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Where are the villain variants? --Sonvar (talk) 13:44, 1 May 2017 (CDT)

  • Our villain images are really lacking in general. Honestly, I know Lynkfox wanted to wait until GTG got us images, but I think when the "No text" option hits the digital game I'm just going to go through and make a whole bunch of screencaps of the stuff in the digital game for now anyway to tide us over. Jeysie (talk) 17:55, 1 May 2017 (CDT)
  • The original images we had are ... crap. So i opted to wait. I've been told by Paul not to expect images until after OblivAeon is off to the printers and the RPG kickstarter is ready to kickstart. Hopefully (i'm really crossing fingers here) that will mean in the next 2-3 months...... so once we get digital Video Game images that won't look like complete crap, then we can start using them. Lynkfox (talk) 05:17, 2 May 2017 (CDT)