Combat. Use your Max die. If you roll doubles, use your Max+Min instead.
(rpgAttack) Sonic Vortex A Attack multiple targets using Speed. Use your Max die against one target and your Mid die against the rest. If you roll doubles, you take irreducible damage equal to your Mid die.
Icon Name Type Game Text
  Pushing the Limits I You have no limit on the number of reactions you can take. Each time you use a reaction after the first one each turn, take 1 eirreducible damage or take a minor twist.
  Speed Limit I When taking an basic action using Lightning Calculator, you may reroll your Min die before determining effects.

On the next hero's turn, they may take 1 irreducible damage to reroll the dice they just rolled.